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Along Came a Spider

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he Shikon No Tama. The story has been told over centuries, thought of as a whole. But the only ones who know the true story where the ones who lived through it. Rated for Inu's and Anusti's mouth.

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Disclaimer-I do not own Inuyasha or any of it characters. Except for the few I created. Copyright Draconis1719.


Chapter 1-Along Came a Spider

The Shikon No Tama. A jewel of great power that created both joy and sorrow, good and evil. The story has been told over centuries, thought of as a whole. But it is not. Over time the story has been changed, missing parts and adding parts. The true story has not been told since it had happened. Held within, is the true story, of a dragon and the Shikon No Tama.

The sun rose over the horizon to the west. The light began to bathe the trees in a warm glow. As the birds woke from their slumber, the air filled with their calls. The forest held several small clearings, which were covered in a thin layer of grass and moss. One of these clearings was occupied by a group of companions.

Kagome yawned as she woke from another short night of sleep. The searching for the scattered jewel shards was a daunting task, and having lost their own jewel shards to Naraku not long ago made everything worse. Kagome wasn't even from this time, which made everything harder. She sat up in her sleeping bag and stretched her arms. The small fox demon Shippo was curled in her lap.

"Five more minutes..." the fox demon murmured in his sleep. Kagome grinned. She heard Sango beside her.

"Morning, Kagome," the youkai taijiya, or demon exterminator greeted.

"Morning," Kagome said. Shippo opened his eyes and yawned.

A few minutes later, Kagome had packed her things and was ready to go. She slung her backpack over her shoulder and looked around. The fire was long out and she could see Miroku (A/N: Whom I personally call 'pervert monk') and Sango waiting nearby. Sango had the cat demon Kirara in her arms. Shippo was at her feet tying his kamino.

"Will you hurry up?!" Inuyasha grumbled nearby. "I've been ready since sunrise..." The half-demon whined. Kagome sighed and nodded her head.

"Let's get going then."

As they traveled through the forest on a narrow path, Kagome felt something pulling at her mind. She couldn't quite figure out what it was. Sango walked beside her, Kirara in her arms, and Shippo rested on Kagome's shoulder. Miroku and Inuyasha walked closely behind. Inuyasha crossed his arms and started muttering something about how slow they were going. His grumbling was intangible, but it was annoying.

"Settle down Inuyasha, you fidgeting won't help us find the rest of the jewel shards any quicker." Miroku said in a quiet tone.

"Shut-up Miroku!" Inuyasha snapped, than began muttering something about a certain 'stupid monk'.

Kagome and Sango sighed and shook their heads.

"Men," Sango muttered. Kagome suddenly felt a sharp pull at her mind. Not a painful pull, but a sharp pull. She knew what it meant, a jewel shard. She stopped suddenly, trying to sense it clearer. She was sure now, it was a jewel shard.

"I sense a jewel shard," she told everyone, looking to their far right.

"Finally!" Inuyasha exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air. "Where is it?"

"Over there," Kagome answered, pointing in the right direction.

"Let's get going then!" Miroku said excitedly. They left the path and began towards the jewel shard.

As soon as they leap from the foliage of the forest, they landed in a large, rocky area. It was dark and there were large spider webs everywhere.

"Ewwww," Shippo groaned as he pulled sticky spider web from his foot. "Gross." It was quiet. Very quiet. The sounds of the forest seemed to disappear behind them and were engrossed by an eerie silence.

Inuyasha looked around, pulling his sword Tessaiga forward. It transformed as it released from its shealth. Inuyasha began sniffing the air. The smell of rotting flesh was everywhere, but Inuyasha was searching for another smell. A demon. Everyone was in a fighting position, and Kirara had transformed and was standing beside Sango. The silence was suddenly broken. By a clicking noise.

Before Inuyasha could mutter "Damn!", hundreds of spiders the size of Shippo appeared from behind rock and from in crevasses. (A/N: didn't see THAT one coming did you?) They were ugly black creatures with two large red eyes and three smaller ones on the sides of their heads. Their fangs were dripping with clear venom, and they hissed as they charged towards the group.

