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Love,Blood and Death

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What if you loved someone you did not know you loved? What if the person you loved was breathing hid last breath?? What would you do??

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It was their final battle with cronus.He seemed

to be wiining all of them were on the floor bruised and hurt very badly exept for one.Archie he fought with all he had left and cronus kept swinging his sythe back and forth and kept missing him but archie was too week he could not keep up after all the blood he had lost and with a final hit he was on the floor blood gushing out his chest atlanta screamed and ran beside him with all her strenght(spelling) and put his head on her lap and said:

"youre gonna be fine" she said through tears. she started crying after he fell because at that moment she realised that she really loved him more than a best friend

"youre...gonna be...fine"she repeated she took hid head and put it on her lap.

archie knew he was not gonna make it.theresa was crying in jays arms,herry,odie and neil were sobbing softly.

"atlanta (cough cough) he was coughing out lots of blood if i die i want you to know...
atlanta cut him by saying threw tears"noo archie youre not gonna die we are going to take you to chiron you are gonna make it"
"i love you to much to lose you"she said "i love you too"said archie"but promise me one thing that you will never forget me ....he did not get to finish when atlanta kissed him on the lips but in the back of her mind she knew he was not gonna make it.when she kissed him his head fell back on the floor by saying his last words "i love you atlanta forever and ever" and just like that he was gone atlanta started crying her head in her arms repeating to herself noooo "i love you too i love you too" theresa started crying more jay herry neil and odie too.So they all took his body th chiron and barried him the next day

archie owen-warrior lover and a friend to all we will always love you

i know it sucks and its mushy but its my first official story
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