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Silver is the New Black

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Saved by a mysterious figure, Inuyasha immediately takes a great dislike to her. But what she has is nesaccary for them to complete their quest. Jewel shards. Which means, that they'll be seeing he...

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Chapter 2-Silver is the New Black

Inuyasha tried to walk backwards, away from the demon. He managed to stumble back a step, but suddenly his legs gave way and he collapsed into one knee.

'Shit! I can't die, I have to fight!' he looked up at the spider demon, trying to muster up what strength he had to fight it. To kill it. But he had no strength.

The beast opened its mouth wide and two huge, venom dripping fangs came forward. It hissed loudly, ready to strike the final blow. Inuyasha only the shadowy silhouette of the demon and his hearing was completely gone. Suddenly the shadow collapsed to the ground, and another figure appeared. The figure stood over him and he looked upwards. The outline of a reptilian visage was the last thing he saw before he collapsed to the ground and passed out.


When Inuyasha first came back to consciousness, the smell of fire and ramen caught his nose. Groaning and sitting up, he began to hear the crackle of a fire and see people sitting across from him in the dark of night. Blinking, his world started to come into focus. He shook his head once, trying to clear up a headache that had just seemed to surface.

"Your friend is awake," a voice from nearby stated. He tried to turn to it, but his strength wouldn't let him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried happily from next to him. His world suddenly turned clear and he mumbled something incoherent.

"It is good to see you are awake," Miroku told him from the other side of the fire.

"Of course I am awake you idiot!" the half-demon snapped. Suddenly remembering the past events and feeling angry.

A quiet laugh was heard: "I can see my antidote is working," the voice told him. He looked to his right, into a tree, where a figure jumped down and landed softly. "And that you were in the middle of your 'beauty' sleep."

Inuyasha began to stand, cursing, when he suddenly became weak and fell back onto the ground.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled as Shippo looked up from the fire as he sat on her lap. "You aren't well yet!"

"Who the hell is that then!" he yelled angrily, pointing an accusing finger at the figure.

Stepping from the shadows the figure stated: "Although my real name is no concern of yours, you may call me Anusti." Inuyasha glared at Anusti, realizing that she was a dragon demon, but not of the normal sort.

Anusti stood about a head above Inuyasha. She was obviously a dragon demon, but she did not appear as one in human form. Although she was human like, she had a long reptilian face and snout. Two horns protruded from her head and another, much smaller horn, from the end of her snout. Both of her hands were clawed, and her feet, each with four toes were clawed, including a small claw on her heel. Her wings were folded into her sides, and a long whip-like tail was held behind her, just above the ground. Her entire body, from snout to tail, was covered in silver scales. And long black hair ran down to the square of her back, just above her hips. She wore a loose blue battle suit, and a black-scaled belt with a sheathed sword and a small pouch. A chain was around her neck, but the pendant attached to it was hidden under her suit. She looked at Inuyasha with green predatory eyes.

Inuyasha growled deeply in his throat, and somehow mustering the strength to stand, took a weak step towards the demon. "Why the hell are you HERE?!" he yelled, not even noticing Kagome standing up warily.

Anusti sighed, not looking threatened at all by him. "Slow down, poochy, you've got a load of spider venom pumping through your system, and moving around is just going to cause it to do damage." Inuyasha growled again, taking another weak step forward.

"Inuyasha, be rational," Miroku said, breaking the confrontation for a moment. "She does have knowledge of spider poison, and she did manage to save your life."

Inuyasha turned to Miroku and his hands twitched in anger. "YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!" He turned back to Anusti. "You damn giant lizard!" All the while, the she-dragon didn't look very amused.

Kagome sighed from behind the half-demon then calmly stated those three magic words.

"Inuyasha, sit boy." The prayer beads on his neck suddenly glowed and pulled him into the ground with a loud thud. Anusti's eyes widened in surprise. Inuyasha groaned into the dirt, then slowly pulled himself up and crossed his arms and legs, sitting on the ground.

"Why would you help us anyway? You're a demon. What use do you have of us?"

"I'm not a demon," Anusti said, turning slightly away from them.

"Then WHAT are you?!" Inuyasha growled loudly. Kagome gave a warning noise from behind him.

"A half demon." There was a pause.

"You are a half-demon?" Sango asked. Anusti answered with a nod. "You do not look like a traditional dragon demon."

Anusti sighed. "There is a long story to that, but I will not go through with it. All the proof anyone needs is that I had a human for a mother, and a demon for a sire." She flicked her tail in annoyance. "And I will be gone soon anyway, so I need not tell you more. I have only a few shards that are still unfound."

Inuyasha's ears perked up, suddenly realizing what she had with her and what she was doing. "You took my jewel shard!" he yelled, again standing up. Very slowly. "Hand it over, lizard-breath!"

Anusti didn't even try to look threatened. "You dog demon lot are all the same. So arrogant to the point to which you don't realize someone can snap your neck with a single movement." She paused and glared at Inuyasha, flaring her nostrils. "Do you really think you would even be a challenge for me in your state? You are one lucky guy that I don't burn you to a cinder."

A hawk screeched loudly overhead, stopping Inuyasha from coming back with a retort. Anusti looked up, and muttering something, opened her hip-pouch and pulled out a small vile filled with green liquid. She tossed it to Sango (whom had stood up during the verbal fight).

"Make him drink that when the poison starts to make him weak again. Which it will, considering he doesn't have the common sense to keep still. He should be cured, more or less, in about two weeks. If that is a good or bad thing, is completely for you to decide. Unfortunately for you, his mouth already works." She opened her wings. "Damn dogs..." Leaping into the air she flew into the night sky, not looking back.

"COME BACK HERE!" Inuyasha yelled to her retreating form. "GIVE ME BACK MY JEWEL SHARD!"


By the next mid-morning, Inuyasha had still not stopped complaining and muttering curse words about Anusti. He was much stronger then he had been the night before. He walked slightly ahead of the group, saying something about his bear hands and a boulder. Kagome sighed as she walked beside Sango, who had a sleeping Kirara in her arms. Miroku walked beside her, and Shippo walked beside him.

"How many shards did she have?" Inuyasha yelled back behind his shoulder. No one answered him. "Kagome! I asked how many more jewel shards that lizard had!"

Kagome sighed. "One. She had one other." Although that didn't seem like much, the remaining jewel shards were few, considering that Naraku had many of them.

They could hear him growl. "Why did you let her take our jewel shard, then leave with the one she already had?!" He didn't really ask them. He sort of commanded the answer.

"Well," Miroku yelled up to him, actually speaking rationally. "She did save your life. And if we tried to take the jewel shards, she probably would have killed us."

Inuyasha spun around, raising his hand in warning. "SHE DIDN'T SAVE MY LIFE!"

"Inuyasha, sit."

Inuyasha fell to the ground, surrounded by a dust cloud. Kagome, Sango, Miroku, and Shippo walked around him. When Inuyasha pulled himself up, he caught up to them and kept quiet. He didn't want to be sat again. Soon after, they made camp, built a fire, and ate lunch. Inuyasha didn't say a word throughout the entire meal, and when they packed up and began to set off again, he kept quiet.

About three hours after lunch, while walking through a forest, Inuyasha suddenly smelt blood on the wind. Quickening his pace, he came across and beheaded crow demon laying in the grass. Its dismembered head lay under a tree several metres away. Inuyasha sniffed the air again, and throwing his hands up in anger yelled:

"That damn dragon was here!"
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