"Kaze no Kizu!" Inuyasha yelled as he brought Tessaiga into the ground. Several steaks of bright yellow fire blazed from the sword and took out every spider in its path. The group sprang into action.

The spiders were not much of a challenge, and Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Inuyasha simply began knocking them away with their weapons. Kagome proceeded to kick any spider that got near her. And Shippo...well, Shippo was on Kagome's shoulder cheering her on.

As suddenly as the attack had begun, it ended. The spiders, without warning, suddenly turned heel and scurried away to whence they came. Inuyasha glared after them, not bothering to chase them.

"So where's the jewel shard Ka..." Suddenly Inuyasha was cut off as the ground began to shake. Over a large boulder appeared huge, long spider legs. One at a time, the eight legs crawled onto the boulder, and pulled up the large spider demon behind it. This spider was like its smaller 'children', but much more menacing.

It opened its mouth in a hiss. Globs of venom fell from it mouth and landed on the ground. The ground dissolved, steaming and making a much quitter hissing noise.

"Ah, shit," Inuyasha grumbled. The spider placed its front legs onto the ground and hissed again.

"There's the jewel shard," Kagome said, horrified. "In its left eye." Inuyasha nodded his head and was about to leap forward when the spider suddenly spit venom at them. After quickly shealthing his sword, Inuyasha grabbed Kagome and leapt off to the side, followed by his companions. After letting Kagome down, Inuyasha brought his sword into an attack stance. He leapt toward the spider with a yell.

Everything was a blur as the group, as a team, attacked the spider. Sango let her Hiraikotsu go as Miroku threw charms onto the spider demon. The boomerang harmlessly glanced off the hard skin of the spider and the charms landed with a quick fizzle. Kirara quickly leap up and latched onto one of the legs with her fangs. The spider wailed out, more in anger then pain, knocking Kirara off. It began spitting out venom wildly. Inuyasha, who hadn't been able to get close enough, rolled out of the way. As he stood up, he suddenly realized he was in a bad position. The spider was between him and his friends.

For a moment he worried about Kagome's safety. Then, when the spider turned on him, he realized HE was the one in danger. The spider hissed, completely ignoring the people behind it, and charged Inuyasha. He was amazed by its speed. Leaping out of the way, he barely missed the long fangs biting into his shoulder. He felt venom drops dissolve through his fire-rat kamino, and into his skin. The pain was sudden and immense. He rolled out of the way again as the spider stomped one of its legs down. The ground where he had been shattered.

Inuyasha brought Tessaiga into the spider's leg slicing it off. He heard it begin to collapse as he rolled to a stop. He began to rise when suddenly his muscles collapsed themselves. It was only for a split second, but he couldn't move. He let out a groan, all he could do. As he regained control of his muscles again, he leapt to his feet. Then he heard Kagome.

"Inuyasha! Look out!" He turned to find the danger, when suddenly a pain in his sword arm erupted. Letting out a yell, Inuyasha grabbed his arm and leapt back, the spider venom burning through his kamino and skin. As he looked up, he saw the spider demon towering in front of him, standing on seven legs.

"Shit..." he whispered, fore he didn't have the strength to yell. The spider venom moved swiftly though his body, he could feel it. His muscles suddenly contracted and he dropped Tessaiga. His vision began to blur. Sango, Miroku, and Kirara attacked the back of the spider. The demon paid no notice as it began towards its poisoned victim. Kagome grabbed her bow, but it was too late. The spider was too close to Inuyasha.

Inuyasha's eyes began to blacken and he had to use all of his strength to stand. He couldn't see his friends trying to help him. He couldn't hear anything. He couldn't even feel the pain in his arm or the poison seeping through his body anymore. All he could see was his own reflection in the red eyes of the hissing spider demon.


Author's Note: Well, is this better then the first version or what? Some twists from the first version (for those who read it). This will be the only chapter for a while. I've decided to upload the chapters in pairs or in groups of threes from now on. All reviews are welcome.
Draconis1719 out.
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