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Roy has some very odd habits...CRACKFIC DRABBLE. Blink-and-you-miss-it RoyAi. R&R.

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By Aisuru na Usagi

Author's Note and Disclaimer: Just a short crack-fic drabble spawned from a conversation with my friend Shiruba Neko. NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. Whooo I love FMA! But I definitely do not own it, since if I did, I would not be a poor American university student and would be living in Japan and eating lots of expensive food and reading manga.

Words: 325


After several months of being exposed to his eccentricities, the Mustang Gang decided that when Roy whispered sweet nothings to his food, it was best to pretend they hadn't heard anything.

Poor Jean Havoc, the first one to find out firsthand. The poor guy listened in on Roy talking a chocolate truffle and, thinking it was a woman, ended up getting a nosebleed. After which Falman, Breda, and Fury all laughed their asses off at him. Luckily for Havoc, karma is a bitch and the three soon had their own little encounters with the Colonel' habit.

Needless to say, Riza Hawkeye wondered why she stuck around when it was quite obvious that every single one of them were certifiably insane. Most of all Roy, who really just needed to be pistol-whipped a few times, especially after that one time...

Riza walked into the Colonel's office intent on getting him to finally finish his paperwork and unwittingly walked in on a very amorous scene involving Roy and a ham sandwich.

"Sir these papers need to be si-"

"Oh ham sandwich, my sweet clandestine paramour, how I have missed you..." Roy cooed before messily devouring the aforementioned victuals. It was then that Riza decided that the papers could wait and perhaps she should just get the hell out of dodge. Roy looked up in time to see Riza making a hasty exit and called after her in dismay.

"Wait, Hawkeye this isn't what it looks like! We are only acquaintances! I would nev-"

Riza shut the door with a resounding slam which cut off Colonel Mustang's protests. /Damn/, he thought. The mustard on his face must have been a dead give away.

No, it really was best to pretend that these incidents never happened, Riza mused. Though she never could look at another ham sandwich without feeling quite ill.



R&R! This is my first FMA ficlet ever! Send questions and comments (no flames please) to: kemeow13 -at- yahoo -dot- com or IM me at my screenname, fluffyskanojo.
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