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Chapter Eleven

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We're getting closer!

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Pete finished thanking the crowd after the last song was played and practically ran backstage. The whole concert, he tried to avoid looking this way, but he ended up glancing over here about a hundred times. And me, with my idiot terminal shyness, immediately stared at the ground whenever he looked this way. So much for confidence...
"Well, we better get back to /Graphic Noise/, Zack wants this in the new issue coming out tomorrow," Callie said after the band had left and most of the fans had cleared out.
Adam moaned, "Great. Another sleepless night spent in the darkroom developing pictures just so Zack can be on the tip of the iceberg with music news."
"Well, you know, that's what magazines are supposed to do," I teased, trying to keep myself calm and functional.
Callie laughed and Adam rolled his eyes, "And I suppose we can trust you not to ditch if we leave now?"
I bit my lip, "I swear I'm not going anywhere." Adam gave me a suspicious look. "Really."
Adam seemed convinced, so he and Callie set off for their cars to get back to the office. I sat down on the stairs by the stage, feeling lonely in the empty venue. All of the lights were turned on now, and a few workers were sweeping the floor. I rested my chin in my hand and started to wonder if Pete was really mad at me. Am I the one being stood up now?
I could feel my cell phone vibrating against my thigh. I pulled it out of my pocket and flipped it open to check the new text message. It was from Pete:

Don't look so sad all the time, but you don't need to smile to look pretty either.

