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Adventures with Polyjuice

by Alorkin

I've read several fics where Harry is accidently turned into a girl. What if it wasn't an accident?

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter (et al). That privilege goes to the lovely and talented J. K. Rowling, to whom I am eternally grateful, both for a fascinating read and for many bedtime stories for my daughter.

Disclaimer 2: This story is Soooo not HBP compliant. That...Book, should never have been written.

"Are you certain you want to do this, 'Mione?" Harry asked his lover. They'd spent the last month brewing the modified polyjuice potion, and it was time to add the final ingredient.
Rather than hair or blood, this time the final ingredient was a specially brewed blood potion that changed gender of the material in it. Harry's sample had become female, and Hermione's had become male.
"Oh, Harry!" Hermione smiled at her friend's anxiety. "You did say you wanted to know how it felt from my perspective. Now you will. I must admit, I'm really excited to find how it would be from a man's point of view." She paused before continuing. "This potion won't turn you into me, it'll only turn you into a female version of you. I'll simply become a male version of me. We'll still be the same people, just...different." She laughed, softly. "Think of this. At least you won't have a hymen to break." Hermione recalled the searing pain that had flared through her when Harry had broken through her maidenhead. She had no regrets. Their lovemaking since, had been wonderful. They had been each other's firsts, and tonight, they would be each other's first's again.
"I'm sorry, my love." Harry kissed her softly, apologizing again for the pain he'd given her when he'd taken her virginity.
Hermione closed her eyes when his lips touched her own. She sighed into his mouth. She enjoyed the kiss, exploring his mouth while he did the same. Their tongues caressed and massaged each other's in pleasure. Hermione wanted to continue this forever, but realized Harry was stalling. She finally, firmly pushed him away. "If you think you're getting off that easily, Potter, you have another think coming!"
Harry sighed at the loss of her lips, then whispered: "Alright, then. Let's do this."

Hermione brought out two carefully sealed and labeled phials. One marked "Harry", the other, "Hermione". She scooped the thinned polyjuice potion from its cauldron, and into two flasks. They both added the proper contents of their respective phials, then shook the mixtures.
"All right. That's done. Hermione set her flask aside and flicked her wand at the cauldron. "Evanesco!" The noisome mass vanished. She plucked the cauldron from its place and shrunk it to fit into her pocket. Another flick and the burn marks on the floor of the abandoned girl's bathroom also vanished.
Together, they walked back to the tower. There, they headed to the Head Girl's suite. Hermione had been named Head Girl in her letter. That was only to be expected. Harry knew he had no chance at all, considering his history but had almost fainted in shock when Draco Malfoy, of all people, was named Head Boy.

In Hermione's room, they both doffed their robes, and shoes. Feeling more comfortable, they sat on the bed. "Bottom's up!" She cheered, lifting the flask to her lips. Harry followed suit.
"Gaah!" He almost vomited at the taste. "That stuff tastes even worse than the regular potion!" He winced in revulsion as sympathetic shivers coursed through his body.
Hermione was also gagging. "You're right, Harry. That is absolutely nauseating." She wore a face wrinkled in utter disgust. She also shook for a few moments.
They capped the flasks and waited. They didn't have to wait long. Fortunately, polyjuice works fast.

Within seconds, the changes had begun. Harry felt his body becoming smaller, more rounded, more...delicate. His hair growing longer, until it reached below his shoulders. Under his shirt, he felt the growth of breasts. As they grew, the sensitive nipples scraped across the starched cotton of his shirt, sending flashes of electricity through him. He moaned quietly at the sensations, then raised an eyebrow at the altered tone of his voice.
"Bloody hell!" he whispered, looking at his now slender fingers. Sure enough, his voice was no longer a gravelly light baritone, but an equally gravelly alto.
He watched as Hermione grew larger. Harry looked appreciatively as Hermione became a man. Her face narrowed slightly, becoming more angular and her body filled out. Muscles she'd developed from carrying books for years, became larger and more pronounced. Her hair seemed to shrink back into her head, becoming a curly, wavy mass, reaching only to her shoulders rather than to the small of her back.
Her tie immediately began to choke her, so she tore it off, and hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt. She struggled out of the offending garment as she grew. Now she was clad only in her skirt, which had also become too tight, and her light pink bra, that had become both too tight and at the same time, too loose.
Harry reached forward as he'd done many times in the past four months, and unfastened the clasp at the front of the bra. The bra fell away revealing well-defined pectorals where there were once rounded breasts. Her nipples had become smaller and her chest had sprouted a fine dusting of hair.
Harry had to admit, Hermione as a man, was as beautiful as she had been as a woman. She now stood a touch under one point eight metres, and had to weigh in at about eighty kilos.
Hermione stood, undid her belt and tugged her skirt free. Now, she was clad only in her pale pink knickers and her school knee socks. Harry giggled at the sight of a man wearing her knickers. Hermione spoke in a deep tenor voice. "Oh, Honestly, Harry! It's not like you haven't seen them before!" She also marveled at the tone of her voice. "Hmmm! I'd have thought I'd have a deeper voice. My dad is a middle baritone. Oh well. I suppose it just goes to show."

She blushed and bent to pull the panty off, revealing a growing and nicely proportioned erection.

