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A New Beginning

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A Dark Figure follows Robin, Slade has returned after the defeat of the brotherhood of evil. Robin must defeat Slade or fail but who is the dark figure following Robin?

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The Blood Oath Chronicles

The Vampire Prophecy Saga

Disclaimer: I do not own teen titans or any of the characters no matter how much I wish I did.

Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Robin sat on top of the roof of the titan’s tower watching the sunset over the years he had grown taller but not even his own team mates knew his real age.

He had kept many things from his teammates. Some for his own privacy and others so that they wouldn’t know the truth. The truth of where he came from and the blood that flowed within him. It was such a peaceful sunrise and he had always enjoyed them as long as he had lived.

He knew that this peace wouldn’t last as Beastboy and Cyborg would begin to argue over what to have for dinner. The roof door opened and Starfire flew out onto the roof looking for robin. She spotted him sitting at the edge of the roof silently dressed in his usual attire.

Starfire flew up to him and noticed the solemn expression upon his face.

“Friend Robin what is wrong?” The naïve Starfire asked sounding concerned.

Robin got to his feet and turned around to face Starfire.

“Slade is still out there even after he fell into a pit of lava he still returned,” Robin replied calmly and began to walk towards the roof door but he was stopped by Starfire’s hand upon his shoulder.

“True he still lives but you can defeat him,” Starfire said as she watched Robin leave her on the roof.

Robin had been slowing distancing himself from the others…it was as if they no longer knew Robin anymore. It was just about a year since that incident with Trigon and they had defeated “The Brotherhood of Evil.” Nearly four months ago. Even after all they had endured they had no rest from crime whatsoever.

They barely knew anything about him…so many facts he hadn’t told them. Such as his name, his age and many more that he had neglected to mention. Of course certain team members couldn’t help but be nosy and try and learn more about him. All their attempts came up for nothing… the only one who respected his privacy was Raven. The others kept on bugging him and trying to learn more about him.

It was three months ago that Slade had seemingly returned from the dead and that only infuriated Robin and caused his obsession with Slade to grow, lately Robin had been distancing himself from the other titans even Starfire.

Starfire remembered all this clearly and flew after Robin but as she opened the door she bumped into Raven who had obviously come up to the roof to meditate. Raven quietly apologized to Starfire and walked past the usually cheery Tameran but for some reason Starfire was oddly quiet.

Usually the cheery alien girl was never quiet except for when something seemed to be bugging her. That may not have happened earlier but when it did it usually meant something was going on. Usually being the key word there since Starfire could be upset by the most insignificant of topics.

“Okay Starfire what’s wrong now?” Raven asked sounding only slightly irritated. Starfire hesitated for a second but decided that it was better to speak the mind.

“Robin has been avoiding us I just want everything to return to the way it used to be,” Starfire said sounding a little unhappy.

Raven thought about what Starfire said for a minute and realized that it had longer than usual that she had actually spoken to the boy wonder.

“Robin just needs some time and plus with Slade still being alive he probably believes that we’ll only slow him down,” Raven replied calmly.

She then began to walk to the edge of the roof. Starfire sighed out of sadness and turned to the door.

Robin walked silently through the corridors of Titan’s tower and when he passed the commons room he spotted Beastboy playing on the game station and Cyborg cooking something that smelled like meat and Beastboy didn’t look to happy about that. Robin shook his head and decided that he would skip dinner this time and head out for something to eat instead.

He walked up to the elevator and pressed the call button. He waited for a few seconds and the lift door opened and Robin walked in and pressed the button for the seventh floor.

That was the floor where his room was located and so was Ravens since they were the first two members of the titans but when the other three joined they decided to have their rooms on separate floors.

The lift door opened and Robin walked out of the lift and headed to the door on his left and entered his code and the door slid open. The room was dark and uninviting with the walls scattered with newspaper articles or various criminals but most of them were of Slade.

Robin got out of his uniform and put on dark blue jeans, a black Nike shirt and a black leather jacket. We walked up to his table and removed his mask and instantly grabbed a pair of dark blue sunglasses and started to head out. As he walked out of his room he crashed into Raven who was on her way to her own room. Robin got to his feet and helped Raven up.

“That seems to be happening to me lately,” Raven said sarcastically.

“Sorry about that.” Robin mumbled quietly and walked towards the elevator.

Raven then noticed that he wasn’t in his uniform as usual and that mask he always seems to wear and been replaced by sunglasses that seemed impossible to see through. Raven realized that even when he wasn’t being boy wonder he had a strange aura of mystery surrounding him. She teleported in front of him…blocking his path.

