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Day 1

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Day One

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Truth to be told, I wasn't that thrilled to be hanging around with these guys, and it looked like it was mutual. I didn't fancy their music, they looked weak and terribly annoying. I just never imagined they'd be so damn quiet. After two days I had hardly gotten a word out of them, I'd spent most of the time chatting with their bodyguard and try to pry some info from him. By third day I was on the brink of giving up. We were in that smelly tour bus of theirs, they were playing video games, I was trying to snap some pictures of them, while noting what they were doing. I had bought a whole new notebook for this, but I've only used one page so far. Usually I would at least be in the middle of the book, but they were just so unexciting. I cursed my editor for making me do this. We actually had fans working on that magazine, some that would be a lot better suited then me. That Ryan guy slumped himself on the sofa next to me.

"Brendon thinks you're cute."

I looked from Ryan to Brendon and back to Ryan and frowned.


"I don't know, but you look sort of intimidating."

I just glared at him before I found my voice.

"Excuse me? You guys haven't exactly been friendly and welcoming to me."

"We're sorry, we really are. We're just not that experienced with girls so you have to bear with us."

"You do realize everything you say to me could appear in that article I'm writing?"

He just grinned.

"I do, but I don't care. But whatever you write, don't make it add fuel to gossip about a sexual relationship between me and Brendon."

I couldn't help giggling. I had heard about those rumors when I was doing my research on this band. The fans had fan fictions and Live Journals dedicated to that relationship they were supposed to have.

"Sure, if you guys actually interact with me, I will."


We shook hands and he stood up to join the guys who were playing some PlayStation game. I studied them for a second. Sure, they were younger then most of the bands I had had to hang out with due to my job, but there was something in them that made them so much more mature. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I felt someone sit down on the sofa next to me and quickly reached out my hand to grab my camera but grabbed someone's thigh instead. I quickly removed my hand and turned my head to face a slightly flushed Jon.

"I'm sorry."

"It's cool. You want a beer?"

He handed me a bottle that I accepted. I never say no to alcohol, that's just rude. We sat in silence before he spoke.

"You need some time before you can get anything exclusive out of them. Even though I've spent almost every waking hour with them since early summer, I still don't know half of what's going on with them."

He smiled to me before taking a big draught from his bottle. I put the bottle away and grabbed my camera. I liked taking pictures of relaxed people, just like Jon was right now. He gave me a lazy smile when I started snapping before taking the camera away from me. He just laughed at my shocked expression as he stood up and moved over to the guys. He murmured something to himself before starting to take pictures of them, so engrossed in the video game they hardly noticed the flash in their eyes. Soon enough Brendon got irritated.

"Stop it, Jon. It's annoying."

"Aw, I love you too honey. Now just smile for me!"

He faked one before shoving Jon out of the way. Seconds later he threw the remote on the floor and stood up.

"Thank you Jon, I fucking lost that game! You made me loose to Spencer!"

"Oops? I'm sorry, but that's just a game."


He stormed to the back of the bus before Ryan burst into a hysterical fit. He wiped his eyes.

"Oh, poor guy. The girlfriend breaks up with him and then he looses to Spencer."

Spencer yawned.

"It was an easy game. When did they girlfriend break up with him?"

"Last night, through the telephone."

"Ouch. Want to compete?"

Interesting, I thought. I finally have something worth writing about. So not only losers and nobodies are dropped through the phone, rock stars also.

We spent night at a hotel. It was nice to have a real shower and get to sleep in a nice bed. I was about to crawl to bed when there was a loud knock on my door. I sighed and went to answer it.

Outside stood Brendon, looking like a mess.

"Look, Max, don't write about the girlfriend bit."

I could smell alcohol from his breath, loads of it.

"Why not? As soon as I get something to actually write about I'm told not to."

"It's personal. Just don't say she dropped me through the phone. You don't want to face the coincidences."

He pointed a finger at me.

"Are you threatening me?"

He nodded before storming away. I shook my head and closed the door. Damn, it would have been such a cool thing to write about.
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