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Chapter 13.

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I fast fowarded-end of month. Uhh...Lilee returns back to school.

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Today was the last day Lilee was going to be on tour with Panic! Well, the last night. Lilee and the band were leaving tomorrow. Lilee had an extra hour, she lived in California.

Everybody was in the lobby. Talking.

"This was an extremely fun month!" Kara said. "I'm glad you were here to join the fun, Lilee."

"Thanks." Lilee smiled. "I had fun too."

Lilee yawned. "What time is it?" She asked.

"Time for you to get a watch." Jon said. He laughed.

Everybody was silent.

"It's 2:30." Ryan said.

"Thanks." Lilee said. "Aww, I don't wanna go back to school. It's gonna suck."

"Well, you can brag to everyone that you went on tour with Panic! At the Disco and say that I'm your boyfriend." Brendon said. "Everyone's gonna love you."

Lilee smiled. "Why are you so irrisistable?" She asked. Brendon smild and shrugged. They kissed.

"Codak moment." Ryan said. "Anybody have a camera?"

"I am offically bored." Spencer said. He looked at Brendon and Lilee who were still kissing. "And grossed out. Bye." So he left.

"I think I'm gonna leave too." And Jon left also.

Brendon and Lilee...finally parted. "Let's go." Brendon said.

So they went to the room and left Ryan and Kate.

They were chasing each other around the room. Laughing...having FUN! Totally. was just a normal makeout session. On the bed.

They finally went to sleep.

The next day.....

Lilee got off the plane to find Jared waiting for her.

She ran into his arms.

"Did you have fun?" He asked.

"Yeah! I missed you though." She said.

"I missed you too."
(Note to self:Jared has REALLY nice hair)

Lilee smiled. "Do I have to go back to school?" She asked.


So they drove back home.

The next day...

Lilee was going back to school.

She hated the fact that she had to. Such a good month.
But she had to....

The first thing she did was see Nikki and of course...greeted her.

"Nikki!" Lilee cried. She hugged her.

"Hey...where were you this month? I tried to call you."

"Okay. I was with Brendon..on TOUR WITH PANIC! AT THE DISCO!"

Nikki looked at her. "And you didn't tell me?"

"I...I had to leave."

"You did have your cell phone though."

"It was off most of the times."

"Well....did anything happen?" She asked.

"I became friends with Ryan's girl friend, not to mention the rest of the band."

Nikki smiled. "Everybody's gonna hate you and love you at the same time."


"Yeah! So lets go spread the news."

So they were off.

Okay...I'm listeninf to Bat Country's kinda annoying but I sorta like it....sadly. But THAT IS NOT GONNA BETHE OFFICAL SONG! Byeas.
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