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Chapter 21

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Sequal to Help Me Be Who I am. Nevaeh finally comes to terms with her one true love. But will he realize it?

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Me: Last chapter you guys. I am going to miss it so much.
I am thinking of a triquel to this.
I have a couple of good ideas and such that people have given me.
Frank: Am I going to be in the next one?
Me: No, Gerard is going to steal Nevaeh away from you.
Frank: NO.
Me: Of course not dur.
Frank: Better not v.v
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Chapter 21

4 months later

I was pacing back and forth in mine and Franks apartment. After the marriage we decided that we didnt need to have two different apartments, that it was kinda stupid and pointless too. So, we had talked it over and found it easier and best to move into his apartment. It was a nice apartment, way better then mine to say the least. Frank was out on tour at the moment, hopefully he was going to have some free time to come and see me soon. I missed him so much.
There was a knock on the door and I knew who it was. I had invited my mother over because I was having some...situations that I wasnt really sure how to deal with. I opened the door and my mother walked in, giving me a hug and walking over to the couch. She patted it and motioned for me to come and sit down. So I did and she grabbed my hand.

" Honey its alright."
" No its not mom..this has come at the worst time right now."
" Why do you say that?"
" Because Frank is at the peak of his life right now.."
" Doesnt mean that he doesnt care."
" No mom, I know he is going to care.."
" Then whats the problem."
" He is in for such a great tour and I dont want to mess it up for him."
" You are his wife babe..why would you mess it up for him?
" Because..I dont know if he is ready for this."
" Your is a huge step, but this is a part of marriage."
" Mom..I..I just dont know."
" Well, when is he going to be back home?"
" Hopefully this weekend."
" Tell him then."
" Mom..that only gives me a day to get it ready."
" That is plenty enough time."
" But..we havent even really discussed this yet. What if he isnt ready?"
" He would probably never be ready, thats why these things just happen like they do. They all happen for a reason."

I sighed and layed back on the couch. My mother laughed and put her hand on my stomach.

" Im going to be a grandmother."
" More going to be a mother and Franks going to be a daddy."
" He will make a good one."
" Yeah..your right."

I smiled at the thought of it. Frank, trying to change a dirty diaper. My mom she stayed for abit and we talked, mainly about the baby that was inside my womb growing at this moment. I was going to be a mom..that was the most intense feeling that I had ever felt in my life. Me and Frank made a baby of our own. Cant really say little girl or little boy yet because I wasnt that far along, only a couple of months really. Soon my mom left me alone to try and figure out a..easy way to tell Frank. I actually had no idea how he was going to act. Either he was going to be extremely happy or extremely sad. I just hope that it wasnt going to be the last choice. I went to bed that night worried about how everything that was going to go down tomorrow. I just hope he wants it as badly as I want it.
The next day I woke up in a weird way, an arm was placed over my stomach and was gently drawing circles on my stomach. I smiled then once I realized who it was. Frank had come home late lastnight and had snuck into bed with me, trying not to wake me up. He did a damn good job because he didnt even wake me up or even shift me. Im a light sleeper okay, the littlest noise or the smallest movement wakes my ass up. I had the worst time on the tour bus with the guys trying to sleep. I rolled over to face him and he smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before closing his eyes quickly.

" Oh wow, your so smooth there Frank."
" Shh, im sleeping."
" How long have you been home?"
" Not too long really, just a couple of hours."
" And you didnt wake me?"
" No, why would I do that?"
" Because you just got home and im not even sure how long im going to get to spend time with you."
" I know, but I love watching you sleep. You look so beautiful and angelic..and then you wake up and become this DEMON!"
" Oh your lieing."

I began to tickle him and next thing I know we were on the floor. I was kinda worried because I fell off the bed pretty hard and almost on my stomach. I had to stop for a minute and catch my breath. Frank got up and got dressed, just really pulling on a shirt, he was already in his boxers. I also noticed that he was getting more fit then when he left. I was proud of him, he always wanted a good body. He helped me up and pulled me into a hug. It was nice to be back in his arms after abit of time gone. We just stood there, in each others arms listening to ourselves breath. I decided that finally I had to tell him about the baby.

" Frankie we need to talk okay?"
" Sure sweetie bout what?"
" You might want to sit down."
" Oookay, whats going on?"

I looked at his face for a minute and noticed the look on his face. He looked was really wrong, or like I had just cheated on him. But that want the case. I hadnt cheated, I just had a baby to tell him about. I grabbed his hands and held them for a minute before placing them on my stomach. I hadnt even began to show, but I knew and could feel that there was a baby in there.

" Nevaeh whats wrong baby, are you alright?"
" Yeah, im just.."
" Your just what? Im getting alittle worried here Nae."
" Dont be worried. You have nothing to be worried about."
" Then what is it?"
" Your what? Spit it out, I feel like im bout to have a fucking heart attack here babe."
" Im pregnate."

Franks face lit up..I could tell it in his eyes. He began to rub his hands all over my stomach, like he wanted to feel the baby kick or something. He leaned forward, planting multiple kisses on my belly and then fianlly leaning his forehead against it. After about 5 minutes of his head on my belly he moved. He stood up and looked me in my eyes, he had such a serious face.

" You mean...theres a baby in there? Our baby?"
" Yes OUR pregnate with your baby."
" Wow."
" Your not..mad are you?"

He took a step back and looked at me like he was hurt. Oh wrong thing to say I guess.

" Why would you ask that?"
" Because we never really..TALKED about having kids. I knew you wanted one and I wanted one, but we never really planned it out."

He took my hand and placed it over his heart.

" Do you feel this?"
" Yes. Its your heart."
" Do you feel how fast its going?"
" Its going that fast because Im so going to be a father Nevaeh."

I smiled at him and he picked me up and spun me around. He soon stopped and placed me back on my feet and moved away.

" I didnt hurt the baby did I?"
" Haha, no Frank, you didnt hurt the baby."
" How far along are you?"
" About two months."
" Oh man. Me, a dad. This is the shit."
" Its not going to be easy."
" I know baby and I am prepared for everything that is to come. As long as I have you, everything is going to be a-okay."
" I know it will be."
" I love you so much Mrs. Iero."
" And I love you so much Mr. Iero."

We kissed and at that moment..I was the happiest women in the world. Not only had I gotten the best guy in the world, but I am going to have his beautiful baby. We got back into bed and laid there, enjoying our moment together. It was the best day of my life. Now I dont even know why I was so worried about telling Frank I was pregnate. He wanted this baby as much as I did, which made me so happy. We soon fell asleep in each others arms, enjoying the feel of getting to be with each other for the rest of our lives, surrounded by kids.

The End....
Or is it?


Me: Thats the end guys.
Frank: Ima be a daddy.
Nevaeh: Yeah you are going to be a daddy.
Frank: That kids gonna be tattooed and peirced.
Nevaeh: Oh no it wont!
Frank: Oh yes it will!
Me: Yeah its time to go now, let the couple argue this out.
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'My Chemical Break Down'
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