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Chapter 12.

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Lilee's first day at the hotel...concerto! YAY!

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Okay. I am officially disappointed with myself. This belongs in the Panic! section. NOT the 30 Seconds to Mars. Just deal with it until I finish. It was a serious mistake, and guess what...I FINISHED THIS BOOK! OH YEAH! So It has a lot of chapters and don't worry...this is only the beginning. Mwhahahaha. This goes on until Lilee's...20. I'll tell you that. So I may just have to torture you. cough's freezing here. If my fingers don't fall off from coldness...this'll be done in no time. YAY!
Oh and you should go to youtube and look for Panic! at the Disco vs. The Dresden Dolls. IT'S SO AWESOME and Brendon, I might add, looks pretty freakin' hot. ;D
On with the chapter....

The next day...

Lilee woke up, alone. She didn't see Brendon anywhere. Though she did find a note.

We are in the lobby. Whatever reason...don't know why. See you in a few...

Lilee looked at the clock. It said 10.

'What is he doing up so early?' She thought. "10 o'clock." She said out loud, and she collapsed back onto the pillow.

When she arrived in the lobby they weren't there. She was confused.

She went over to the desk. "Did you see may know them as Panic! At the Disco. Did you see them?" She asked.

"Oh...the 'Emo' kids." The secretary said. She sighed. "They're on the tennis court. Have fun..." She was very...enthusiastic

So Lilee went to the court. They were all just sitting, talking.

"In the lobby, huh..." Lilee said.

Brendon laughed. "They kicked us out." He said.

Lilee lifted an eyebrow. "Why would they do that?"

"Because there too many young kids and our vocabulary isn't what parents wanted to hear." Ryan said. "That's an exact quote." He added.

Lilee sat next to Brendon. "Yeah, that secretary wasn't the most...nicest person." She said.

"She's just a bitter old lady who needs a new job." Kara said. "I mean..did you hear how she talked?"

"Annoying 'The Nanny' kind of voice. Made me want to get out of that place myself." Spencer said.

"Or jump out of the window." Jon added.

"Agreed." Brendon said. Ryan just nodded.

"This is very off topic but...when is our show?" Spencer asked.

"6. Well, we have to be there by 6 but it starts at 7." Brendon said.

"We can come?" Kara asked.

"No, you have to stay locked up in that room and be miserable." Jon said. He smiled.

"Of course you can come." Brendon said.

Lilee was majorly excited. Concerto. ;D

It was time for the concert. Kara and Lilee were eagerly waiting for the show to start.

"Have you ever been to one of their concerts?" Kara asked.

"Believe it or not, no. Out of everybody that I've seen..never Panic!" Lilee responded.

"They're unbelievable. I mean, they couldn't be bad even if they tried." Kara paused. " catch my drift."

Lilee dozed off into her own world. She started thinking about what life would be like when she went back to school, Nikki, her family. Right now...she was in paradise.

"You know what I mean, Lilee?" Kara asked. "Lilee? Lils?"

Lilee snapped back into reality. "Huh? Oh yeah. Totally."

The show started. Kara was right. All that she heard was...great.
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