Harry also stood and began to discard his clothing, all of which had become too large. He slid the silk tie from is collar and placed it on the back of Hermione's clothing rack, next to the bed. His jumper and shirt followed, each draped across the polished wooden dowels. Harry was having trouble keeping his trousers on. Instead of unfastening them, he simply wriggled a bit and slid them from his hips.
Seating himself, he pulled off his socks and tossed them into the hamper. Only his briefs were left. He shucked them and stood, waiting for his lover to finish her own disrobing.
Hermione finished pulling her own knee socks off, then stood to examine her lover. Her eyes grew wide and she spoke.
"Harry! You're beautiful!" Sure enough, Harry had become a female version of himself. Never really tall, due to the neglect and malnourishment he'd suffered as a child, he now stood just under Hermione's chin. He was still just as thin as always, yet somehow, well made for all of that. His muscles were well defined, yet not heavy. His face was still angular, but softer. His skin smooth and clear, his breasts were nicely made, with a teardrop shape, whereas, Hermione's were heavier and rounder. His belly was just slightly rounded, curving under to a thinly thatched mass of black hair. His hips swelled and flowed around his bottom into legs that seemed perfect. His thighs were well muscled, tapering to the knee, swelling at the calf and then narrowing again to his ankles.

Now, Harry was getting nervous. He watched as Hermione closed her eyes and slid her hands up and down over her new body, caressing and feeling everywhere.

Harry looked down and lightly brushed his fingers over his breasts, as Hermione had showed him. Light blue veins ghosted under the pale flesh. His nipples, already erect, hardened immediately at his touch. Carefully, he twisted and rolled them between his fingers and electricity again flashed through him. He gasped at the more intense feelings. He traced one hand down his belly to the soft nest of black curls that hid his new sex, to find the fleshy folds between his legs. He touched himself there and felt the smooth warmth of his core. Pressing harder, he almost cried out as new sensations overwhelmed him.
Hermione giggled as she watched him explore his body.
"Feels good, doesn't it, Harry?"
"Mmmmm, yes! It does. How about you?"

Hermione had wasted no time. She was now sporting a rather impressive erection, easily twenty-two cm., by about six, which she had begun to slowly stroke, head to base, and then back. Her eyes drifted closed at the new sensations coursing through her. This was much more than she'd expected!
"My God, Harry! This is wonderful!"
"Wait until you come! It's like lightning flashing through you!"
"I know that feeling! Have you touched yourself?"
"Um...sort of. You know, 'Mione, this is really weird!"
"Yeah...Yeah, is!" Hermione was stroking harder...faster. Harry could tell from her movements, that she was getting awfully close.
"Um...'Mione. You might want to slow down! If you keep that up, you're not going to last long...!" Too late. Hermione gave a kind of squeaky grunt, much like she did as a woman, thrust her hips forward and came, spraying Harry with her semen.
"Yuck!" Harry cried out as the slick fluid splashed his breasts.
Hermione was gasping with release, then, she began to giggle as she watched Harry try to wipe the thick white stuff from his breasts.
"Well, Harry, now you know!" She herself had not really enjoyed it when Harry had released on her breasts. She put up with it, because he had wanted it, but she'd never really cared for it. Quickly enough, he'd caught on, instead climaxing within her as they both preferred, or sometimes in her mouth when she allowed it.
"You were right, Harry. That was amazing!" She sat down and motioned Harry over. Grabbing her wand, she cast a gentle cleaning spell and the mess vanished.

"Well I've had my orgasm. Let's see if you can!" She kissed Harry softly, reached up and gently removed his glasses, as she had done so many ties before, then whispered: "Just lay back and relax, Harry. I'll take care of everything!"

Hermione kissed Harry very well indeed. Her tongue plundered his mouth seeking his, and locking it in a battle of possession. This was an odd sensation for Harry. He'd never kissed a boy before, and he was rather unnerved at the idea. Hermione's lips were harder than they usually were, but then, his own were softer. Only the fact that this was Hermione, made it possible for him to continue at all. Fortunately his body, now very feminine decided the course for him. He really didn't think he could stop now if he wanted.
Gently breaking the kiss, she began to plant soft, feathery butterfly kisses all over his face. Harry moaned as she found a particularly sensitive spot, just under his earlobe. Hermione giggled and nipped him softly there!
Harry moaned a bit louder, his eyes closed. Her hands wandered over his body, touching, caressing, as she rained more kisses over his face. She stopped at the hollow between his shoulder and neck, and suckled lightly there. Harry almost cried out at the pleasurable feelings she'd evoked there.

Using her lips, her teeth and her tongue, Hermione moved from one spot on Harry's body to another. She licked and sucked at all the many spots she, herself enjoyed. Tonguing the valley between Harry's breasts, Hermione inhaled the scent. He was still Harry, but with a...something...that made him, a her. Hermione now turned to assault his breasts.

She sucked one nipple into her mouth, rolling it between her tongue and teeth. Harry cried out softly. Hermione wouldn't let up. She nibbled and suckled and licked and teased Harry's breasts, causing him to roll his head from side to side, moaning out loud as he experienced ever-new sensations, foreign to his body.
Her hand roamed across Harry's body, never settling in any one place for long, just enough to inflame! Her hand made it's way down his belly to the black curls that guarded his core. He squirmed as she pressed her warm palm on his pubis. As she gently pressed and rubbed the sensitive skin, his legs opened as of their own volition. Soon she began to run her fingers over him.

