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Strange Tea

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What happens with the potions? are they different? You'll have to find out!

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Theresa was having a lesson for controlling her powers, her physic abilities.
Theresa was having a bit of trouble with them, she has had the cold and wheneer she was sick her abilities go nuts.

"Concentrate can do it...that's it..." Persephone sounded so reasurring.

Theresa thought of the cold ocean and the hot sun, that's how she felt. She had to imagine being in the desert to calm herself.

Theresa did so...

Then they heard a knock at the door.

"Come in." Persephone annouced.

The mysterious person was Aphrodite and she slowly walked in with two cups of tea on a tray.

"Why hello ladies! I just thought you'd like some tea." Aphrodite said smiling and handed Theresa the left cup.

"Why thank you." Theresa said taking a sip.

"So how's progress?" Aphrodite asked.

"Theresa here is doing very well, but she is ill and she's learning how to control her physic abilities when she is ill." Persephone said.

"Aw, that's too bad, but sounds like you're doing great Theresa! Keep up the good do you mind if I sit and watch?" She asked.

"Oh yes, you're very welcome to join us and Theresa's lesson."

Aphrodite just had to watch the whole scene.

Theresa took another sip. Npow she was feeling a bit woozy.

"Whoa..." Theresa said.

"Are you okay?" Persephone asked.

"Yeah, just felt a bit strange..." Theresa replied.

"Okay, well keep on concentrating dear."

Persephone and Aphrodite started a conversation in hush tone as Theresa sat trying to concentrate. She felt even dizzier. It was harder to concentrate. She thought taking a sip of Aphrodite's great tasting tea would make it better but it just made it worse.

Theresa crossed her legs, closing her eyes.

She put her hand on her lap.

She heard voices coming from everwhere.

"ARGG!" Theresa shouted.

"What is it?" Persephone asked.

"I don't know...I feel woozy...and dizzy, it's too hard to concentrate, can I take a break? Go back to the brownstone just to take a nap or something?"

"Okay...dear." Persephone said. She was worried she didn't know what was going on.

"Would you like to help you walk to your car? Or better yet maybe I shopuld drive for you Theresa hun."

"No that's okay Jay's outside I bet, he'll walk me home."


"I won't let him drive." Theresa trie dto smile.

Persephone and Aphrodite smiled.

Theresa slowly walked to the door.

She opened it.

"Jay...can you walk me home?" Theresa said looking at the ground trying to pull herself up.

Jay was a bit dizzy as well. But it seems like Theresa had drowned most of the feeling.

"Uh...yeah." He shook his head.

"Um you okay?" Jay asked looking at her, though she looked a bit fuzzy.

"yeah, just dizzy."

"That's funny, I feel dizzy too." Jay said.

The door closed behind them as Aphrodite peaked through.

"Aphrodite what are you doing?" Persephoen asked.

"Oh nothing darling, now what we're we talking about? Oh yes that's right. So would you like to try the rose or jasmine perfume?"

She continued.


Theresa was now puzzled. She looked up at Jay as he tried to carry her.

He looked a bit more clearer now...something fuzzy striked through her head. Jay looked a bit different, though she always liked him...the potion made it looked like he was a god or something...she felt like a magnet.

"Theresa?" Jay asked.

"Yeah..." She wouldn't look away.

"Do you feel better? Somehow the feeling just went away." Jay said. "Theresa?"

"Yeah..." She felt like syrup now. She dropeed tp the ground.


He tried to pick her up.

"Can you hold me?" Theresa asked.

"Uhh, okay." Jay said, he picked her up and carried her.

What was with her?" Jay thought.


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