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I am late, very late. I put full weight on the gas pedal and sped the rest of the way. I ran into the hotel I was supposed to meet them at. They were sitting in the lobby waiting. They just stared at me, like they were expecting something to happen.

"You're late."

One spoke. I couldn't believe I was supposed to hang out with this group for the next couple of weeks. Oh, the wonders of my job, getting to know celebrities and try to portrait them as something real, something that didn't hurt their career. Believe me, that was harder then it sounds.

"I'm so sorry, I got lost."

They just nodded. God, they looked bored, boring. I just hope that they will loosen up. Their manager arrived, and greeted me.

"Maxine Hewitt, what a pleasure."

"Nice to meet you too."

He was a nice looking, older male, with friendly eyes. He made me wish I was supposed to hang out with him, not his band.

"Guys, this young woman will be following your every step for the next couple of weeks."

"Are we getting a babysitter?"

The only one of them that actually looked like a man said that, his eyes were close obviously he wasn't awake yet.

"No, she's not a babysitter. That's Zach's job. She's a journalist that will, hopefully, write an amazing piece about you guys that will boost your popularity,"

"I hate journalists."

"Now guys, be nice. This is only your 2nd, 3rd, piece like this, right?"

"No, it's actually my 6th. I've been doing this for couple of years now."

I am twenty years old and music had always been a passion for me. So when I got the opportunity at 18 to drop out of school to write about bands by hanging out with them, I grabbed it. I would've been stupid not too.

"Allow me to introduce you to these guys here. Jon, Spencer, Ryan and that grumpy heap is Brendon."

They all murmured hi except Brendon who hardly looked up. Oh, this was going to be a joyride.

Meet Panic! At the Disco.
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