Her hand found his folds already moist. She lightly traced her finger from top to bottom, then up again, drawing that moisture from him, as she suckled his nipple. Harry bucked his hips and groaned. She lightly touched his clit. Now he yelped. Hermione had to hold him from jumping. "Shhhh, Love. It's all right!"
"Oh, God, Hermione!" He moaned. "That felt wonderful! Do it again!"
"Ooooh!" She chuckled. "Randy little minx, aren't you!"
Harry replied by thrusting his hips upward, forcing her finger into harder contact with his clit. Again, he cried out as Hermione began to circle the little nubbin of nerves.
Harry's legs opened even wider, now. His hips became taut under the strain. His pelvis tilted into the contact. Hermione's hand became wet from his natural fluids. She traced up and down his opening folds teasing his clit each time with a bit of the moisture that now coated her fingers. Harry's petals opened under her ministrations, swelling and growing dark red with infused blood. She took her lips from his nipple and looked him in the eyes.
"This may feel a bit odd, but now you're open, I'm going to put my finger inside you." Eyes somewhat glazed, Harry nodded jerkily, not trusting himself to make any coherent reply.
Hermione returned her lips to his nipples, alternating from the one to the other. Her hand was busy as she suckled. She carefully pushed a finger lightly into him, easing back immediately, then pushing forward again. Harry's wetness swiftly coated her finger. She pushed in further, now, all the way into him. Pulling her hand away, she thrust it gently forward again, burying her finger inside him once more. She eased her finger in and out several times, each time, twisting her hand slightly. She knew through personal experience, how good this felt and wanted Harry to share in that knowledge.
Harry's hips bucked as she gently drove her finger into him. Soon enough, he grabbed her hand and tried to force it in deeper. Hermione resisted. Instead, she grinned and pushed a second finger in. Harry grunted in surprise, and let go.
His head rolled side to side and she plundered his core with her fingers, pushing
in and out, scissoring side to side, and twisting. Then she shifted her position on she bed until she was sitting on her haunches, one hand caressing his breast, the other tormenting his core. She leaned over his thigh, dropped her head down to him, and touched his clit with her tongue.
Harry arched his back...HARD! His head thrown back, and most importantly to the moment, his hips rocking forward to press tightly against her mouth. He almost passed out as lightning flashed through him, again and again as she lapped at him. Hermione smiled at his reaction. She licked up and down his opened slit, tasting him the way he'd done so many times in the past four months. She lifted her head and ducked under his thigh to position herself, at his cleft. Again, she dropped her tongue to his folds. She was mildly surprised at the flavor of him. Tart, like citron, yet salty and sweet at the same time. A flavor uniquely him. It was a taste she fully enjoyed. She was more surprised at that revelation. 'I wonder if I would enjoy this with...say, Ginny...'
Harry was positively groaning in pleasure. He clutched the bed-clothes frantically, as if by letting go, he would lose his grip on reality and tumble from the firm mattress.
Hermione's technique was much different from his. Harry noted with what little remained of his thinking brain. She didn't just lick, she kissed, she made love to him. Her lips, tongue, chin, even her teeth all played a role...all the while, gently pistoning her fingers into and from him. Harry had never before experienced such pleasure. He thought: 'I think I have to revise my oral technique!' just before his mind fled him completely.
Hermione's face was completely soaked. Harry was bucking hard, now, panting: "Oh God! Oh God! Oh, God!" Hermione knew he was as ready as he ever would be. One last, lingering kiss, and she regretfully removed her mouth from him. She moved up, so she was braced over him. Her erection was already achingly hard. She kissed him fully, allowing him to taste himself on her tongue.
Harry panted as he hungrily devoured her lips.