“Robin we need to talk,” Raven said calmly. “This brooding of yours has gone on long enough.”

Robin sighed in annoyance and decided to listen to what Raven had to say.

“Alright I’m listening so what do you want to talk about?” Robin asked trying to hide the annoyed tone in his voice but Raven caught it.

“The team has been growing concerned about you and wanted someone to have a talk with you,” Raven said calmly.

“Listen I don’t need their concern and what I do with my life is up to me alone,” Robin said stated. “Right now I won’t rest until Slade is either dead or behind bars now I have things to do tonight so I better get going,”

Robin then stepped in the elevator and the door slid shut behind him. Raven decided that she wouldn’t be able to get through to him but she was curious about what he meant by things he had to do and decided to follow the boy wonder just in case he did anything stupid.

Robin stepped out of the titans’ tower just in time to see the sun completely disappear. He walked up to the garage door and unlocked it and the door swung open revealing three vehicles. One was the T-car, Robins R cycle and the third one was a motorbike and an extremely fast and flashy one which Robin used when not being the boy wonder. He walked up to it and started the engine of the bike and quickly drove away closely being followed by a flying Raven.

Back inside the tower the three remaining Titans were in the commons room with Cyborg and Beastboy playing on the game station. Starfire watched them and occasionally asking about the point of the game itself.

“Friend Beastboy I tried talking with Robin but ignored me and where is Raven?” Starfire asked quietly.

“Well I’m not surprised since Robin is usually more of a grouch than Raven and who knows where she is,” Beastboy answered.

“Yeah since Robin is ticked off about Slade being alive and that probably doesn’t make Raven happy,” Cyborg said with a grin across his face.

“Friend Cyborg…what is it that you mean?” the sometimes dimwitted Tameran asked with a confused tone.

“Me and BB think that she has a crush on our resident boy wonder,” Cyborg answered with a wide grin across his face.

Starfire thought about what Cyborg said thought that there could be some truth to what he said but didn’t want to believe it since Starfire also had her eyes on him for a while now and didn’t want to lose Robin to Raven.

“May I play the winner?” Star asked politely and the two boys just nodded their heads and continued playing.

Starfire wondered if Robin had to choose between Raven and Starfire who would he choose but in her heart she hoped that it would be her.

(Scene Change)

Robin drove through the streets with his bike with great skill and ease and even Raven had trouble keeping up with the boy wonder. Robin turned left with a split second and Raven nearly lost him for a second since she wasn’t expecting him to make that turn.

Raven wondered where Robin could be heading in such a rush and realized that he was getting close to the edge of the city.

Robin was frustrated that much was obvious as he drove recklessly through the streets of Jump City. He had probably given several drivers a good scare already with the numerous stunts he pulled off. In the middle of heavy traffic as well…Raven felt sorry for any pedestrian that wandered out.

He took a quick right and had entered the city outskirts and the road had become muddier and the buildings quickly decreased in number. Ten minutes later Robin stopped several feet away from a cliff and walked up to the edge and sat down. Raven hid in the trees and she began to sense anger and sadness coming from him and realized that this area brought up something painful from within him and then she felt his unguarded thoughts which was unusual for him.

She silently read his mind and realized she was seeing his past and she sensed great pain from those memories and decided against her better judgment to have a look. Maybe it was that feeling of pain that emanated from him. Or perhaps it was that his soul was calling out for someone to help him.


It was a younger version of Robin and he must have been at least eight years of age. Robin was wearing a similar uniform and he was in these very same woods strangely. He was admiring the sunset but a large and muscular man appeared behind Robin.

“You sentimental fool no one under my teachings shall show such emotions.” The man said and picked Robin up by the neck.

He began to carry Robin towards the cliff edge and Robin felt a pang of fear about what was about to happen.

“Please don’t,” Robin said but that only got a sneer and a spit in his face.

“I took you in after you parents died and still no matter what I do you will not stop being an emotional brat,” The man said and lightning flashed revealing the man to be none other than Slade.

He stopped at the cliff edge and hoisted Robin off his feet with ease. Robin’s feet swung through the air and looked down at the seemingly bottomless crevice below.

“If you truly are my nephew then you will have the strength to climb back up but if you die well I guess I’ll find another apprentice,” Slade said with little to no emotion.

“No I’ll behave I swear,” Robin yelled but right after that Slade dropped Robin and he fell down the jagged cliff.

