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We're All In the Gutter, Some of Us Are Looking at the Stars

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Peter Fucking Wentz. I need to stop reading his journal posts. I think talking to Ashley cahnged my writing life. It's different when you hear the voice behind the computer. XD Who wants to...

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I looked over Pete's shoulder. He still had no idea I was there.

Would you mind if I sat next to you and watched you smile?

"How cute," I mumbled and watched as he jumped, his pencil running off the paper.

"Jesus," he muttered, turning and looked up at me. "Oh, Evie," I smiled and sat down next to him on the piano bench
"What are you doing?" I asked and Pete gulped.

"Writing lyrics," he spoke as if it was unsure and I nodded.

"But no band," I said and Pete shook his head.

"Joe said that we should start one again," I knitted my eyebrows together.

"But you don't play anything, do you?" I asked and Pete frowned.

"I could have sworn I told you that I played bass," I nodded and played a tune on the piano lightly.

"Well...Andy does play drums," Pete shrugged.

"I guess...but we still need a vocalist," I looked at Pete.

"But you sing," I told him and he shook his head.

"I /scream/, Ev," I slowly nodded and shrugged.

"We'll have to see," I mumbled. We sat there for a while, me playing tunes on the piano while Pete wrote lyrics. I didn't understand half of what he was writing, but then again...

"Evie, your phone," I blinked and turned my head to my phone that was vibrating on the piano. I reached for it and saw Patrick's name flashing on the cover. I flipped it open and greeted him.

"Yea?" I asked and he sighed.

"Evie, I need you to come to the hospital," I blinked.

"What happened?" I asked and I heard some noises.

"Something happened with Izzy," I took a deep breath.

"Like what?" I asked and Patrick sighed.

"Kevin. I'll explain when you get here," I gulped.

"I'm with Pete, is it ok if he comes too?" Patrick didn't reply. I pulled my phone away to see the phone call had already ended. I bit my lip, worried for my friend. Pete looked over and I felt his hand slip into mine.

"Is everything ok?" he asked and I looked down at his hand momentarily. I blinked and shifted slightly.

"Something happened with Izzy and...Patrick and her at the hospital. That's all I got out of the phone call," I whispered. Pete knitted his eyebrows together.

"What could have happened to Izzy and Patrick? They haven't been hanging out lately," I bit my lip.

"Pete," I started and Pete lifted my head up.

"What do you know, Ev?" he asked and I gulped.

"Kevin's been..." I closed my eyes. "Abusing Izzy," I whispered and felt Pete tense up before he sighed.

"Patrick found out," he muttered and I opened my eyes.

"Don't jump to conclusions, Pete," he gripped my hand again and lifted me up.

"Come on, get your jacket. We better go,"


While we walked slowly through the hospital hallways, Pete held my hand, and I couldn't help but feel his heart beat through them. As weird as it sounded, it felt nice.

We saw Patrick outside of a room and he lifted his head, tired eyes looking at us as we sped up slightly. I felt Pete's side as Patrick stood up and hugged me tightly.

"What happened, Patrick?" I asked and he sat me down on his lap while Pete took the other seat next to him. Patrick looked up at me.

"Kevin. I...I went to Izzy's house and I heard stuff," he blinked hard. "I walked in and...he was, well," I gulped.

"Patrick," I calmed him down and rubbed his back. "Shhhh...its ok," I pursed my lips together and looked at the door. "Is she awake?" I asked and Patrick nodded.

"She doesn't want me in there...she's ashamed that she didn't tell me," I shook my head and stood up.

"I'm gonna talk to her. Pete," I implied for him to take care of Patrick. I walked into the hospital room to find Izzy curled up on the bed, her eyes distant. She acknowledged me and blinked slowly.

"I'm so sorry, Evie," She sat up and I sat on the bed next to her side.

"You shouldn't be sorry, Iz," I bit my lip. "What happened to Kevin?" Izzy looked away.

"Police took him," she whispered. "Oh god, it was so horrible, Ev," I blinked as she started to cry.

"Tell me what happened, Izzy," I whispered and she took a deep breath.

"Well...I heard the doorbell...and I was so happy because Kevin was pushing me into..." I understood.

"Sex," I whispered and she nodded, her hands twisting the blankets on her chest.

"Yea," she gulped. "But then Kevin tore me back and...I couldn't stop him," I took her hand and comforted her.

"Izzy what...what happened?" she closed her eyes and gulped.

"He...he started to," she paused and shook her head. "I screamed so much and so loud...and the next thing I know Patrick's ripping him off of me and tackling him to the ground," I blinked.