I could feel myself blushing. I was thrilled to hear the compliment, but at the same time, I had a nagging feeling. A lot of girls would want to hear that from Pete, he can charm anyone to death. Suddenly I felt like I was on guard. Like I didn't want to face my feelings again. What makes me think I'm any different from the other thousands of girls who think Pete is cute?
I closed my cell phone and stood up, totally ready to ditch. I heard faint footsteps. I looked over to where the band had entered and exited the stage. Pete stood there alone now, looking slightly hesitant. He started walking towards me, and I walked to the top of the stairs, then froze, unsure of what to do next.
"Well hi there," Pete smiled a little and gave a shy wave.
I tried to smile back, "Hi." My voice was so quiet I probably whispered.
Pete rubbed the back of his neck and tried to not look directly at me, "So, um...about, uh, yesterday..."
I looked down at the ground, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to stand you up and...and..." How am I supposed to explain everything to him? He's the one that messes with my head. "I'm sorry." I added again, feeling totally weak and helpless. And stupid, oh yes, very stupid.
"It's alright, I had a feeling it wasn't 'because something came up,'" Pete actually sounded like he meant it. I looked at him with eyes questioning what he really thought. "And I'm not mad at you, at all." He added for extra emphasis.
I was still uneasy, and I know he could tell, "I really didn't mean to chicken out..." I felt like I wasn't giving him the whole story of why I chickened out, why I didn't go meet him. I must have sounded like a broken record. "I'm sorry."
Pete smiled, "It's OK, do I really have to say it again?"
I bit my lip and looked down at the floor. He doesn't understand. So why don't I tell him? Absolutely not! But now what do I say? "Are you sure you don't hate me?" I almost kicked myself. I sound like such an idiot!
"I'm positive," Pete's words sounded so solid, so sure, so believable. Part of me was saying "Believe him, he doesn't hate you!" And another more stubborn part was arguing "He's probably lying! He's probably just a fake, he's just trying to get you to believe him!"
I sighed, sick of all the angst. It was making my head hurt. "Um..."
Pete looked at me hesitantly, "Do you, um, want to go for a walk?"
Our eyes met and I could see his own uncertainty and shyness. I finally relaxed, but just a little. "Sure."
He turned and started walking towards the stage entrance/exit. I followed shyly after him. He slowed down so we were walking side by side. He's so close to me, oh crap. I was really nervous now. I haven't felt this way around a guy since...well, since the last jerk I dated.
We entered the back stage area where some of the roadies were fiddling with equipment and Joe, Andy, and Patrick were hanging out, obviously waiting for Pete.
"Um, we're just going to uh, go for a walk," Pete said a little nervously. I bit my lip and tried not to look anyone in the eye.
"OK, see ya later," Joe said and turned to leave. Andy and Patrick followed his example, while Pete and I made our way out of the exit door and into the warm summer night.
"I've been to Cleveland a few times, but I still don't know what areas to avoid," Pete said when we got outside. "So you can decide where we go."
I thought for a moment, "Well...the Graphic Noise headquarters aren't too far from here. They'll be people there getting the next issue ready and printing it for tomorrow."
"Lead the way," Pete smiled at me.
I think I sort of smiled back. We walked for sometime in silence. I concentrated hard on the sounds of our footsteps. What do I say? What can I say? I glanced over at Pete. He looked contemplative.
Finally, he broke the silence. "So what can I expect from the other people at Graphic Noise? Do I need a security guard?"
I actually laughed a little! "Well, Zack, the editor, will be there. He's the driving force behind the magazine, but he acts more like a good friend than a boss. Or maybe more like a brother?"
Pete smiled, "The family atmosphere is always good in the work place."
"And then there's Callie, she's a journalist and the resident last minute picture girl. She's so photogenic. But I have to warn you: she can be, well, outgoing is the word I guess," I looked at Pete and smiled, getting lost in his eyes. His eyes are amazing...
"I thought you looked pretty good in the picture you sent me," Pete said a little shyly.
I put my guard up a little, but it was impossible too. He drives me crazy. "Adam will be there tonight too, developing the pictures from tonight's show. He doesn't take anything seriously and jokes around way too much."
"Sounds like Joe, that kid is the funniest person I know," Pete said.
"I can only imagine. And then Rick will be doing the layout for the magazine and working the printing equipment. He keeps to his self, and I don't think I've ever seen him for more than ten minutes the whole time I've worked at Graphic Noise/. He's only there Friday nights before the next issue comes out," Pete just made it so easy for me to talk. /Is this really the first time I've met him?
Pete seemed to have read my thoughts, "This doesn't feel like the first time we've met."
"Maybe it's because we've talked so much through IM..." I sort of ran out of words.
"Yeah," Pete looked like his was thinking again, so I let the comfortable silence go on.
A few minutes later, the little warehouse that Graphic Noise owned half of came into view.
"Wow, that place does have a lot of graffiti on it," Pete joked.
"Yeah, you can definitely tell which half Graphic Noise owns," I pulled out my keys and inserted the one for the building into the lock. I pushed the door open and led Pete into the glorious Graphic Noise office and printing warehouse.
"Hey Zack, Callie, Rick, and who ever else might be here," I said.
"We're back here!" Callie called out.
"OK! Here, I'll show you my humongous office," I led Pete to my cubicle.
I have to admit, my cubicle was a mess. My laptop was back at my apartment. Papers, CDs, interview recordings, pictures, and post-it notes littered my desktop. My bass was propped up in one corner; I forgot to take it home with me. The corkboard on the wall was full of pictures and articles tacked up. Under my desk, a huge stack of different music magazines threatened to tumble over into a mess of the floor.
Pete smiled and walked over to my corkboard, pulling a picture of his self down. In the picture, he was up on stage talking to the crowd and smiling at something he had said. "This was from the Pennsylvania show."
I nodded my head, blushing slightly. I grabbed a folder off my desk and pulled out more pictures from that show, "I covered the show."
Pete flipped through the pictures, "These are really good."
I shook my head, "Not as good as Adam's pictures." Pete handed the folder back to me.
"I didn't know you played bass," he said smiling.
"It never came up in conversations," I said shyly.
"Did you leave or something?" Callie called from back by the dark room and printing machines.
I smiled, "The restless are calling. You watch, they'll probably put us to work." Pete laughed and followed me around the cubicles.
"So I don't get a welcome do I?" Adam asked, stepping out of the dark room carrying a stack of pictures.
"I said and who ever else might be here," I sifted through the stack of pictures he offered me.
"I don't count enough to be called by name?" Adam added after saying "Hi" to Pete.
"No, especially after you and Miranda ambushed me this morning," I glared at Adam, and he just gave me the signature goofy smile. I rolled my eyes and handed the pictures to Pete, "There are some good ones in here you might want to see."
Callie rounded the corner, "So you finally get back here when I'm leaving?"
I shrugged, "Sorry Callie. Callie, meet Pete. Pete, meet Callie."
Callie said "Hi" to Pete, then added, "You know why you two look so good together?"
My cheeks burned crimson and I looked at the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.
"You both have the wounded puppy look," Callie added matter-of-factly.
"Callie," I began, but Pete just laughed.
"See ya later," and Callie left before she could cause me any more embarrassment.
"Better get these photos up there," Adam said. Pete and I followed him back to where Zack and Rick were putting the layout together on a computer.
"Hey Rory, Pete," Zack said smiling warmly at us. Rick didn't look up from the computer.
"Pete should sign the wall or something," Adam joked.
Zack pulled out a permanent marker, "Knock yourself out." He tossed it to Pete.
Pete smiled mischievously, "I'll be right back." He turned and walked back towards the front of the warehouse.
Zack and Adam both grinned at me, I blushed. Guys, always have to poke fun at someone. I walked over and watched them add the final pieces to the magazine layout. Pete returned about five minutes later. He gave Zack his marker back. Adam opened his mouth to say something, but I hastily cut him off.
"Let's go somewhere else," I rushed, glaring at Adam. Adam just smiled back in his normal goofy way. Pete shrugged. I led the way to the front of the offices. As we were walking past my cubicle, I noticed something black written on the outside.
It was Pete's signature.
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