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Chapter 19

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Hey you guys, two more chapters to go!! Of course im not counting this one.
Frakn: Oh yeah, I kissed Nevaeh. dances
Me: Your so stupid Frank
Frank: Nevaeh doesnt think so.
Me: I wrote Nevaeh..shes based on my life thanks.
Frank: But..but..but..
Me: But nothing. Now, you are keeping me from writting to these nice readers..
Frank: So!?
Me duct tapes Franks mouth shut
Me: Ahh, now that I have SOME kind of silence, on with the story!


Chapter 19

I woke up the next morning in my bed, but with no one next to me. I couldnt even remember how I got into my apartment, let alone my bed. But what I did remember was lastnight. I had confessed my love to Frank...and he confessed his to me. So the question was, what are we now? I got out of bed and walked into my living room, no one was there. Walked into the kitchen, no one was there. As I was walking back into my bedroom, someone came in the front door. I turned to see Franks smiling face, holding two bags of IHOP food. He didnt say anything, but instead walked over to me and kissed me on the lips. He grabbed my hand and lead me back to my bedroom.

" Get in bed."
" Im hungry boy."
" Im going to bring it to you girl."
" Breakfast in bed?"
" No, I was going to bring the enitre kitchen to you. Of course stupid."
" Okay, I wont complain."

I got back into my bed and he kissed me one last time on my lips. I could get use to this, kisses and breakfast in bed. But it seemed Franks kisses were an intoxication. Like a drug seeping through my body and veins. I had to have more and could possibly never have enough of them. Is this what all his other girlfriends felt? If they did, why did they treat him like shit and cheat on him?
Frank soon entered my room with pancakes, eggs, sausage, a single red rose, a candle, and a glass of orange juice on one of my trays. He sat it on my lap and sat beside me on the bed.

" Well, dig in."
" Wheres yours?"
" In the kitchen."
" Well go get it, I dont want to eat alone you big loser."
" Is that you talking dirty to me..cause if it is..I like it."

I laughed and eggs almost flew out of my mouth. He got up and ran into the kitchen. I stopped eating my breakfast and just sat there, waiting for him to come back. Hey, I wanted to eat with my new boyfriend...boyfriend. Wait..what are we? Are we boyfriend/girlfriend, friends with benifits, what? Soon Frank returned with a tray of his own. He sat beside me and grabbed my hand, holding it while we both ate. I came to the conclusion that I was going to ask him after we both got done eating what we were. We ate in silence, which didnt bother me at all, it was a nice silence. One of those that is just..comfortable. Once we got done, I took the candle and rose off the tray and laid them on my nightstand. He stood up and grabbed our trays, taking them into the kitchen. I could hear him washing the dishes so I got up and walked into the kitchen. There was Frank listening to the radio, Dust to Dust by The Misfits was playing. He was slightly banging his head and tapping his foot. I began to laugh and he turned around with a smile. I walked to the counter, turned down the music and jumped up on the counter next to the radio.

" My, what a talent. You can wash dishes AND slightly headbang. Can you chew gum and walk at the same time?"
" Now that is one talent that I havent quite perfected yet, but im on my way to it."

I laughed and he slashed water on me. I smiled and just sat there, plotting my revenge. I just then, at that great point in time, remembered what I wanted to ask him. He began to clean his hands off with a dish towel.

" Frank, can I ask you something?
" You just did."
" Haha be serious now."
" Alright, what is it?"
" What..what are we?"
" What do you mean love?"
" I mean..what are we? Are we..boyfriend/girlfriend or friends with benifits?"

He walked infront of me and placed his hands on my hips. He kissed me on my nose, then my eyelids, then both my cheeks, and then finally kissing me lightly on my lips. I signed softly and opened my eyes, looking into his beautiful hazel ones.

" I dont want to be friends with benifits. I have to have you in my life, all to myself. What can I say? Im stingy. I never want to see you with someone else who isnt me..I waited too long to have you in my life. It was a mistake to even wait THIS long to have you, and now that I have you..I never want to let you go. You were out of my life at one point in my life, and I hated it..I cant do that again."

A single tear fell down my cheek. Why is is that he seemed to always have something sweet and kind to say that just makes your heart melt? He smiled abit and cleaned the tear away with his calloused thumb. It wasnt a sad tear that I was crying, but a tear of joy. My dream had finally come true, I was with Frank and he was with me.

