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The Beginning

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The guys are sent to a lighthouse for a relaxing vaction and a retreat for the hard life of celebrity. But things go wrong. Really wrong. Scary things start happening. What could be the cause for t...

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the lighthouse Disclaimer- I don't own any recognizable characters. Real people all own themselves.

A/N- This is my first fic EVER!!!!! I've been watching this site for awhile, before finally deciding that I need an account of my own. And this idea has been buzzing around my head all day, so I needed to type it out. Tell me what ya'll think, 'kay?

"Ugh. I seriously think our manager might be Satan," Gerard said, looking at his band mates in disgust.

Ray raised an eyebrow.

"Really? I thought this whole 'get-away' trip was your idea."

"I didn't mean a friggin' abandoned island with a creepy old lighthouse on it!" Gerard exclaimed while gesturing at the island the small motor-boat was slowly approaching.

You see, Gerard had been having trouble writing new material, so he had suggested the band take a vacation somewhere quiet. The band's manager had taken his request quite literally, and so the band was now being transported to an island occupied only by a lighthouse, which could only be accessed by boat. No cell-phones, no lap-tops, literally no access to the modern world was allowed. So of course, they weren't happy.

But who cares what they thought? It was either this or a month of interviews at various TV stations straight. They preferred the solitude to the prying questions the press had for them anyway.

Frank laughed quietly. He wasn't really happy, but this was better than being hounded by the press.

"Come on, guys. This isn't that bad. Aren't you guys tired of the press? I am. Besides, look at scenic Scotland. Isn't it pretty?" he said, looking at his band-mates with bright eyes.

Mikey looked around.

"I'm afraid of large bodies of water," he said nervously.

Bob grumbled incoherently.

"I hate you, Gerard," he said after awhile.

"Thanks," Gerard replied.

"Wait. How do you stop this thing?" Ray exclaimed, his eyes wide.

Gerard rolled his green eyes.

"The guy driving the boat will do it, retard. He's gonna drop us off, and come back in a month."

"I hate you, Gerard," Bob repeated.

"We've established that," Gerard said. Finally, the boat pulled into the shore of the island. The guy, clearly not able to speak English, pointed to the shore.

The five guys grabbed their bags and got off the boat, and watched the man pull away and sail off.

Sighing, Gerard turned and said, "Might as well go explore our new home."

Nodding, the five young men trudged up the sandy shore towards their home for the next month. An abandoned lighthouse.

A/N- Well, that's it for now! This was mostly a set up for the next chapters, so I'm sorry if that sucked. REVIEW!!!!

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