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You Can't Scare Me

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Julius wants to scare Delilah for Halloween, but it's harder than he thought. One shot.

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Julius remembered what Delilah had said...

"You can't scare me." She said in her stubborn tone. "That's why I hate Halloween. You always try, but fail."

Now, if you knew Julius Chavelier, you would know this challanged him to his limits. And he always accepted challanges. Expecally Delilah. He never wastes a chance to impress Delilah.

Julius heard Delilah go into the washroom. A few moments later, he heard the flush, then her washing her hands. Yeah, he knew it was going to be a cheezy way to scare her...but he had to do it one way or another. Julius crept quiety to the washroom door, trying to be quiet as he could. Now this was easy, for he was a spy.

But what he didn't know was Delilah heard him coming. She has to be alert for these kind of things when she's a spy. Delilah thought how'd she could make it back fire on him. Then it came to her. She opened the door slowly. Then, before Julius could see her, she snook behind the door, so Julius couldn't see her.

Julius rushed in and cried out, "Boo!"

Julius was confused. Where was Delilah? Delilah couldn't help but laugh. Julius saw her behind the door. He failed to scare her once again.

(a/n: I did that to my ex-friend. I knew she was going to try to scare me, so I hid behind the door. Man, that was funny! The look on her face!)

Julius went out of the washroom with dissapointment. Maybe Delilah was right. He couldn't scare Delilah. NO... Julius Chavelier never accepts defeat. He was going to prove Delilah wrong. Julius looked at his watch- it was 11:58 PM. He had two minutes left to scare Delilah before Halloween was over. He knew he could do it.

Julius then came up with another idea. He thought it'd be funny to come into her bedroom with an fake, rubber axe. He also had a mask of Scream. Then he also remembered he had that Screams cloak from last years Halloween. Perfect. So, he went to his room, and grabbed his things. Then, he went to Delilahs room, without even knocking, he opened the door as hard as he could.

"TIME TO SAY GOODNI..." Julius said in a harsh, deep voice.

But he was cut-off, by Delilah screaming. Delilah knew it was Julius, trying to scare her. But that's not why she was screaming.

"GET OUT OF HERE, JULIUS!" Delilah screamed.

Then Julius saw it-she was putting her pj's on. She had no shirt on! Julius also screamed, as he quickly slammed the door.

"SORRY!" He screamed back to her.

"I HATE HALLOWEEN!" Delilah screamed back at him.

...And that's how Julius scared Delilah on Halloween.


Happy Halloween, guys! Please keep making great stories! And thanks for reading!

xxDarkness' Kidxx
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