The stones ripped through his tender skin as he fell causing gashes all over his body and Slade disappeared from Robins view.

Breaking his skin as cuts and gashes formed all over his small body. Blood smeared across the cliff wall as Robin continued to descend.

The young Robin winced and nearly cried out in pain as he felt a jagged rock formation cut through the back of his leg.

Robin tried to grab the rocks but at the speed of his fall only ended up cutting his hands and most of the gashes would leave permanent scars. His body kept colliding with the jagged rocks of the cliff but did nothing to slow his fall. He was continuously slammed against the cliff wall. Bloody and bruised and nearing death…a cruel fate for one as young as that.

A vicious slam against a particular jagged edge left a massive diagonal gash across his torso. Going right down to the small boys ribs and the thunders roared as such a crime went unpunished. With a brutal slam he landed on the jagged rock bed covered in blood and barely alive.

The gash started just below his shoulder and ended at his lower stomach. If the large gash went any deeper the ribs themselves would be visible. The gash itself was about two and half inches wide. A wound like that was enough to kill a man but yet Robin survived this incredible wound. As he lay there on the rocky flooring of the crevice blood slowly began to pool around him and his strength began to dwindle.

Thoughts of why this happened flew through his head bringing up questions of what he had done wrong. Thoughts of the man who had done this to him…Slade.

Hatred began to arise within the eight year old robin, hatred for his uncle who happened to be none other than Slade.

“Damn you I’ll have my revenge I swear it,” Robin said and clenched his fists.

He realized that with the severe blood loss he probably wouldn’t make it out of here but he had to try. A pool of blood now surrounded the young Robin…all of it coming from that single large gash across his torso. It was destined there and then that he would die alone at the hands of Mother Nature.

Only as lightning thundered from the sky and the heavens screamed…all was not right with the world. He could see his family beckoning for him…calling him too the light yet something held him back. A voice…so deep and powerful yet held a promise of revenge for him. A voice that beckoned him to its call…so tempting and alluring it was. It promised him revenge and justice.

Something that the boy felt he deserved more than anyone else on the planet. It would offer him the power needed to survive and live his life to its fullest potential. The air shifted slightly and a soothing voice spoke in his ear of comfort and redemption. The boy smiled as with his final moments embraced it and collapsed from blood loss.

(End Flashback)

What Raven saw from that flashback showed her why he hated Slade so much. It also gave her an idea of the childhood he led probably being tormented to no end while Slade was his acting guardian. It also why he seemed so emotionless at times because emotions nearly got him killed.

He got back on his bike and drove back towards the city as he heard an alarm go off within the city. Raven followed closely but not too closely. A few minutes later Robin and with Raven close behind arrived at a military installation where the alarm came from. Two of Slade’s robots were at the entrance but Robin dealt with them easy enough and moved on into the facility. Raven teleported inside the facility next to robin and made him give off a small jump.

“Raven what are you doing here and where are the others?” Robin asked.

“I decided to teleport it is quicker,” Raven said quickly and they continued into the facility.

Suddenly the wall to their left fell apart and Cinderblock and Jinx made a dramatic entrance.

“You go after Jinx I’ll take on Cinderblock,” Robin ordered and they went after their opponents quickly.

Robin got out his bow staff from his shirt and extended to its full length.

Robin slammed the staff at Cinderblocks face and he stepped back and quickly regained his footing and threw a punch at Robin but he flipped out of he way and sent several blows with his staff right in Cinderblocks face. The fight was being closely watched by a shadowy figure from above and energy just seemed to emanate from him.

When he saw Robin fighting Cinderblock he knew that he had finally found what he was looking for and then looked up at the moon. It was glowing a blood red color and then noticed that the other one called Raven also had the potential.

He could sense the other three titans on their way. He smiled and two sharp fangs gleamed in the moonlight.

“Soon the time will be soon,” he said quietly and continued to watch the fight with great interest.

Cinderblock threw a punch at Robin and knocked him down but Robin flipped himself up and took his fighting stance. Cinderblock ran at him but Robin jumped over Cinderblock and delivered a powerful blow to the back of Cinderblocks head with his staff which knocked Cinderblock out cold.

Raven had already defeated Jinx and Raven walked up to Robin and he adjusted his sunglasses and began to regret that he didn’t bring his mask with him just in case.

“Well lets get going and see if there are anymore of them,” Robin said calmly.

They continued into the military installation being careful about what they were doing since they didn’t know who many there were this time and Slade might be one of them since two of his robots were right outside the military base.

