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Chapter 14.

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Lilee gets into a fight, due to a-holes and those really mean kids that are in every school. There's a lot more.

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I hope everyone had a happy halloween. I was Mikey Way. LOL. I must say, me and my BFF really did it. We were Gerard and Mikey. We were having lots of fun with the (I hope it was) Fake Blood...and lots of eyeliner. I don't wear a lot of makeup so I was surprised of how gewd I looked. Me and my lil' bro are choking down that candy and I LOVE MILKY WAYS!
(Don't know why people say I'm anorexic) Well...on with the chapter.

Nikki was dragging Lilee around the whole school. Lilee convinced Nikki not to tell everyone.

"Jeeze Nik! I went on tour with Panic! It's really no big deal." Lilee finally stopped.

"Oh yes it is! Do you know how popular you are gonna be?" Nikki replied.

"More like how popular you're gonna be." She said under her breath.

"I mean. First off, you're the daughter of Jared Leto. Second of all, You go on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars! And last! YOU ARE NOW DATING BRENDON URIE OF PANIC! AT THE DISCO!!"

"Oh my god! I am?"

"Shut up! You know you want people to be jealous."

"I don't! I'm not that kind of person."

"Who cares! Lets just go!"

So Nikki kept on dragging her best friend.

Lilee stopped her once again.

"Please! Stop!" She yelled.

Nikki moaned. "What now?"

"Truth is...I don't want people to know about this."


"I don't want people to know about me and Brendon!"

"But...what? Why? I can be so popular."

"Yeah but all we did was kiss. I mean...if something else would've happened maybe I would want to tell."

"Are you sayin that you ha-" Lill covered Nikki's mouth.

"Shut up! And no! I'm 16 years old. I can't."

"Well...I can't tell. Which majorly sucks."

"It may suck but it's better."

"I can't tell one person?"

"You told about 10."

"What did I say?"

" said 'Hey! Do you know what Lilee did this month? Well...she went on tour with Panic! At the Disco and was with her BOYFRIEND Brendon Urie! And I'm pretty sure some makeout sessions happened!' While those people are thinking that I'm a bitch! Which I'm not! So..."

"Yeeouch. I said that?"


"Well..was it true?"

"Most of it... 'Cept the bitch part."

Little did they know, people were listening in.

The popular girl, Monique, walked up to them.

"So...You and Brendon?" She said.

"Uhh..." Lilee let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah."

"Urie?" Another girl asked.


" this because you can or are you shoving it in faces?"

"None of those sort of just happened."

"Sure." Monique said. "What do you think, Jenn?"

"I don't beleive her at all."

"You know what we do to liars...wannabes?" Monique asked.

"Uhh..let them off?"

"WE could do that"

"Then what do we do, Moni?"

"We kill them."

Jenn jumped on Lilee, forcing her to fall.

"I got her." She yelled.

Monique threw her fist at Lilee's face.

"STOP!" Lilee yelled.

"What? You want more?"

"No!" she cried out.

She slapped her.

Lilee was able to kick Jenn off of her. Lilee punched her hard in the face. She then shoved Monique to the floor. She ran away...

She didn't find Nikki anywhere. Did she hide?

CLIFF HANGER! I don't have that much time anyways...I'll try and put up a ne chapter. BYE BYE AND HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Happy b-day Frankie!!!!
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