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Chapter Two

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Belle argues with Capi over how long it will take to get to Camlet. She prays that she is right. Better than my summary. I suck at summarys.

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Belle silently snuck into her own home, the last thing she wanted to do was wake her parents. Capi waited below her bedroom window, he had refused to come in.

Belle entered her childhood bedroom, it was still painted baby pink, and her bedspread was still covered with princesses and castles. She changed into her light brown khakis, sky blue tee shirt and pulled a baby blue hoodie over her head. She hung her swords case like a purse over her shoulder so that the swords handle was right below her right hand when her arms were at her side. She threw a change of clothes (blue jeans, a lime green tee-shirt, Jason's emerald green hoodie and a dark brown cloak.) in to her beige camping bag, along with the spell book she picked up in the underland and her intermediate spell book.

She snuck in to the kitchen, its western décor the same as it always been. She added some nonperishable food to her bag, as well as her wallet and a map. She taped a note to the refrigerator door. It read:

Dear mom and dad,
I have to do a few errands; I will be back in about a month if all goes well
Love, Belle

She crept out the sliding glass door attached to the kitchen. Capi was waiting in the backyard for her. "Are we ready to go yet." He asked impatiently.


"Where to first?"



Belle hiked over a large hill, Capi was already on the other side and waiting for her. The city of Camlet loomed in the distance when she got over the hill. They walked a little farther in silence. The terrain was beginning to flatten out. "About how much farther is Camlet?" Belle asked as the sun began to set bathing the plain in an orange light.

"About another's days journey, we might as well stop for the night." Capi said, years of wisdom in his voice. Belle began to gather firewood as Capi hunted for a suitable clearing.

"Over here!" Capi called in his deep voice. Belle wandered over to the clearing he found, it was a circle clearing, it had about a 12-meter diameter and was covered in dirt. Belle could see a small pond a few meters away. She set her backpack and sleeping bag down on the ground.

She spread her electric baby blue sleeping bag down on the ground beside her backpack. She soon built a fire up with the wood she had collected and Capi lit it on fire. Belle rummaged threw her backpack and found her water jug.

She walked over to the small pond and filled the medium sized water jug. It could hold about two days worth of water. She knew that Capi was watching every step that she took; still the two were not one hundred percent comfortable with each other's company.

"Hey its not baby blue." Capi teased when Belle made her way back to the camp that they had set up. Belle was carrying her army green water jug.

"Haha, it was Jason's" Belle replied, she pretended to sound hurt but had to laugh. Most of her stuff was electric baby blue. The fire wolf was curled up near the fire, on the opposite side of Belle's sleeping bag. Belle unzipped her sleeping bag and crawled in for the night.

Capi rolled onto his back and began to look up at the sky. He studied it for a moment before he said anything. "There is an ancient way to travel, without using maps."

"I know, you read the stars." Belle said, not really interested, she wanted to sleep.

"Not the stars Belle, the constellations." Capi corrected. "My father taught it to me and his father taught it to him."

"That's nice Capi, but its late and we have a long days travel tomorrow so we should sleep."

"Two long days travel Belle."

"But you said one before." Belle replied, slightly angry, they only had so long to save Jason.

"I was looking at the map before, the constellations tell me two." Capi said, his voice firm and definite.

"We will reach Camlet by nightfall tomorrow just you wait." Belle replied, determination flooding her voice. She rolled over and fell asleep. Capi grunted and fell asleep quickly as well.
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