They opened a door to their right and spotted Gizmo and several of Slade’s robots stealing military equipment.

“This is the wrong place for a garbage sale,” Robin said calmly and attacked the robots while Raven went after Gizmo.

Outside the facility the other three titans had arrived and quickly spotted the two disabled robots that belonged to Slade and wreck inside which meant that Robin had already gotten here before them since Cyborg had spotted him leaving the tower by accident.

“Wow looks like Robin sure did a number on them,” Beastboy said with a whistle and ran inside the facility.

As the two of them entered they were confronted by ten of Slade’s robotic minions and a shaky looking Jinx while Cinderblock was out like a rock and the titans prepared for a tough fight.

Raven had defeated Gizmo with ease and Robin had just finished off the final robot and then Robin saw someone move with almost inhuman grace and Robin ran after the shadowy figure with Raven close behind but she was attacked by Plasmus and a fight ensued between them while Robin went off by himself going after the shadowy figure which he believed was Slade.

Robin entered a massive room with moving gears and was dimly lit but there was enough lit to see clearly.

“Come out Slade its time we finished this!” Robin yelled.

“Ah Robin your still obsessed with taking me down after all this time,” said Slade.

Then he jumped from the ceiling and made a thirty foot fall seem like child’s play by landing on his feet with ease.

“Of course after all that has happened my hatred for you has only grown!” Robin yelled and threw three punches at the villain but he dodged them with ease.

“Hm just remember that too much hatred can kill and what will you live for if you ever defeat me?” Slade asked calmly.

Strangely the question struck a cord with Robin and realized that all he lived for was to take Slade down once and for all. But Robin didn’t let that stop him from trying anyway and continued his relentless assault on Slade.

Slade caught Robins fist and squeezed and the sound of bones straining could be heard quite clearly. Robin held back the scream and did a roundhouse kick but Slade flipped out of the way and was followed by Robin. Robin threw two punches at him but Slade dodged them and sent an axel kick at robin and hit him in the ribs.

“How can you save a city when you can’t even save yourself?” Slade asked with his usual calm and emotionless voice.

Slade then followed up with his axel kick and three kick combo and knocked Robin to the floor. Robin got to his feet and then was grabbed by the throat by Slade. Robin threw a punch at him and his head went back by the force of the hit but other than that it barely fazed him. Slade drew back his fist and punched Robin in the stomach and Robin lost his breath.

Slade let him go and dropped him to the floor. Robin struggled to get to his feet but Slade delivered a kick to the ribs and he rolled over onto his back.

“Look at you your weak and pathetic if you had stayed by my side you would have become much more powerful than you are now,” Slade said calmly.

“Maybe but I would have ended up becoming like you and I would never want that,” Robin said.

Robin then flipped himself to his feet and swung a punch directed at Slade’s face but he dodged it and Robin was hoping he would to and delivered a kick to his ribs while he had left himself open.

Slade stepped back and jumped into the shadows and disappeared.

“Damn you get back here!” Robin roared and followed Slade as fast as he could.

He jumped into an air duct and climbed up it and when he reached the end he saw Slade standing several feet in front of him and now both of them were on the roof of he military facility and neither one of them knew that they were being closely watched by an inhuman presence.

“Robin we have so much in common shouldn’t you just join me and together we will be unbeatable,” Slade said calmly.

Robin had to stifle his laughter at what Slade had just told Robin.

“You mean after all this time you still want me as your apprentice but why?” Robin asked with plenty of venom in his voice.

Slade chuckled at Robins reply and decided he might as well tell him his reasons. “Because you are the only titan that does not need superpowers and yet you have the ability to defeat them all,” Slade answered calmly.

Robin cocked an eyebrow and began to cautiously circle Slade. It was true that he could take out the rest of the Titans but what did that have to do with anything? Surely Slade would be better off with a apprentice with super powers like Terra had. It didn’t make sense that Slade continuously pursued Robin as his apprentice.

“As you did when you posed as Red X and the first time you became my apprentice,” Slade spoke with an emotionless tone.

He may have had the same blood flowing through his veins but in Robin’s mind Slade was not family. He would rather burn in hell than admit that Slade is any kind of relative too him. Something inside Robin was screaming at him…yes screaming at him to kill Slade and complete the circle.

“And skills like that are worth noticing and if you join me you can become so much more than you are now,” Slade calmly explained to the boy wonder.

