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Chapter 20

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Only one more chapter to go after this one.
Damn, can you guys beleive it?!
We all have been through so much its amazing.
Frank: Man, that was a touching chapter.
Me: I know, who would of thought you could be that sweet hmm?
Frank: Hell, not me.
Me: Thats awesome. I know you really want to, you just dont have it in you.
Frank: I so do.
Me: Yeah, sure ya do.
Frank: Just get on with the chapter okay Mrs. Thing?
Me: Sure thing Mr. Thing.
Anyways, like Frank said, on with the chapter!!!!!


Chapter 20

"5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEARS!"

Me and Frank have been dating for a month and some days. Its such a great feeling to finally have him in my life how I have wanted for so long. Frank was living with me and I was living with him. We had stuff at each others aparments and it seemed to be that I couldnt sleep unless Frank was there. I was going to have to adjust to the fact that he wasnt going to be there for much longer, they had to go back on tour and I was going to miss him terribly. We had gotten so much closer over the past month then ever in our friendship.
Frank walked over to me with a big smile on his face and kissed me passionatly on the lips. I smiled in the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His mom had thrown a New Years Eve party at her house, only really inviting the girls, the guys, and the moms. I understood early on in our relationship about what Frank was saying about tabloids. Our pictures were posted all over them, with headliners like ' What happened to the other girl?' or ' Iero and McCoy share sentimental moment in parking lot.' Althought I really didnt mind, nothing really harmful.

" Happy New Years Mrs. Iero."
" Happy New Years Mr. Iero."

WHOA..wait..Did...did he just say Mrs. Iero?!?!?! I kinda gave him one of those looks that showed him I was completely lost. He smiled and just walked away, turning down the music and standing ontop of a table. Okay, he wasnt THAT drunk yet, so what is he doing?

" Frank what are you doing?"
" Just wait."
" Get down before you break something."
" Not like I probably havent broken it before."
" Well thats not the point."
" Then what is?"
" How much have you had to drink tonight Frankie?"
" 4 beers, but that doesnt get me drunk love."
" Your going to break your neck."
" No im not."

I just shook my head, yes he was going to break his neck. I knew it, I knew I shouldnt of let him drink. He cleared his throat which made me look up at him.

" Excuse me all, could I pleaseeee have your attention?"
" Frank WHAT are you doing?!"
" Mom, please. Let me speak and then I will get down."
" Boy if you get blood on my white carpet we are going to box."
" Mom, im not going to get blood on the carpet."
" Good, now what do you want to say?"
" I just wanted to tell everyone Happy New Year, I hope it is as awesome as mine is going to be. As you know, I have the most..beautiful, sweet, kind, caring, sexy girlfriend in the world. She means the absolute world to me. When I look at her she takes my breath away, she makes me have butterflys that I havent gotten in years. Hell I dont even get them on stage."

I blushed and put my head down. Everyone gave him alittle awww.

" I could..and want to spend the rest of my ever natual like with you Nevaeh Delana McCoy. I want my kids to look like you, I want my kids to be kind like you. You much more to me then anyone I have ever had in my life. Your my other half and without you..I would be so lost in the darkness of this world. But there you are..the light in my darkness. I never thought I could love someone so much that it scares me. I guess...I guess what I am asking you is..Nevaeh Delana McCoy..will you be my wife forever?"

My eyes got HUGE...Did..did Frank just ask me to marry him? He jumped off the table and walked over to me. He could walk a straight line, so I knew he wasnt drunk or anything. At this point in my life, my wildest dreams were coming true. He got down on one knee and pulled out a red velvet box. He opened it slowly to reveal a white gold engagement ring that had one huge diamond in the middle of it. The diamond alone could sink me if I ever went swimming. I noticed at that point in time that everyone in the room had gone silent, waiting for my answer. What was I going to say? Hell, what am I saying?!

" Yes Frank Iero, I will marry you. You make me the happiest women in the world and I love you so much for that."

He jumped up and started bouncing around the room, like he had just won the lottery. He ran to his mother and picked her up, spinning her around the room. Everyone began to cheer and clap for us. I smiled so big when he walked back over to me and placed the ring on my finger. We kissed, with smiles on our faces. Little did I know, that an old person from our lives would come back into it, causing termoil in both our lives.

We had schedualed the wedding for Valentines Day. Yeah yeah yeah, call us corney or whatever. I actually got to go on tour with them until the wedding. Of course, I had to make trips back home to get things situated, but for the most part it was going to be beautiful. I was on my way back to where the guys where when I got this...feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like something was wrong or something bad was going to happen. I began to pick up speed, trying to get to my destination faster then ever.
Once I got there, nothing was wrong with anyone and the guys put on a great show. Frank even got me on stage and announced to the world that we were getting married. He was so proud of me and that made me so proud of him. Most of the people cheered and clapped, but I did hear some people saying their boo's. That only caused Frank to kiss me on stage, which hell...I didnt mind. But he was all sweaty..mmm Frank sweat. ANYWAYS, once I got off the stage and into the back, the guys began to play the rest of their set. They did such a good job that night, I would probably never ever forget it.
We were walking back to the bus when a girl ran over to Frank and pushed him. I looked at the girl like she was crazy and saw that the girl that pushed him..was Betty.