"Patrick?" Izzy nodded.

"He saved me...but...a little too late," I gulped and ran my thumb over her knuckles.

"Did they test you for anything?" I whispered and Izzy nodded, lightly smiling.

"I'm fine, but..." she took a deep breath. "It's going to take a while," I nodded.

"Hey, you can come stay with me, I mean...I'm getting ready to move into that apartment and there are two bedrooms," Izzy smiled.

"That would be really nice, Ev," I smiled and turned my head as the door opened, revealing Patrick. Izzy nodded and I stood up, letting him walk in. I stopped, turning to him as we stood in the doorway.

"You are an amazing person, Patrick," I whispered and kissed his cheek. "Tell her," I whispered and he nodded.

I walked out of the room and closed the door before sitting next to Pete. I stayed quiet for a while, just knowing he was staring at my profile.

"I'm fine Pete," I whispered, rubbing my knees slightly and bringing my knees up. Pete wrapped an arm around my shoulders before bringing me into a hug. I leaned against him and closed my eyes.

"I...I feel so horrible," I mumbled and Pete tilted my head up.

"Why?" he asked and I bit my lip.

"I knew Kevin was...abusive, and...I promised not to tell. I could have stopped this," Pete shook his head.

"Please don't blame yourself," I gulped and lowered my eyes before closing them.

"I hope she'll be ok," I whispered and let Pete tighten his arms.

"She will," he whispered and kissed my temple. "Everything will,"


Valentines Day and I had to work. It sucked, but Patrick was there. While I was messing with credit card receipts, he was messing with the music. I heard a tune start and I smiled. I knew this song. Patrick soon appeared next to me and stifled to keep his smile low.

"Take a look at my girlfriend," he started and I giggled.

"She's the only one I got," I continued for him and he smiled wider.

"Not much of a girlfriend," he sang and smiled at me. "I never seem to get a lot," I giggled.

"Take a gamble across the water," I continued. "I can see America," Patrick chuckled.

"See the girls in California," he sang again. "I hoping it's going to come true," We kept singing even when it came to my favorite part.

"Ba-da-da-da!" Patrick sang and I nudged him as the door jingled and a man walked in with two bouquets of roses.

"Is a Miss Wenz here?" he asked and I nodded. "It looks as though your husband and...lover sent you roses, you might be in trouble," I knitted my eyebrows together as Patrick took one of them. I signed for it and looked at the card.

He won't find out- Peter

I blinked and frowned at the man.

"This is just my friend, we just happen to have the same last name," the guy rolled his eyes and walked out. I glared and Patrick cleared his throat.

"Evie, is there something you'd like to tell me?" I blinked and put the roses on the counter behind me.

"Yeah, I've been in an affair with Pete and now I'm pregnant with his baby, but I told Andy it's his,"

It sounded so serious that what I looked at Patrick it looked like he just crapped his pants.


I broke out into laughter and took the roses from him and looked at the card.

Roses are red, tofu is white, Evie is frisky, and Andy bites- Tofu Man.

I giggled and showed it to Patrick who rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Wanna guess what I got Izzy?" I blinked.

"You guys are together?" I spoke so fast and excitedly that Patrick flinched and jumped slightly.

"Not really...I...I didn't tell her," he said and gulped. I frowned.

"Well, she's packing up tonight, tomorrow's the big move!" I said and Patrick smiled before going through his bag and pulling out a box. I smiled.

"You got her something nice," I muttered and Patrick nodded, opening the box. It was a small necklace with a little music note pendant.

"She mentioned something about loving music, and...she plays cello so beautifully, it's amazing," I nodded.

"So you got her thins," Patrick nodded and gulped.

"Yeah, I doesn't make me too desperate, does it?" I shook my head and smiled.

"She'll love it, I'm sure," Patrick put it away quickly and I sighed, leaning against the counter. I yawned and rested my head against his arm.

"So when's your birthday, Ev?" he asked and I blinked.

"April 28th," I spoke and looked at him like it was no big deal.

"You're kidding, right?" he asked and I shook my head.

"Why?" I asked and Patrick smiled.

"I turn 18 on April 28th," I smiled and pinched his cheeks as he winced.

"We're birthday buddies!" I joked and Patrick tickled my sides. I squirmed and shook my head as he stopped.

"Truth or dare?" he asked and I thought for a moment.

"Truth," I replied and looked back to my work. Patrick leaned to he could get a better look of my face.

"Do you like Pete?"

My heart stopped.
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