"Are you ready?" Hermione asked, as she positioned herself between his legs. She held her erection in one hand the way Harry had always done, with the tip just touching her folds.
Harry nodded. He wasn't, really, but he wanted to feel this. More, he wanted her to feel this. What an experience! Harry knew that they'd be able to do this as long as the polyjuice potion held out. Then, it would be another month before they could do it again, maybe more!
Hermione pressed her erection into him an inch or so, then pulled back out. She did this twice more, to allow Harry's silky fluid to coat the head of her penis. Then she pushed a bit further in. In and out, then in again, each time she pushed a tiny bit further. Harry was happy she did. The stretching sensation he felt as she filled him was uncomfortable, at best. He recalled vividly how he had done it differently. Two thrusts into her body until he had reached her maidenhead. Another sharp thrust, and he was through. He remembered her tears of pain that night. She hadn't complained, even though it had been very painful for her. She had simply ridden the wave of fire and then allowed him to proceed.
"I'm sorry, 'Mione!" He whispered, looking up into her eyes.
"For what, luv?"
For not doing this with you. I did it wrong. I should have been gentler. Taken longer."
"Oh Harry. You couldn't have known."
"You did."
"Harry, I've been a woman all my life. I knew what would happen. I expected it."
But, you're being so gentle."
"Harry, I learned that from you. You were horrified that you'd hurt me. You did everything you could to make it better for me. I love you for that. Now, hush." She kissed him to still his protests.
Again, and again, she pulled out, then pressed just a bit further in until she felt something in hr way.
Harry cried out: "Hermione! Stop! Something doesn't feel right!"
Hermione agreed. It felt like something inside him was blocking her entry. She stopped her gentle thrusting and simply stayed where she was, moving just enough to keep the friction going.
"Ohhh! Just there, Hermione! Move like that again!" He bucked his hips, arching his body under her. Hermione rode out the swell, and mustering every bit of her massive self-restraint, pulled out entirely, and sat back on her haunches.
"What do you think is wrong?" He panted. His fingers finding his wet center, and rubbing hard.
Harry now wanted to feel his lover inside him. He knew Hermione wanted nothing less than to bury herself in him as well. Still, she waited. Then her eyes flashed with understanding.
"Harry! I think you're still a virgin! " She exclaimed. Her eyes widening and
her brows rising almost to her hair. "Oh, dear! If you really are, this is going to hurt!"
"What do you mean, I'm still a virgin? How can I still be a virgin? We both lost our virginities at the same time! I took yours, you took mine!"
"I know that, Harry. I don't understand this either." She bit her lip the way she always did when thinking. Harry thought hard as well. Seconds of furious cogitation passed, then she thought she had an answer.
"Harry..." Hermione ventured.
"Hermione..." He said at the same time. They both laughed. Hermione said quickly: "You first!"
"OK, 'Mione. Erm, when did you get the blood sample you used to make the gender changing potion?"
"Six months ago." She replied offhandedly. "Remember? We needed it for the elasimorph potion.
"I thought so. Six months ago." He stopped and eyed her thoughtfully. His head was tipped to one side, his mouth quirked and his eyebrow raised. Hermione caught on.
"My God!" She gasped out loud. "Harry, You're right! We didn't start making love until four months ago! When the blood samples were taken, we were both virgins!
"And so, we're virgins again!" Harry laughed.
"I suppose so." Hermione smiled widely. "I can't believe it! This is absolutely amazing! You, Harry are the first man in history to experience the losing of his virginity as a woman...after having lost it to the same woman who's going to take it now! Utterly amazing!" Hermione was almost babbling in her glee.
"This is a chance nobody ever gets!" He exclaimed. Then added, flippantly: "So, do you think we could get extra credit in say...potions, if we were to write this up?"
"Harry!" She smacked him like she always did. Harry grimaced at the blow.
"OW! Hermione! Take it easy! You're a bloke now. That smarts!"
Sure enough, there was a bright red mark across his breast. Hermione immediately launched herself onto him cradling him in strong arms. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Harry. I forgot."
"Well..." He smirked coquettishly. "I suppose you could make it up to me..."

"Oh? How?" Hermione raised her eyebrow in amused query.
"Shag me rotten." He whispered, then, crushed his mouth to hers. Hermione had to agree, his was a good plan!