" Baby..why are you crying?"
" Frank, you always seem to have the sweetest and most heartfelt things to say to me. You make me feel something im not."
" What is that."
" Beautiful."
" Your right..your not beautiful."

I looked at him shocked..he just called me ugly. Well, not really ugly in those words. But still.

" Wh-what?"
" You make angels jealous. Angels are beautiful..your..your just exquisite. I am very...very lucky to have you in my life. So I guess what I am asking you..Nevaeh McCoy will you be my girlfriend?"
" I will gladly be your girlfriend."
" I love you so much Nevaeh, you have no idea."

I smiled and gave him a hug. He picked me up and spun me around hugging me tightly. He set me down and gave me little kisses all over my face.

" You know we have to tell the parents right?"
" Oh yeah. My mom is going to flip."
" Why?"
" Cause she wanted this for the longest of time. When I came back the night after your house, my mom was giving me a talk. Talking about how I needed to be with you because you would treat me the best."
" Aw, yeah your mom told me."
" Yeah. Wait, what?! She told you."
" Uh..yeah."
" And what did she tell you?"
" I cant tell you that."
" Why not?"
" Because...because you arent a girl."
" That..thats not fair."
" Life isnt fair. Get dressed, we are going to go tell our parents the..great news."

He gave me his pouted face and walked into my room. I walked into the laundry room to find a pair of pants from the dryer when I heard him clear his throat. I looked up and saw him holding his red homophobia shirt. I smiled lightly and sat up.

" What?"
" Oh yeah, you know sure is."
" How did you get this? I have been looking for this for a long time."
" Actually not that long of a time. Just a couple of weeks."
" How did you get it?"
" I found it.."
" Where?"
" In your room.."
" When?"
" The day of your Fuse interview."
" werent."
" I told Mikey that."
" can wear it today...but I want it back."
" Pft you wish."
" I will get it back Mr.. Even if I have to steal it back."

I began to go through the dry clothes when Frank picked me up by my waist and threw me over his shoulder. I squealed as he threw me on the couch and began to tickle me to death. I wiggled and wiggled trying to get away from him, but it didnt seem to work. Finally, after much begging and tons of kisses he let me up to go change. I put on his pair of pants that I stole from his house and my belt, hoping that they would stay up.
As soon as we both finished, we got in his car and drove to my moms house. She was way closer then Franks mom was, so we would just go and see her after we got done at my moms. We walked up the steps and onto the front porch hand in hand and knocked. She soon came to the door and smiled at us.

" Come in, come in. What a nice suprise, whats brings you over?"
" Well, mom, we wanted to tell you first that we are a couple now."

My mom jumped up and began to dance around the living room, which caused me and Frank to laugh. She came rushing over to us after she got done and squeezed us both into a huge hug.

" Its about damn time. Jeeze."
" Yeah yeah yeah."
" Have you told Mrs. Iero yet?"
" No, after we tell you we are going to go and tell her. You know that if she isnt the first or second to know ANYTHING she feels neglected."
" Thats your mom Frank."
" Oh I know, thats why I love her."
" How did this happen?"
" Well, Frank came over and I told him about the dream, then just pretty much confessed my ever dieing love for him. He felt the same way and it just happened."
" I told you that he loved you the same way didnt I?"
" Yes mom, you did. Damn women take all the credit."
" Dont mind if I do. But of course Mrs. Iero takes half. So its more like a 50 50 type of job."
" You knew Frank was going to be at Thanksgiving didnt you?"
" I sure did."
" Ugh, I hate you."
" I love you too pumpkin. Now go and tell Mrs. Iero. She is probably about to bust."
" DONT call her ahead of time and tell her okay?"
" Spoil all my fun."
" I mean it mom."
" Alright alright."
" Promise?"
" Yes, I promise."
" Alright."

We all got up and she walked us to the door, telling us that she loved us and to drive carefully. We got to the car and Frank opened the door for me. Damn, never would of thought he was such the gentlemen. Once we got int he car, we began the drive to his moms house. Once we got there, she was out in the yard gardening. She smiled and waved at us. Frank rushed out of the car before me and opened my door..once again. God he is so sweet.
Mrs. Iero was watching us the whole time and had her hands over her heart, smiling warmly at us. We walked over to her hand in hand smiling ourselves.

