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Chapter Three

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I got two teeth pulled today. Seriously.

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No one has tried to guess what song from what band the title of this story has come from yet! Anyhoo, thanks to everyone for reading this and hearts to anyone who reviews!!!

OK, I have to admit, I was pretty excited about getting to interview Pete. He was the biggest name Graphic Noise gets to print so far. And Fall Out Boy is pretty much my favorite band. And I have to give Miranda props for mentioning Graphic Noise to them. But at the same time, the nerves were kicking in. At least it's an IM interview.
I sighed, reviewing my list of questions quickly. Why does talking to people have to be so hard for me? My heart knew the answer. And it was the answer that my brain had spent all of my life trying to shut out. My eyes snapped back to the laptop screen as the noise for a new message rang out.

PeterPan: is this the right screen name for the graphic noise interview?

I took a deep, calming breath and answered back on my screen name.

MusicforLife: yep, this is Rory, ready for the first question?
PeterPan: shoot to kill
MusicforLife: i'll go easy on you

The words slipped off of my fingertips before I could take them back. I can't believe I typed that. I could hear Miranda's voice ringing through my head, "You have to get over your shyness sometime this lifetime." What's the harm in adding a little personality? Zack would kill me with happiness. That guy loves to talk way too much. Besides, Miranda is right, I'll probably never even talk to this guy again.

PeterPan: you still there?
MusicforLife: sorry, back to the question
MusicforLife: what're your thoughts on the tour+getting ready to record again?
PeterPan: the tour has been great, the kids are awesome, this is the best tour we've ever done
PeterPan: i can't wait to start recording again, we basically try to take chances and experiment a little with each record, just to keep the sound mixed up and new, i think this one is going to be awesome
MusicforLife: so, do you make time to hang with the groupies and fans a lot? been going to a lot of parties?
PeterPan: we always try to meet as many fans as possible, the obsessive groupies always amuse me, and the partying is pretty tame being straightedge
MusicforLife: how do you handle the fangirls?
PeterPan: by not showering for weeks and taking lots of pictures
PeterPan: you probably get a lot of fangirls hanging around hoping for interviews with Graphic noise
MusicforLife: a few try to get in pictures, but the photographer likes to use Callie because she's a journalist, and she's there, and she's photogenic
PeterPan: so that's one girl and how many guys for this magazine?

I paused for the first time in the conversation. I was surprised at how easily the words just rolled off of my fingers. And at how relaxed I was. Maybe I should ask Zack to do all of my interviews through IM.

MusicforLife: um, two girls
MusicforLife: Callie and me
PeterPan: you're a girl?!
PeterPan: oh man, i'm so sorry
MusicforLife: don't worry about it
PeterPan: it's just i know a guy named Rory, and
MusicforLife: it's ok, Rory can go with either gender
PeterPan: great, now i feel like a total moron
MusicforLife: blame my crazy mom
MusicforLife: oh shoot

"I did not just type that, I did not just type that!" I yelled at myself. I felt like banging my head on the keyboard, but decided against it. Much too painful.

MusicforLife: sorry, ignore what i just typed
PeterPan: now we both got the chance to feel like jerks
MusicforLife: yeah, i'd say so
MusicforLife: but back to the interview
MusicforLife: are you shopping around for new bands for decaydance?
PeterPan: i'm looking around, but i'll be able to concentrate on that more after the tour and recording is over
MusicforLife: well, that's the last question i have for you
PeterPan: ok, so now i have a few for you

I bit my lip, uncertain of what he would ask./ You should have just kept this stupid interview professional.../

MusicforLife: role reversal, that doesn't happen a lot of journalists
MusicforLife: try me
PeterPan: cheez-its or cheese nips?
MusicforLife: cheez-its hands down, cheese nips are crappy wannabes
PeterPan: ding ding, you answered correctly
MusicforLife: yeah, where's the car that i win?
PeterPan: sorry, that wasn't part of the bargain
MusicforLife: i wasn't informed about any bargain
PeterPan: that's because i'm bad at making bargains
PeterPan: but how about the bargain is i get to talk to you again?

I sucked in a deep breath. Now what do I say?

MusicforLife: sure
PeterPan: alright, i better try to get some sleep
MusicforLife: yeah, i need to get this e-mailed to my boss before midnight, or he'll freak out and think something bad happened
PeterPan: ttyl, bye
MusicforLife: bye

Pete signed off and I sat staring at my laptop in disbelief. Did that really just happen? I had almost been...normal. He made it feel like it was just a normal conversation, not an interview. /Miranda would be so proud of me. /I laughed out loud at the thought, feeling more optimistic about my social skills than I have in a very long time.
I edited the conversation and e-mailed it to Zack, leaving out the personnel parts of course. And then it hit me. Pete was going to talk to me again. Bad memories of my last boyfriend flooded back. Wait, who said it would even go that far? But still...oh come on Rory, stop being such a worrywart. Just relax for once in your life.
I turned off my laptop, got up from the desk, and flopped down on my bed. I fell asleep within a few minutes, a smile on my face.
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