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Snakes and Meeting

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After traveling, Inuyasha begins to recover from the spider posion. All seems normal. But a run-in with Anusti causes a confrontation, and that's just the beginning of it.

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Chapter 3-Snakes and Meetings

The abandoned village was barren and quiet. Inuyasha sat next to the door, inside one of the few huts that were scattered throughout, ravenously gobbling up his cup-o-ramen. The fire that was lit in the long abandoned fireplace bathed the room in a warm glow. It was the only light, other then the stars, for miles around. Everyone sat eating, except for Kagome, who stared into to her steaming, and tasty-smelling, ramen. Her mind was both wondering and tired; a bad combination that created headaches. She was thinking about not just one thing, but many things. She was thinking about the Well, and about demons. About Naraku, about events and adventures long past, and about her place in all of this. It was one of those moments where you realize how insignificant you are in the world, and how short life is.

Her mind suddenly shifted, thinking to events that took place no more then three days ago. She remembered the fear for Inuyasha, and sudden astonishment she felt when she saw the spider demon fall, its head decapitated. She remembered it all.


Kagome rejoiced when she saw Inuyasha slice off the spider demon's leg. It began to collapse to the ground and she gave a little cheer. But as Inuyasha rolled upright again, the spider righted itself with what seemed impossible speed. Inuyasha didn't seem to notice. Kagome, terrified, yelled in warning.

"Inuyasha! Look out!" She saw him begin to turn around, and looked in horror as the demon opened its mouth and spit venom at him like bullets from a gun. She could hear his skin sizzling, and steam ran from his burning arm. He grabbed his arm, leaping back, cursing. He then dropped Tessaiga. Shippo gasped from beside Kagome as Sango, Miroku, and Kirara leap forward, attacking the demon with whatever they had.

Kagome lifted her bow, seeing Inuyasha step backwards and collapse onto one knee. She wasn't thinking now, as precious milliseconds went by, she was too terrified. The demon hissed loudly, and brought its dripping fangs forward. Something caught Kagome's eye. A silver glint. She blinked, and suddenly the spider demon was dead, its head removed.

It became silent. Deadly silent. Miroku was in the middle of removing his prayer beads around his arm, and Sango was getting ready to again throw her Hiraikotsu. They froze. Whoever, or whatever, had just killed the demon stood over Inuyasha, looking down at him. The half-demon dog collapsed, unconscious. Kagome wanted to run to Inuyasha's side, but she was frozen in both fear and astonishment. The figure turned to them, and Kagome suddenly realized that it was a silver dragon. A FEMALE silver dragon. She could see that obviously from her female curves and bosom.

"Aren't you going to help him?" she asked, her whip-like tail flicking in annoyance. She stepped backwards, out of the way, and Kagome ran to her friend, falling on her knees.

"Inuyasha?" she whispered, and she could feel tears welling up. His breathing was ragged and quick. She suddenly realized that Shippo was beside her, and Sango, Miroku, and Kirara, were in a defensive stance between them and the dragon.

"Who are you?" Miroku asked. "And what do you want?"

The dragon looked at them, and crossing her arms, sighing in annoyance. "The question is, monk, do you want your friend to live? His lungs are inflaming and his vessels are contracting. And, if you wish him so, you're going to have to lower your weapons and allow me to help."

Miroku looked to Sango. She nodded and lowered her weapon. He did the same. "What can you do?" she asked. The dragon grinned, showing razor sharp fangs.

She walked forward, past Miroku and Sango, and past Inuyasha, going to the spider's head. She opened its mouth, pulling one of its fangs out with a 'pop', and walked over and kneeled next to Inuyasha. Opening her pouch, she removed some odd red powder, and sprinkled it into a small glass vile. Poring spider venom from the fang into the vile, the contents mixed into a green substance as she shook it around. She sniffed the vile, than tossed the fang away. She then lifted Inuyahsa's head with her hand, and poured some of the liquid into his mouth. He coughed, and breathed in heavily.

Kagome smiled as his ragged breathing creased and returned to normal. Kagome looked at the dragon, and she looked back. Kagome was chilled by her cold green eyes.

------------End Flashback------------

Kagome sighed, wondering where Anusti was now. She had to say, she was indebted to her, for saving Inuyasha, no matter what she was. She again stared into her ramen, thinking about what would happen if they ever met her again.

"You gonna eat that?" Inuyasha asked, breaking Kagome from her thoughts. His mouth was full of the noodles, and he pointed his chopsticks at her.

"Of course I am!" she yelled, annoyed, and began to eat.

"Whatever," he said arrogantly. "You don't need to bite my head off!" She looked at him angrily. The 'SIT!' and 'thump' rang throughout the empty village.


Kagome was amazed with the lack of demons they had encountered in the last week. Anusti had been the last within eight days. But perhaps she was the reason that they had not. Why? Because she had been killing them. At a moments notice, every day or two, Inuyasha would suddenly become enraged as he caught a whiff of her scent on the breeze. And they had come upon the remains of three snake demons since they had last saw her, all covered in her scent and aura. Not to say the least, this pissed off Inuyasha to the brim, and he had been in a bad mood the entire time.

Even as Kagome looked up at him as he saw in a tree in the darkness of that night, he had a scowl on his face. She could see his lips muttering curses, and she sighed. She pulled her sleeping bag over her head, feeling Shippo shift from on top of it, and tried to fall asleep. She was almost asleep when she suddenly was jolted by a loud:


"YOU PERVERTED MONK, MIROKU!" Sango yelled from the other side of the fire.