Robin thought about it and realized that what Slade said happened to be true but he didn’t care about things like that all he wanted was to see Slade fall. Robin drew out his staff and so did Slade.

Lightning thundered in the sky just as it did all those years ago when Slade had thrown him off that cliff. That incident was nearly twelve years ago and the memories were still fresh and vibrant in his mind. It was a constant reminder of the pain he had endured under Slade’s tutelage all those years ago. The other reminder was that large ugly scar that ran diagonally across his entire torso.

“Does this bring back memories of when I trained you?” Slade asked calmly.

“Yes it does but I will never join you willingly I’d rather die after what you did!” Robin yelled and attacked.

Slade blocked the staff with his own and jabbed him sharply in the ribs with it.

“After all this years you still hate me for that; I did that to make you stronger just as my father and your grandfather did my nephew,” Slade said with his usual tone of voice.

Robin began to realize that Slade had been through the very same thing Robin had as a child but quickly told himself that it did not give him the right to do it to him.

With that thought Robin continued his attacks only to have them blocked by Slade’s own staff. Slade blocked another swing and swung his staff into Robin’s ribs, the sound of breaking ribs could be heard and Robin fell to his feet upon contact of Slade’s staff.

“See if you had just climbed back up the cliff and returned to me I would have continued to train you to become stronger than you are now,” Slade said calmly and prepared the finishing blow.

He pressed a button on his staff and a spear came out of one end then twirled it lazily between his fingers

This was were it would end finally…the torment could end. No longer did he have to put up with someone with the same blood as he. Now he could be the last of his heritage by killing the Boy Wonder. With a quick thrust Slade had impaled Robin with his spear straight through the torso.

“I guess you were right Robin this battle would finish it and this time the boy wonder shall die once and for all,” Slade said and continued to mock Robin.

“I think Raven and Starfire will be heart broken when they find your dead body lying right here,” Slade said with a slight sneer in his voice.

“What do you mean Raven will be?” Robin asked with the strength in his voice slowly fading.

Slade shook his head at his nephews misunderstanding at what he just said and wondered how Robin could miss it since it seemed obvious that Raven has had a thing for Robin for some time now.

“You never were good around the ladies Robin since Raven has a thing for you and has been following you ever since you left the tower,” Slade stated.

Robin looked up with a slight look of surprise clearly written on his face. Of all the people he hadn’t expected Raven to like him in that way. He found Starfire’s infatuation with him pretty obvious but he didn’t like Star that way.

He thought of her more as a little sister…not a lover. He needed someone with more depth than that but so far hadn’t found one. All this time there was one right be his side and he hadn’t even realized it. Slade was right even though he hated it admit it…he was pretty oblivious when it came to women.

“It is clear that Starfire likes you but I guess you missed all those subtle hints she gave you and why she seems so distant when around you,” Slade went on.

As Slade continued to babble on and on Robin could feel the cold slowly sweeping through him. It was just like that time on the rock bed all those years ago. He had feared this cold…it reminded him so much of what happened while he was just a boy.

“You remind me of my brother who is of course your father so remember that no matter how much you deny it we are family but blood ties means nothing to me,” Slade explained coldly to the fallen hero.

Robin looked down at Slade’s staff that had impaled him in the chest and realized that this time Slade was right, he would die and nothing could save him as blood oozed out of the wound across his chest. Coldness was beginning to overtake him as he was slowly dying.

After all that he had gone through in the past twelve years for his revenge and now he would never be able to accomplish that goal. So much training and waiting for the moment where he would be able to kill Slade with his own hands. All of it was for nothing, this time he wouldn’t survive.

(Scene Change)

Raven threw an energy blast at Plasmus and it sent him stumbling backwards but he regained his balance quickly and continued his attack on Raven. They were in a machinery room and there was plenty to throw at Plasmus thanks to this but then spotted a tank of acid in the corner of the room and decided to use it to her advantage.

She chanted her words and levitated Plasmus and brought him above the tank of acid and dropped him in it and slowly began to melt bit by bit by the corrosive substance. She then received an image of Robin being impaled by Slade’s staff and realized that this had already happened and she had better hurry if she wanted to make sure Robin lived beyond today.

She flew out of the machinery roof and began to head for the roof where Robin and Slade were located hoping that she wasn’t too late to save him.

(Scene Change)

“Tell me what does it feel like to be dying this slowly?” Slade asked with a tone in his voice that made it obvious he was enjoying his moment of victory.

