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What to expect or

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Your dream comes true and so does Sheena´s: Andy will become her boyfriend. Let´s see where this windfall takes her.

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0. What to expect or "Pigs learned how to fly"

Dear you,

On the occasion of having posted chapters on Sheena´s mishaps in life and love for exactly 1 month to the day, I´ve decided to reward you for having stuck with me. (You fool.) Even after having wreaked havoc on her sorry existance and having officially passed the line onto sadistic God-like author territory, or in my own terms "writing Sheena into the worst situations possible so my own life (or lack thereof) looks decent in comparison".*

So, what´s your reward? Wipe that expectant smile off your face ´cause it´s nothing fancy that goes with a neat baseball cap. I´ve decided to jump into a time machine, travel back to the moment when Sheena and Andy almost kissed and spark a romance between the two of them.** I kinda picked up on the notion that some of you might appreciate that.

How does this parallel strand of the plot work out now? For the sake of Patrick´s new addiction to bandanas: Don´t freaking ask me. I´m not sure yet. Andy and Sheena´s relationship will probably affect everybody else´s lives (e.g. Patrick + Joyce). I don´t know whether I´ll be able to merge this plot line with the original story at some later point or not. That´s probably going to be a challenge much bigger than my hair so we´ll see if I can manage. (As for my hair, I clearly failed years ago.)

Anyways, that´s my plan. Please leave some comments to let me know what you think of it.

Keep on writing, reading, reviewing and rating (Joy of joys!.... no, not "Joyce"), ye lovlies - FrostedGlass

P. S.: What I had originally in mind for Sheena, Patrick & Co. will be posted under the regular "The Bass Lines" title. And I´ll go frigging crazy on that one. Maybe.

P. P. S.: Stop licking your balls in public, Mr. Meatball.


* That´s not a grammatically correct sentence.

** There is NO WAY IN HELL I´ll have her rolling around in bed with him after he did it with a creature of the forest... so it´s time for time travel. (That sounded odd.)
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