Kagome didn't bother to look up. She already knew that Miroku's face was now decorated by a red hand-print, and that Sango was ready to kill him. She sighed and finally fell asleep, feeling bad for Sango. Usually she would try to make them stop fighting, but she was just too exhausted to move. Let's just say that Miroku fell asleep with that mark.


By the next afternoon, Miroku was again donning another handprint, a frown on his face. Sango was storming up ahead, Kagome and Kirara beside her. Kagome tried to cheer her up.

"Come on Sango, you have to forgive him sometime. Although I don't blame you..."

Sango clenched her fists, grumbling. "That pervert womanizer! Damn him and his wandering hands! He's supposed to be a monk, for god's sake. I should just..." Sango blinked and stopped her words as a loud noise emerged from the left-side of the woods. The girls halted as the noise grew louder, and birds chirped loudly and flew in terror.

As Miroku, Inuyasha, and Shippo caught up with them, a long, large, black, scaly creature burst from the forest. It slithered across the path, than disappeared into the forest again, the ground trembling. For a moment, Kagome caught a glint of light, and realized it was a shard.

"That demon's got a shard!" she yelled, when something else caught her eye. Silver.

"It's that LIZARD!" Inuyasha yelled, bolting forward as he saw Anusti fly after the demon in hot pursuit. They chased after Inuyasha, and soon came to a clearing, realizing the battle was already over.

Inuyasha stood, pulling Tessaiga forward as it transformed. The body of the black snake demon lay in the middle of the clearing; that had obviously just been made during the short battle. Anusti crouched down, holding a long wooden staff in her left hand, picking a shard from the dead creature's neck. She held it between her thumb and pointer claw, examining it with her predator eyes. She turned to them, placing the shard into her pouch, which now held three.

She placed the staff over her shoulders, again flicking her tail, annoyed. "By the great Father and Mother," (A/N-That's dragon cursing. 0.0) "How did I run into YOU again?" she lazily flicked dirt from the sleeve of her kimono.

Forgetting his weakness from the poison entirely, and not listening to Kagome yelling at him, Inuyasha ran forward, hefting his sword. "Give me those shards, you over-grown lizard!" He slashed at her, and she leap to the side, dropping the staff.

She pulled out her black hilted sword, which at first seemed like an average Kanata, but suddenly transformed. Fire surrounded it, and it became a fang, much like Tessaiga, but the hilt was back-scaled, and had odd engravings on it. She began to block or dodge every blow Inuyasha dished out, with what seemed like no effort.

Inuyasha leapt back, very pissed. "I'm going to kill you!" he yelled. "Kaze no Kizu!" and slashed Tessaiga against the ground.

Streaks of fire (?) appeared and headed towards Anusti, tearing the soil. The dragon, not looking very scared or impressed, planted her feet and lifted her sword, and the bolts surged around her, leaving marks far behind her. Inuyasha growled loudly.

"You may have been able to block that, but you can't block this!" he raised his sword with an evil smirk. "Backlash wave!"

Anusti, and everyone for that matter, blinked...As nothing happened.

"What was THAT?!" she yelled to him, confused.

"Wha..WHAT!?!" Inuyasha began to shake Tessaiga as it transformed back to a rusty sword, panting. "Why is nothing happening?!"

Anusti laughed, and Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara, looked between the two half-demon, also confused. "You IDIOT!" Anusti yelled. "Are you really THAT arrogant? Or did the poison rot the little brain you had?!" She sheathed her sword, walking towards him. "Hotaru is not worth your time!" (A/N-Hotaru, meaning her sword.)

"Give. Me. Those. Shards." Inuyasha said, out of breath, as she neared him. He 'bolted', being not very fast, and took a weak swipe at her. She stepped backwards, and he fell onto his face. The gang ran up to him, as he got up and took another swipe.

"Calm down," Anusti told him, not amused and taking another step. Miroku came up behind Inuyasha and held him back. "Do you even think you can harm me with you being poisoned? I really don't think so." She said it calmly, which infuriated Inuyasha even more. Anusti look at them, and saw that Sango had her weapon ready, and Kirara was transformed and ready to attack. She shook her head. "Don't worry, I come in peace. I have no reason to fight you, so I won't." Miroku released Inuyasha, and he grumbled something.

Her senses began to twitch, and she sniffed the air. Although she could smell blood, she could also smell more demons. And they were very much alive. "Well, this has been well and good, but I can sense more demons, much like this one." She nodded to the snake body, which was actually very large, and was covered in dark markings. Its fangs still dripped with venom. "And considering the condition of you 'dog', I would suggest you leave."

Inuyasha growled. "You don't suggest anything to ME, lizard!" and took another swipe at her. She didn't dodge, just blocked it with her scaled arm.

"Wow, you're worse then I thought. I've seen human children who strike harder. You react differently to poison then I." Turning, she pulled Hotaru forward. It transformed, and hefted it, testing the weight. "It's really your choice, not mine. Don't come crying to me if they start to eat you!"

Looking towards the forest, the trees moved, and loud hissing began. The many snake demons emerged, bearing their fangs, dripping with venom. In the blink of an eye, Anusti had charged forward leaving the gang behind.
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