Robin coughed up blood and it landed on his leather jacket that was now slightly torn from his fighting. Lacking the strength to come up with something insulting just told the truth instead.

“I feel…cold…just like down the cliff,” Robin said weakly and Slade got to his feet and looked down at Robin with an almost pitying look.

It was then that Slade turned away and jumped from the roof, landing on his feet with a catlike grace that would take years to acquire.

The shadowy figure saw Slade leaping from rooftop to rooftop away from the facility and he flew down to Robin and saw that the wound was bad and he would die soon if he didn’t do something and be quick about it. He could sense that Raven was on her way up but knew she wouldn’t be able to make it in time to save the boy wonder in time.

He knelt down besides Robin and shook his head.

“Who are you?” Robin asked sounding slightly nervous.

“This wound is bad it looks like you’ll die pretty soon as well,” the man said calmly.

This man seemed drawn to the blood coming out of the wound across his chest. He sensed a pang of grief overcome Robin and decided that now was a better time than any. “Raven is on her way up but she won’t make it in time to safe you,” the man said.

“So I am going to die no matter what happens,” Robin said not quite believing that he would leave the world like this.

“Not exactly I can save you but it has to be by your choice alone and once you embrace what I have offered there will be on turning back,” the man explained with the smallest hint of worry in his voice.

“But if I except I will survive,” Robin asked with hope in his voice once again.

The man noticed this and knew that he would except his offer at first but would probably end up hating it later on.

“Yes but be warned that once you have accepted my offer you will live beyond today but there are certain downsides once you have accepted it so what is your answer?” the man asked calmly yet gently

. Robin thought about what he said and decided that he wanted to live and not die by Slade’s hands.

“I want to live…I have too,” Robin said weakly.

A small smile graced the man’s lips and pulled out the spear as gently as he could and Robin let out a small scream of pain but managed to hold onto consciousness. He held up his wrist and the nails on his other hand grew and slit his wrist.

“Drink and live,” he said and Robin began to drink the blood strangely this felt pleasurable to him despite the taste of blood in his throat as he swallowed.

After thirty seconds the man pulled his wrist away from Robin and watched as the wound on his wrist quickly healed and then turned back to Robin. After ten or so seconds he began to twitch and realized that he was dying.

“Don’t be afraid it is only your body that dies,” the man said as Robins final moments of being a mortal ended.

The man watched as it happened and since this was his first time turning a human he never realized what it would feel like and now he knew. He felt guilty despite he saved Robin from eternal death but at what cost. His way of living had just been destroyed but he reminded himself that if he didn’t turn him Robin would have been lost forever.

At first he thought that making another of his kind would be easy but realized that the ones you turn may not like what they have become and this worried the man a great deal. He sensed Raven getting closer and decided to confront her about what had happened to Robin.

He checked Robins wound and saw that it had healed up and disappeared into nothing but the blood was still there. He put his finger into Robin’s blood and felt the strong urge to drink the blood but only licked off the blood on his finger and left him in Ravens care.

The door burst open and raven emerged onto the ceiling hoping to see Robin was fine but instead saw him lying on the floor next to Slade’s spear. Her heart skipped a beat as she got closer when she saw the blood on him.

There besides Robin’s body a man knelt besides him. It was obviously not Slade as his blonde hair ran down to his shoulders and fell over his eyes slightly. The black clothing hung over his body yet did not hide the well sculpted muscular body he had. This man looked as if he was in his late twenties but Raven could sense something strange about this “Man.”

It was as if he wasn’t human but something more…something greater than a mere mortal of Earth. His skin was pale and his eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses. There was a symbol on his clothing that Raven had never seen before. It was obviously some kind of insignia but didn’t know what for. This man was a mystery yet she could sense that he was powerful in his own right.

“Don’t worry he’ll be fine and will probably awake soon so take him back to the tower but be warned keep him out of the daylight,” the man warned Raven quietly.

“Wait who are you?” she asked.

He hesitated for a moment but then turned to face her. “You can call me Leo which is the closest thing I have to a real name,” Leo said and disappeared in the shadows.

Then his words echoed back to her. What did he mean about keeping robin out of the daylight?

Could it be that Robin was no longer human?

Strangely there was no sign of impalement despite knowing full well that Robin had been impaled by a spear. It was worrying but right now he needed to be taken home so that Raven could figure out what was wrong with him. She couldn’t lose him…after all Robin had done for her she had to keep him alive.

Robin had gone to hell and back for her when Trigon had been unleashed on this Earth. Raven had to at least try and do the same for him.

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