" You dont even have to tell me. I know."
" How?"
" You both have such..glows about you. Your both just glowing with happiness. Its so beautiful. Took you two hard-headed kids awhile."
" Yeah mom I know."
" What did I tell you Frankie? I told you she loved you too just like you loved her. Learn to listen to me boy."
" I will from now on mom."
" Good. Would you like some coffee?"
" Oh ofcourse."
" Mama Don is here with the boys, they are playing poker in the kitchen. Just go right in and make yourselves at home."

We walked into the house and into the kitchen, me sitting at the table and Frank getting me a cup of coffee. Mama Don, Gerard, and Mikey just smiled at us. Hell, was there even a point in telling them we were together, or did they already know?

" No point in tell me or the boys, we already know. I am so happy."
" Yeah, took you long enough Frank. I mean damn, me and Tara hooked up before you guys did."
" Oh hush."
" Well its the truth!!."
" Speaking of Tara, where is she Gerard?"
" Sleeping I think. Want me to call her?"
" Na, I will go see her later. Let her sleep cause God knowsi f she doesnt we are all going to die."
" We are going to die eventually."
" Okay Mikey, no need to get all technical."
" Yeah, go take a bath with a toaster. Get it to wash your back."
" Frank that was only one time damnit! GET OVER IT!"
" No."
" Anyone wanna play poker?"
" Oh not me. I suck big time. Ima go talk to Mrs. Iero anyways."
" Alright baby, I will be inside playing."
" Okay. I love you."
" I love you too."

We kissed and I walked outside to talk to Mrs. Iero.

" I told you."
" I know you did."
" Does he make you happy?"
" Extremely."
" Never let him go."
" I wont Mrs. Iero."
" Good. So, had to tell your mom first huh?"
" Haha, yeah. Did she call and tell you?"
" No, I called to tell her..but she already knew."
" Yeah. Is there anything that I can help you with?"
" Uh, sure why not?"

We stayed outside and gardened while everyone else was inside playing poker. Me and Mrs. Iero got caught up on everything that happened with me and Frank. She of course wanted details. So, I gave them to her. Finally, after a couple of hours Frank came outside with the guys. It was getting late and we decided to head to my house to go to bed. I noticed Frank put a couple of boxes in his car and once we got in, (after many many MANY hugs) I asked him about them. He said it was just a couple of things to keep at my house, if I didnt mind of course. I really didnt have a problem with it, hell I wanted it probably more then he did. Once we walked inside my house I turned to look at him, he hadnt followed me back in, but stayed in the door way.

" What?"
" Are those my pants?"
" Why no."
" Liar, my names on the ass of them. Gerard put it there."
" Okay okay, I stayed the night at your house a couple of weeks ago and borrowed some clothes. They smelled like you and I didnt want to return them. Hell, you use to take my pants all the time back in highschool."
" Totally different."
" How was it?"
" Because those pants were tight, and made my ass look great. Those, make you look like you have no ass."
" Well I cant help your fat baby."
" NOT fat."
" I know your not, your my big strong muscle man."
" Damn right..can you help me with these boxes?"

I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. First its ' im mr strong man' and then its ' baby can you help me with these boxes?' He really needed to make up his mind what he was. He sure as hell wasnt Mr. Muscles if he had to have me help him with some damn boxes. But obviously that thought never occured to him.

" Sure."

Once we finally got all the boxes in the house, we took a quick shower and got settled in the bed. While I was in the shower, he began to set up some stuff in my room. The left side of my vanity was mine, and the right side was his. I can actually say..that Frank Iero has more make up then me and that itself is a miracle. I thought I had everyone in the world beat on make up..well I was wrong damnit. I am nothing compared to Frank, but that only made me laugh and love him more. Hell, we can share make up!..Okay how many people can actually say that about their boyfriends? 'Uh yeah, me and my boyfriend share make up. What? You and your boyfriend dont do that?!'
We got settled in the bed with the lights out, I felt the bed shift abit. Frank had scooted closer to me and put his left arm around my waist and entwined our fingers. It was such a nice feeling to have. The last thing I remember was Frank whispering I love you softly into my ear. After that, sleep over took my body and I was lost in a black haze.


Me: Damn, long ass chapter. But hey, you guys want it right?
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