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How to win Money to save mom?....

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Atlanta enters the "Who's the most Athletic Teen" contest to win some money for her mom's surgery. But she gets surprised when she finds out who else is in the contest....Archie!! Guys this is my f...

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Its a Saterday night, 7:00-7:30pm. Atlanta is sitting down, reading a magasine about superstars. When

suddenly the phone rings. She picks it up.


-"Atlanta honey, this is your father" said the voice from the phone, "Your mom got accident..and she

has to have surgery. The good news is, i got to pay half of it. The bad news, i need you to pay the other

half. I need to borrow 5000$ from you. Do you think you can have it for me in..lets say.. a week?"

-"Oh dad thats just horrible!" replied Atlanta, "Ill try my best to get that money for mom. You can count on

me dad!" and she hung up.

" Oh man! What did i just do! I cant afford 5000$!! How am I gonna get that much money in only a week!"
thought Atlanta.. "There must be a way.."

The next day the whole team was sitting down, eating breakfast and watching t.v when suddenly, this commercial

came on:

"Hey there all you young girls and boys out there! Wanna become the most Athletic teen in New Olympia?

Then sign up for the "MOST ATHLETIC TEEN" contest! Not only do you become the most athletic teen, but you also

win 10 000$!!! So Sign up now because the contest begins monday!"

- " Thats it!" tought Atlanta, " I can win this contest and win the money!! Im alwredi the most Athletic girl

in New Olympia so this is gonna be a piece of cake for me!"

- " Ewww.. Who would even enter that contest?" said Neil, " I mean.. Who would want to get all sweaty for a

stupid contest?? You know what they should do? They should make a contest for "MOST HANDSOME GUY"!"

- " Or in your case, "MOST SELF-CENTERED GUY"! Then u would win for sure!" laughed Theresa

- " Humpf!" said Neil, turning his face around.

The Whole Team Laughed.

Later that day, Atlanta went down to sign up for the contest. When she entered the building, she saw a giant lign-up!!

- " Oh man! This is gonna take FOREVER!!" tought Atlanta to herself..

A Few Hours later, it was finnaly her turn to sign up..

-" My name is Atlanta" she said, " im 18 years old, i love hunting, i run realy fast and i realy want to enter


- "Hum..", said the judge, "Show us how fast you are."

Atlanta ran around the building 4 times.. It took her only 2 minutes.

-" My god!" said the judge," You realy are Athletic material! We would love to have you in our contest! Come

back Monday for the first round!"

-" Thanks alot sir!" said Atlanta, and she skipped happily back home.

Monday finnaly came and it was the first match. Atlanta was up first. her heart was pounding like it never did


-" I can do this! I can do this!" thought Atlanta , " Im doing this for mom!"



-" WHAT?!?!? " screamed Atlanta, surprised to see that her adversary was indeed.. Archie!!


-----To Be Continued-----
kk so this is my first story ever!! yey i finnaly did one lool! anyways plzz review guys!!
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