" So, thats why you didnt want to marry me?! HUH?! Because of her?!"
" Yes Betty, because of her."
" I am so much better than that peice of trash."
" No your not better than this peice of trash..because she isnt trash. Nevaeh is so much more then you..will ever be. Get over it Betty, I dont love you and now that I think about it...I never did love you."
" Wh..what?!"
" You heard me Betty. You are a cold hearted bitch."
" Bu..but baby I thought you loved me..we were going to get married."
" Only because I had nothing better to do that day. Its over, get it through your head."

With that being said, we walked off, none of us turning back to see Bettys face. We all knew that she was about as shocked as we were. But Frank kept a cool and straight face.I gave his hand a light squeeze which caused him to look over to me. I gave him a small smile and he returned it. We got back in the bus and I pulled Frank to his bunk.

" Baby I dont think we have time for a quicky."
" Frank Iero! No sir, I want to talk to you."
" Oh...alright."
" Yeah, dont get your hopes up."

He crawled into the bunk and I followed behind him. We laid down next to each other and and cuddled. We didnt say anything, just laid there listening to each other breath.

" Are you okay?"
" Yeah why?"
" Well...because you just seemed to of changed when Betty came around."
" No its okay. She just..pisses me off is all baby."
" Okay."
" I love you."
" I love you too."

He kissed my forehead and we fell asleep.

2 Months later...

I was standing in the back of the church, waiting for Mr. Donald to come get me. Since my father wasnt alive to walk me down the isle, Mr. Donald offered to do it for me. I didnt mind at all, he was like a father to me and to everyone else. I was pacing back and forth, making grooves in the floor. I was so nervous, but so excited. The day that I had waited and wished for had finally come to life. The wedding wasnt this huge thing, it really only had a couple of people. It had all the people that mattered there: My mom, my close family, the girls, their parents, the guys, their parents, Frank (of course), Mrs. Iero, and a couple of close friends. We didnt really want this huge thing with people we really didnt know. This was our day and we wanted to spend it with those who knew us best.
All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.

" Come in."

It turned out to be Mr. Donald coming to tell me..that it..was time. I breathed in deeply one last time and let it out slowly.

" You look beautiful dear."
" Thanks Mr. Donald."
" No problem."
" So you ready to do this?"
" The real question is my dear, are you?"
" Probably as ready as I will ever be."
" Well then lets go."

He held out his arm for me to grab a hold of and I did, picking up my dress abit so I could walk without tripping. Once we got to the huge oak double doors, I grabbed my boquet of flowers. It was really hitting me then at that moment that I was getting married..that I would spend the rest of my life with the most wonderful and perfect man in the world.
The wedding march began to play and the doors were opened. Everyone was standing, watching us walk down to where my fiance was. He looked so beautfiul at that point in time that I took a mental picture of him that would last forever. He smiled at me and I saw him wipe his face free of a tear. I smiled back as I was almost face to face with him. He held out his hands for me to take and I did, Mr. Donald giving me over to Frank. Frank took my hands ever so gently and pulled me up there to him. The preacher began to start to wedding. I wasnt really focused on it, but instead focused on Frank. We never, not once broke eye contact.

" Frank and Nevaeh have prepared their own vows this evening. Frank, you asked me to let you go first, so the floor is yours."

Frank let go of one of my hands and began to reach in the inside of his pocket. He pulled out a peice of paper that looked like it had gone through hell.

" Alright..Wow, talk about never wrecking."

He unfolded the peice of paper and looked at it for a moment, taking some small breaths before he took a big one.

" You know what? I dont even need this peice of paper to tell me my feelings for you, because I get to experience them. mean the world to me, more then the world infact. If anyone ever hurt you in anyway..I would kill them and gladly go to jail for it. You walked into my life in highschool and just flipped it upside down. Im glad you did, because if you didnt im not sure I would be the person that I am today. The first time we was like I was addicted to you..and it scared me. You made me see who I really was and helped me be so much more. You are so much more of a person than I could ever be. Our kids might have a little bad streak of me in them..but all around they are going to be like their mom. I cant wait to grow old with you..I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Your my soul mate..I love you..and have always loved you..I will ALWAYS love you."

I began to lightly cry. It seems like everything that he says to me just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. He gripped my hands again and I noticed that he was shaking. He really was nervous. Hell, I was too. I took a deep breath and held on tightly to his hands.

" Frank..I..I dont know what I can say to you that I havent already said a million times. I..I could only of wished and dreamed for this day to happen, a day that I could fall in love and marry such a great man. I have been through so much in my life and all I could ever do was think about you. Think about things that you would say or do that could make my problem so much better. When you left to go on tour, I was..lonely..but seeing you on TV and in concert..made me smile and happy again. I was so proud of you that you had made something of yourself..and now I get to make something of myself with you. When you look at me, you make me feel like the most beautiful women in the world and the most important. I love you so much that words can never describe it."

Frank looked like he felt an over scene of he really had found his soul mate. The preacher continuted on with the ceremony.

" Frank Iero, do you take Nevaeh McCoy to be your wife?"
" I do."
" Nevaeh McCoy, do you take Frank Iero to be your husband?"
" I do."
" Well, then now I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He lifted my vein and leaned forward and kissed me. I waited so long for that one sweet kiss that would bind us forever. And forever was going to be on hell of a ride and I was ready for it.


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