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okay i thought i'd add this chapet for the heck of it. Hope you love it! R+R

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okay it's just a bit violent i guess...


The woman of once water, turned to the woman of fire and death...
Her hair was transformed to the colour violet red, her eyes...for black and deadly.
Theresa could see the red skulls in them, of pure evil.
Black veins swelled onto the cheeks and neck of the women as she showed her evil deadly face filled with anger for Theresa.
The figure of once a mermaid turned to be a dark witch. Her robes were dark and red...the deadly fabric blew in the hot scorching wind.
She lifter her arms gathering power. The leaves of the trees turned black, the grass once a light shade of burnt to the ground. Fire shot everywhere, as the woman gathered evil power from all of them.
She tripped over a rock; the woman clapped her fists so all. The air gusted them forward towards Theresa. Theresa's eyes grew wide she slithered backwards. She stood up carefully as she brought out her nun-chucks. Her body had fins but her soul had legs. The wind was closer to Theresa now...she ducked and rolled.
The woman shot another one at her, Theresa jumped behind a boulder. But the wind was so strong Theresa was still blown away. The woman paced forward rapidly to her. It looked a lot like running but she was walking with fierce energy.
Fire appeared in her hands. She shot them at Theresa; Theresa bent and ducked as she charged after the woman as well. Something gave her strength...more energy to continue on and fight! What gave her this strength to protect herself? Jay...

"Odie! I need your help!" Jay shouted and panicked as he saw Theresa in this state. Theresa was burning up and sweating, and barely breathing.
Her heart was at a slow pace beating. Jay tried to give much care to her; he poured water on her forehead to see if the burning up would stop...nothing much. Theresa let out a moan from her was the sound of agony.

'What's happening to her! I didn't expect this! Odie help me!"

Jay looked at Theresa's frail face.

It was filled with blackness and sorrow.

Theresa coughed continuously in her sleep.

"Jay! You must have to do what you have to do now! There's not much I can do, and you said you could save her...don't break that promise!" Odie said.

"Odie I wasn't expecting her to swell up with heat! What if it doesn't work! What if I waste time for nothing! She needs top be taken care of!" Jay was frightened to what was going to happen, his brain was spinning out of control! "I wish Chiron was here." He whispered. Tears fell.

Theresa hit the woman across the face with her nun-chucks; shed didn't expect it to hurt. But it was the only weapon she had. The woman laughed.
Theresa was angry, he tried to trip her; but the woman suddenly appeared behind her. She laughed harder. She blew fire at Theresa when she wasn't even ready to strike at the cold evil woman again.
Theresa's arm was burnt a bit. Theresa yelled in agony and pain. Luckily she had dodged just in time. Her soul was being bruised and something had to be!

"Ahhh!" Jay heard from Theresa.

"Theresa, no! Hang on!" Jay was crying, it stung his eyes like a thousand mouths. This was just not fair he wanted to punch someone; he wanted to yell so much! He wanted to pound Cronus to the ground; Cronus had made him much angrier than ever!

"Jay! This is poison happening to her! have the strength...forget all this's the only way to heal." Odie reassured him.

Theresa got up trying to ignore the pain it was hard.

She held her scorching arm; it made no difference to all the heat in the air. Theresa was bruised, burnt, and coughing uncontrollably. She was dying, and somehow had been able to get up and take more of this witch.
She went after the woman again. She shot more fire at her. It swirled around Theresa like a tornado. The last thing you could see was Theresa's head trying to rise up from the heat. Her hair looked like part of the fire...Theresa...was finished.

Theresa gave a gasp.

"No! I'm not giving up on you!!!!" Jay screamed with part of his lungs clogged up.
He held her close, hugging her. He kissed her. Jay lay in the sand, Theresa in the water. The sun shone on both of them.
And kissed her thinking of all his love for her. Theresa's arm...moved! It moved slowly to wrap around Jay's neck.
Suddenly the sand swirled around with the water, it mixed together to create and form a silvery magical colour. Odie watched amazingly.
The swirls picked up Jay and Theresa in the air. Both Theresa's arms now wrapped around his neck.

Theresa's eyes shone with white. She felt no other she felt before.
The evil cracked up woman was still laughing until she saw Theresa's face appear out pf the it had never touched her. Then rainstorms and lightening appeared across the dead dark pool. Theresa's full image arose now and aimed towards the evil woman.
"NO! You dreadful child!" The woman screamed. She put her hands over her ears and closed her eyes as she knelt down angrily. Theresa felt magic surged through her.
A gush of water, a tidal wave crushed on the woman.
The woman tried to get up and take Theresa, but Theresa found a new power and gathered all the water from everywhere and defeated her.

Theresa's eyes opened, revealing her emerald orbs. Jay could almost feel Theresa's pure soul go through his body; he opened his eyes as well. "Jay..." Theresa said to him rubbing his hair. "You...saved me."
Theresa said to him smiling with all the energy she ever felt in her life. The silvery magic slowed down and slowly brought them down uncovering their bodies. Soon they reached the ground and unrevealed Theresa's legs.
They looked down, her legs! They were back! Jay picked her up swinging her around once in the water.
They glanced Odie's way. His glasses were crooked and his shirt was turned around a bit.
"That...was powerful..." He said trying to get up but slipped back down on the sand again. They laughed.
"Welcome back Theresa." Odie said as the two friends hugged.

Okay that was a bit of a fluffy! Right!! Okay there's more! Trust me!! Tons more!!!! Well one more chapter more. There WILL be a sequel, but I'd have to finnish other stories first. i was too excited i had to update!
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