"Are you ready?" Hermione asked. As before, she had entered Harry partially, sliding in ad out a bit to lubricate her erection. This time the process went a bit faster, as he'd already felt the intrusion and his body had accommodated itself to hers.
"Erm...yeah, I think so, I guess." Harry said, rather nervous, learning that he was once again a virgin was disconcerting, to say the least. He knew, from his only experience with a virgin, that this was going to hurt. How much? He didn't know. He tried to relax. Hermione's movements, small as they were, helped along those lines. The sensations Hermione were creating in him were intense and so very pleasurable.
"OK." Hermione gripped Harry's nicely rounded hips and thrust into him...hard!
"AAAAHHHH!!!!" Harry shrieked. He wriggled under Hermione's weight, in pain, trying to escape the thing now embedded deeply within him. Hermione held him closely, holding him down as he experienced the painful sensations. She knew he was the only man in the world to experience losing his virginity as a woman.
"Bloody fuck!" He swore. His limbs moved randomly, without his conscious control as he still tried to escape. "Oh, God! Oh Bloody...shhzzzhz...bloody fuck! Hermione! That really hurts!" Tears of agony drifted down his cheeks.
"I know, Harry!..." She moaned in sympathy. "...and I'm ever so sorry, but that's simply what it feels like to be a woman and a virgin. It hurts the first time." She kissed him softly, trying to sooth him.
"Shhh! Shhhh! Shhh!: She soothed. "Hush, now, luv. It'll be all right. The pain will pass!"
Harry squirmed for a short time more, until he realized, she was not going to let him escape. He nestled into the comforting arms surrounding him, and tried to ignore the fire in his belly.
After a bit, the pain did begin to ebb, lessening from the sharp stab to a lingering ache. He began to breathe more regularly. Hermione didn't move a muscle, despite her new body's overwhelming desire to do so.
"Hush love" She whispered, holding him warmly, and kissing his face and neck softly as she waited for Harry's body to grow accustomed to the intrusion.
"Does it always hurt like this, Hermione?" He asked, blinking back more tears. "I can't imagine why you'd do this again, if it did!"
"No, my love." Hermione whispered, kissing away his tears. "Only the first time. After that, it gets better. Much, much better!" She grinned wantonly. "How do you feel?"
"I'm still a bit tender, but it's going away, now." He admitted. He could never lie to Hermione.
Harry's body was ready now. The pain had faded some, and he wanted more of the delicious sensations she had caused before. "I think you can move now, 'Mione."
Hermione withdrew a bit, then, eased back in. Harry moaned. The pain was still there, but it was a mere shadow of it's former self. Hermione pulled out again, then sank back in. Over and again, she withdrew only to return. Harry began to relax as the new-found sensations filled him. Soon her movements were considerably easier. Only the muscles within him offered any resistance as she thrust gently.
"Mmmmmm!" He moaned lightly as she stroked into and out of him. "Oh yesss, 'Mione, Yesss!" He whispered as she filled him completely. He began to pant as he became used to Hermione and she became used to him. They moved in the timeless manner, used since first man and woman joined.
Hermione began to speed up as her body gave her instinctual instruction. Harry gripped her arse to pull her into him even more. He tucked his legs up over her hips, locking his ankles behind her legs to allow her to penetrate him more deeply.
Hermione had never before felt such sensations. This was totally different from when she made love as a woman.
Here, the sensations were more concentrated in her groin. As a woman, they flowed through her entire body. Still, she felt the build-up of the explosion. She'd experienced one orgasm as a man, and now wanted to do so again, this time with her lover.
Now Hermione began to pull out farther, before pushing back in. Each time she slid into him, it was a bit deeper, a bit faster, a bit harder.
Soon, Harry's hips rose to meet her every thrust. The wet slap of flesh on flesh and their mingled cries of pleasure were the only sounds to be heard. He was panting now as his clit sent shockwaves through him. Every nerve was on pleasurable fire! His pants became moans and his moans grew more intense.
They grew no louder, however and that worried Hermione. Even in bed, he couldn't escape the restrictions placed upon him by his misbegotten relatives. He cried out, but quietly just as he did as a man. He always kept quiet. Hermione had often wondered why, and could only figure his rearage with the Dursleys had to be the reason. She was right. Harry had learned long before to make as little noise as possible, else suffer the beatings that came from annoyed relatives, so he even kept his climaxes quiet. He was free from them, now, but unfortunately, old habits die, hard.
She tried to make this as pleasurable as possible, given he'd just lost his virginity, quite painfully, a few moments before. Still she was only human. A teenaged human boy, at that!
Hermione knew she wouldn't last much longer. She truly wanted to give Harry his orgasm, but her logical part knew that likely wouldn't happen. The physical part, said: "Who bloody cares!?!" She wanted to come, and by God, she was going to! She began to thrust in ernest.
Hermione lost the last vestiges of her control and began to thrust madly. Driving her strong length into him, faster and harder. Harry winced, as her thrusts became more demanding...harder...deeper.
It began to hurt Harry a bit as she plowed into him. He knew what she was experiencing, and knew she was almost done. Still, it hurt. Harry decided then and there to revise his shagging techniques, as well!
Seconds later, she was done. "Harry! I'm coming!" She cried out, harshly. She drove into him urgently, burying herself in him as deeply as she could, and spilled her seed into his body
Harry cried out, softly, at the very pleasurable sensation of Hermione's climax rushing into him, unconsciously counting the fiery surges, as she pulsed within him.
After long moments, Hermione sank, exhausted onto Harry's breasts, panting.
"My God!..." She panted after a few seconds. "...Harry, that was exquisite!" She gasped, kissing him fervently, everywhere she could reach. She remained within him until she began to soften, then, still breathing heavily she withdrew from his body, her spent organ coming free with the slightest of noise.
Harry felt the pain of her withdrawal, not so much as a physical pain, although there was that, but more as a need, unfulfilled.
Hermione settled next to Harry and wrapped him in her embrace once more. They stroked and kissed tenderly, basking in the afterglow of their loving. Harry nestled into her embrace, feeling warm, comfortable and well loved. He was well aware she'd climaxed, obviously, but he'd not reached his own release. Somehow, he felt a tiny bit cheated. He clutched her closely, trying not to show his disappointment.

Hermione noticed. She always did, where he was concerned.
"Harry. You didn't come, did you?" She whispered softly.
" " Harry blushed. He didn't want to confess this, thinking it would make him seem weak in her eyes. He needn't have worried. Hermione wasn't the brightest witch of the age for naught.
"I'm so sorry, luv, but it's to be expected." She explained, kissing him gently.
"Almost no woman climaxes, her first time."
"Did you?" He asked, softly, shyly. He knew the answer, but he felt the need to ask.
"No, Harry. I didn't." But you knew and you made me come immediately after." She kissed him lovingly. "I can do the same thing. I can make you come. Would you like me to?" She offered.
"Oh, Yes, Hermione. Very much so!" He dearly wanted to feel the release he'd missed. "...If you don't mind, that is."
"Your command is my wish, beloved." Hermione grinned and then moved down the bed until she was again nestled between Harry's legs. She stroked the soft skin on the inside of his thighs with her fingers. The odor of his feminine arousal, mixed with the earthy scent of her semen, was intense. Hermione knew it wouldn't take much to make him climax. She gently applied her lips to his opened flower again, kissing and licking him from front to back and back to front, before circling his clit with her tongue. She 'd tasted his come many times before, and had no problem dealing with her own. Over and again she repeated this pattern until his clit had distended to it's hardest. Then she focused entirely on that little bud of nerves.

