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The Docks

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"Theresa!!!" Atlanta shouted and hugged her. She had a red face and tears in her eyes. They all had been waiting at the docks for them.

"It's good to see you Atlanta." Theresa said hugging her friend.

They broke apart holding each other's shoulders.

Archie was behind them.

"Welcome back Drama Queen." He said with a smile.

Theresa smiled and gave a hug. Who was followed by Herry.

"Theresa you scared us half to dealth there!" Herry said.
He picked her up and gave a big bear hug.

Theresa laughed.

"Come here Neil!" Theresa said after Herry let her go.

"Ah! Hey! Watch it! Watch the hair!..."

Everyone laughed.

Theresa let go of the hug.

"It's good to see you again Theresa." Julia came over and gave a hug. Theresa was glad to recieve so many hugs from her friends.

"We better leave them alone..." Atlanta whispered to Archie, Herry, Odie, Neil and Julia heard.

"We're gonna go grab some dinner, see you guys soon." Atlanta said walking away.

Something different was about Atlanta.

Could it be...

Was it so...

Honestly? he finally confessed?...

What happned while Odie, Jay and Theresa were gone...

Theresa and Jay watched their friends walk away. Odie and Neil walking behind, Herry around Julia's shoulder and Archie's around Atlanta's. That's right I said Archie's around Atlanta's.

They were finally a couple.

Jay and Theresa were left alone.

"So..." Jay said.

"Yeah..." Theresa said as well.

"Remember in the tunnels? When I said...?"

"Yeah..." Theresa looked at him with her eyes sparkling in the dazzling sunset light. She knew what he meant.

"You know...when you were in the disease of...the fire soul. I thought i'd loose you...I- was a mind went out of control...cause...that thought." Jay went closer to Theresa and held her hands. Jay watched as their hands bonded together then up at her face...that beautiful angel's face.

"That thought," he repeated, "was the most dreadful heart went black, my soul went out...Theresa," Jay said to her.

Theresa was crying. Jay lifted her chin just like he did at the island when he found her.

She looked up.

"I know...I have only known you for about a year...and I already my are right there." Jay pointed to his heart. "That you're the one for me."

Theresa glanced at him one more time, as he held her closer. He leaned in for a kiss, and her wish was granted.

There had been five kisses in total. Each one standed for something.

The first meant /I'm there for you and I always will be there to care for you./

The second meant
/There is always hope./

The third meant
/I just can't let you's my love, and this is how I prove it/

The fourth meant
/To save you...I would use my whole whole soul...I can not let you go./

The fifth meant something different...
/ this kiss is to represent the meaning in my sends a cool chill, a burning warm's to show you there truly is love./


AWW don't u just love it!!! Okay one more chap i just don;t wanna end my story!!!!
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