In short order, Harry's world shattered. He bucked his hips as she tongued him, rolling his head side to side, and crying out in quiet passion. Hermione found herself growing hard at the sound, and knew she'd have to have him again.
Harry gripped her hair, hard, as he climaxed. He cried out, and for the first time since they'd begun to make love, he actually made some noise. It wasn't earth shattering, but for him, it was a definite start. Hermione smiled happily.

As Harry relaxed from his orgasm, Hermione entered him again. This time, there was still a little pain. It was a dull ache, as with a tooth that had recently been filled, but that was it. Rather, they created new sensations for both. Thrusting and moving, shifting and moaning out, they soon developed a rhythm that worked for them both. It helped that each was already intimately familiar with the other's body.
"Hermione?" Harry panted.
"Hmmm?" She continued to stroke, building her climax.
"Can I get on top? I want to try it."
"Of course, love." She stopped moving, and wrapped her arms around his slighter frame, then rolled them over, managing to stay ensconced within him as she did. Harry shifted his legs to her sides, and rested his palms on her chest.
Now, he rocked, back and forth, as if trying to dislodge something from within him. Hermione lay back, her eyes closed as she experienced the feel of his snug channel massaging her erection. Harry caressed one of his breasts as he rode her. Hermione reached up to caress his other breast, rolling and squeezing the flesh. She moved her thumbs and forefingers to his nipples, which were hard as rocks, pinching and twisting them. Harry threw his head back, his mouth open as he moaned.
He braced one hand behind him forming a stable tripod, and began to rise and fall on Hermione's shaft. Up and down and up again. Over and over he rose and fell, until he felt the electrical shocks within him that signaled his impending release. Hermione felt it too. She touched her thumb to his clit. Pressing firmly she rolled it under her digit. Harry began to gasp. Soon his movements had become erratic. Then, it began. The orgasm rushed over and through him like a wave of fire. Every nerve ending he possessed was ablaze. This was like the cruciatus curse, only with pleasure rather than pain!
Harry grunted and moaned quietly as he came, riding the fiery wave. Long moments later, he sagged onto her. Hermione wrapped her arms around her lover and held him tightly, whispering sweetly into his ear and kissing him softly.
When his shuddering had calmed, Hermione rolled them over once more. She began to drive, now. Over and again, she pushed into him, faster and harder. She maintained more control this time, but still, it was a losing battle. Soon she began to pump...hard!
Harry could only hang on for the ride. He felt another climax begin to approach, and prayed it would arrive before hers did.
He missed his wish, but just barely. His orgasm descended upon him only seconds after hers. In fact, it was her climax that triggered his.
Again he felt the crest of fire wash through him. He could also feel the pulses of Hermione's ejaculation inside him. It made his pleasure all that much more intense. He sagged back in utter exhaustion as his climax ebbed.
Now, sated for the time being, they each nestled into the arms of the other, and fell asleep.


"Bloody hell!" Ron's cry had both up and in defensive posture, wands at the ready, long before they were fully awake. Harry scanned the room for intruders before he began to relax. Hermione had done the same. Both relaxed a trifle, seeing who was there.
"You know, Ron,..." Harry began, rather perturbed at having his rest disturbed. "...That's not the best way to remain healthy and whole!"
"Who are you?" Ron shot back. He'd belatedly drawn his own wand. He'd come to the Head Girl's chambers with Ginny and Tonks to let them know it was time for breakfast. He'd expected to find Harry and Hermione nestled together in post-coital bliss, or at least asleep in her bed. Unfortunately, when he'd arrived, he'd found these two, naked strangers, instead.
Hermione replied before Harry could.
"Oh, honestly, Ron! Use your head for something besides a hat-rack. You have to know who we are, it's quite obvious, in spite of the changes."
Tonks took this opportunity to throw in her two knuts.
"Hermione? How did you do it?" She laughed out loud. She was fascinated and at the same time trying not to giggle. "I must say, Harry. You make a really lovely girl! And you, Hermione, well, you're nothing short of...YUMMY!" Tonks put one long pink
fingernail between her teeth with a lascivious look in her eyes and eased her hips forward wriggling in an obvious invitation. The desire in her voice was more than evident. Ginny simply looked, unbelievingly between them and Tonks. Within seconds, however, she also bore an expression of lust. She'd considered Hermione as a potential lover before, but never as a man. 'Perhaps it's time I did!' she thought.
Harry and Hermione both blushed at the revelation, and at the looks they were receiving from all three of their guests. They each grabbed their robes, only to find Hermione's was quite small, and Harry's hung on him like a tent.

Ron still stood gaping. Hermione and Harry exchanged robes, and led the others into the lounge. They sat. Harry held Hermione's chair like he always did. Ron snickered at the incongruity. Tonks smacked him as Harry glared.
"Dobby!" He called. Instantly the house-elf appeared. "Yes, mister Harry is not Harry Potter! You is...Who is you?"
"It's me, Dobby. Harry explained. He knelt beside Dobby, and touched him on the arm. "You know me, Dobby. I'm Harry Potter."
"But you is cannot be Harry Potter!" Squeaked the house-elf. "You is a girl!"
"Yes, Dobby. Right now I am a girl. It's a long story, but please believe me, I'm Harry Potter, and that boy over there is Hermione Granger." He brushed the fringe of hair from his forehead, allowing Dobby to see the famous scar he bore.
"Dobby's head hurts!" He moaned. The elf closed his eyes and held his nose, shaking his had side to side.
"Yeah, I can understand how it might. Look, Dobby. Would you bring some coffee or tea for five, and a plate of sandwiches? Please?"
Dobby tipped his head uncertainly to one side, but being a house-elf he lived to serve. He nodded and vanished. Seconds later, he reappeared bearing a huge tray filled with sandwiches and both coffee and tea services. He transferred the things from the tray to the table and then, worriedly shaking his head again, disappeared.

Tonks laughed out loud. "I wonder how he's going to deal with that?" Then:
"How did you do it, Hermione?"
"It was both of us, actually. We made a modified polyjuice potion."
"And how did you change gender? This could be a useful tool, for an auror."
"I made a gender changed potion with our blood, and added it, rather than the normal hair or tissue sample."
"That's bloody ingenious!" Tonks congratulated them on their work. As this year's Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, she had a responsibility to the school to curtail such obviously out-of-bounds behavior, and as an auror, she had the law to uphold, several of which, she was certain, Harry and Hermione had to have violated with this potion, but as a trickster that had even Gred and Forge panting wantonly with desire, she appreciated a well done prank...even if it wasn't a prank.
"Where did you get the boomslang skin?" She asked. "That's controlled."
"Actually, It's not." Hermione replied, rather smugly. "I looked it up in the law books. It's only thought to be, because it's so hard to come by, and because it can be used to make polyjuice. It has other uses too. As for where I got it, I found it in a shop in Bulgaria, while I was visiting Victor a few years ago. It's sold over the counter, there, since the boomslang is indigenous. I bought it and brought it back. I've had it since then. I applied for a permit to keep it, citing my work in potions, and my intention to continue my studies in that vein. My Outstanding plus, grade in potions OWL, justified the permit. I can keep it legally."

A knock at the door signaled the arrival of guests.
"That'll be Dumbledore." Harry deadpanned. He went to the door to greet the headmaster. Behind him Ginny whispered something to Tonks that had her giggling within seconds.
Professor Dumbledore walked in, followed by Professor McGonagall. "I had the most interesting conversation with Dobby just now." Dumbledore began. "He was so befuddled, I had to give him the day off. I can well understand his confusion. My word! You have done well! Harry, I assume you are Harry?"
Harry nodded and Dumbledore continued. "I must say, you make quite the stunning young woman, Harry. And You Miss, or rather Mister Granger, You have become an equally attractive young man. Well done to both of you! Well done!"
Noting Tonks' attempts to control herself, he smiled, eyes twinkling like mad, and added: "I believe a success of this magnitude, deserves a reward, don't you agree, Professors?"
"Oh, absolutely!" Tonks chortled, trying to fight back her tears of laughter. "I think fifty points each." Her voice was now so strained she could barely speak. "In addition..." Tonks, couldn't keep a straight face. She turned to the two teens, " I think you should...write this up. Maybe Severus...will give you...extra credit, Hmmm?" She finally lost it entirely. She rushed from the room, howling with laughter.
"I quite agree." McGonagall added, her voice cracking with restrained mirth. "Such ingenuity should be worth an extra grade at the very least!" Suddenly stern, she added: "You two didn't do anything illegal in the brewing of this potion, did you?"
"Oh, no, Professor!" Hermione piped up. "I bought the materials legally in Bulgaria and brought them here. The potion was brewed in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom because it was not likely to be disturbed there. To ensure that, I cast a series of aversion charms against anyone entering. I got the idea from the Quiddich World Cup, some years ago. They had charmed the area so that muggles would discover they had to be elsewhere. I sort of did the same. As Moaning Myrtle's bathroom is so very rarely used, anyway, it was the perfect place. In addition, since the bathroom is made entirely of stone and ceramic tiles, it's quite fireproof!"
"I must applaud you on your foresight." Dumbledore spoke quietly, but his eyes twinkled merrily. "Tell me, How long does the potion last. I believe it has been nearly an hour since Dobby has seen you both.
"I modified it to last twelve hours. It should be wearing off in about five more."
"Very well done. Miss Granger, I had hoped to tender an offer to you after you had attained your advanced degree, to return here as our potions master. Now that Voldemort is gone, Severus has indicated his desire to retire, within a few years, and I feel you would be a most suitable replacement.

Hermione was stunned! Such an invitation was uncommon at best, especially so, given that she'd not yet taken her NEWTS.
"Thank you, Professor!" She replied excitedly. Forgetting the body she wore was male, she bounced on her feet the way she had always done. Harry laughed at the incongruity of the spectacle. Ron and Ginny had gone to see if Tonks was going to survive her fit of the giggles.
Soon, Harry heard the two of them laughing in the other room. He decided to join them as the conversation between Hermione and Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore had shifted to the technicalities.
"Hermione?" He whispered. She turned to him immediately. 'Yes, love?" Her beautiful cinnamon eyes were as expressive as always. She smiled the way she did whenever she was near him. Harry grinned back.
"I'm going to make sure Tonks isn't going to have a heart attack." He kissed her cheek, picked up the tea service and nodding his apologies to the headmaster and his head of house, he left them to it.

"Tonks?" he called. Tonks looked up and began to grin again. He set the tea service on the bed, and said: "Here! Have some tea. Maybe that will keep you articulate." He turned to his best friend. "How are you doing, Ron?"
Ron turned his head to see his best friend of almost seven years. "You know, Harry. You've got some damn fine breasts!" Your arse is pretty good, too!"
"Thanks, Ron. I'm assuming that once I'm a guy again, I won't be hearing this anymore?"
Ron looked shocked. "Harry! I'm straight! Come to think, so are you...I think!"
"Yes, Ron. I'm straight. This was an experiment. Hermione and I wanted to experience this from the viewpoint of the other. That's all!" Behind Ron, Harry could see the calculating gleam in Ginny's eyes. He was going to have to have a chat with that girl really soon!
"Still, Harry..." Tonks spoke. She poured the tea, spilling only a little, and gave each of them a cup. "This was a really difficult bit of potions-work. If I were Snape, I'd be proud!"
"Thank God you're not!" Harry affirmed, followed immediately by Ron. Tonks laughed as well. "Yeah, I guess you're right."
"We did make a mistake. I think you should know."
"Yeah. We used a blood sample that was taken a little after we began to see each other."
"And?" Tonks was puzzled. What difference did that make?
"Tonks, we began to see each other about seven months ago. We only started to...well..."
Shag?" Ron, ever the helper snickered.
"Thank you mister flippin' sensitive!" Came Hermione's new voice from the doorway. Ginny swatted at Ron's head. He'd been expecting it, so ducked the blow. He didn't duck the second one. He rubbed the back of his head as Ginny stood, out of his reach, looking smug.
They all turned to see her standing there. Harry rose, as he always did when she entered. She smiled sweetly and kissed him gently.
"That's weird!" Ron groused.
"What?" Harry asked. "Ron, you've seen us kiss before!"
"Harry..." Ron tried to explain, as a teacher would to a young child. "I've seen you and Hermione kiss as a guy, I mean when you were a guy, I yourselves. But here...have you two looked in the mirror?"
Harry was startled. He realized, Ron was right. He'd never seen what he looked like as a woman. He was about to go into the attached bath when Tonks called out: "I know the two of you would like to get even more familiar with each other than you are now, but you didn't finish your story. Why should the age of the blood sample you used make any difference? You did preserve it, didn't you?"
"Of course." Hermione replied, then explained. "Tonks, we used a sample we'd taken before we began making love. We were both virgins at the time. Now do you understand?"
Tonks' eyes grew wide. "You mean...You..." She pointed at Harry. "You... you...were...again?"
"That's right, Tonks. When I became female, I became a virgin again. I don't think we should use that particular batch again, sweetheart!" He looked significantly to his love. Hermione nodded. "You're right, Harry. I don't want to put you through that again!"
Tonks was suddenly worried. "Was it bad, Harry?"
"It hurt like bloody fuck!"
"How do you feel now?"
"I'm OK. It stopped hurting pretty fast. Now, there's an ache, and my thighs here..." He pressed his palms to the inside of his thighs. "...are really achy, but I think that's normal."
"After a hot shag? You betcha. I'll give you a salve to ease those aches. I'm certain Hermione will help you rub it in!" She snickered. "You realize, don't you, that when you turn male again, those aches are going to remain!"
"Yeah, I kinda thought so. I'll take the salve."
"So, what's on your schedule?" She asked.
"Well,..." Harry supplied. We have about five hours to go, I reckon we're going to shag ourselves unconscious!"

Tonks laughed. "That's a really good plan, Harry. You two go on and shag, why don't you. Ron and I will see ourselves out.
Ron stopped at the portrait door. "Harry? Hermione?" He called. The two lovers poked their heads back out of the doorway to Hermione's bedroom.
"Before you go and make yourselves less than decent, can we take a picture of the two of you. I really want to remember this!"
Ginny added: "Yeah! This is one for the books! I can get Colin's camera and be back in a jif!" She was out the door before either Hermione or Harry could say a word. Sighing, they agreed.
Ginny returned within a minute, bearing Colin's beloved camera. Quickly setting up a series of shots, Ginny snapped several pictures.
Done that, she ushered Ron and Tonks out the door, and turned to the amorous duo. Straight to the point, she asked: "Can I shoot you nude?"
Both Harry and Hermione had been before Ginny's camera, sans clothing before. Both she and Colin were consummate professionals where Photography was concerned. Neither of them had ever had reason to complain, and so, they agreed.
For the next twenty minutes or so, Ginny had them posing around the room, including several poses that would have raised Molly's eyebrows, not to mention her hair.
Ginny thanked them both, kissing each soundly, and left the lovers alone. Harry cast several privacy wards, along with the strongest locking spell he knew. Hermione added her own protections, by cutting her finger, and drawing a rune on the door. The rune glowed redly then faded. Harry absently healed Hermione's wound, then led her to their bed.

I found this difficult to write as I am a man. I took what I knew of making love with a woman, and tried to turn it around. I have also n in depth with each of my lovers over the years about their experiences. Here are some of them. I hope I got it right. Alorkin
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