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You're looking high strung, sugar...(part one)

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Filler chapter, but its got some juicy shit in it!

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AN: Okay so....I'm really sick you guys. So if this chapter doesn't make ANY sense at all, I'm fucking delirious. It's more like a filler chapter, cos at the end I finally figured out what I wanted to happen next, the rest of it is more like...setting up what's going on two months later with Pete and Corbin. Enjoy and review!

Title: "By Tonight" - Say Anything


Pete was surprising himself by the amount of interest he was taking in Corbin's pregnancy. He spent time checking out websites and books, making sure he knew exactly what was going on in Corbin's body. Corbin was a very uncomfortable three and half months pregnant and with her and Pete in the process of moving, it was really forcing them into their first test as housemates. She wined to him about having their bed be the first thing to go into the house due to the amount of back pain she was feeling lately and Pete was getting no help from her in unpacking boxes and putting things away. He chose to let her sleep so he wouldn't have to deal with her insane mood swings and contestant bitching about feeling exhausted. Don't get him wrong, he was fascinated with her pregnancy, but sometimes the extra stuff just got to be too much, and there was still six months to go. Patrick was over at their house practically daily and it was starting to get on Pete's nerves. He was glad that Patrick and Corbin were becoming better friends, but he was almost starting to feel replaced in certain ways.

Corbin would always bitch about to Pete, complaining about every muscle that hurt and every mood swing would be in his presence. But Patrick was good for an ear; he was good to rub her sore back, he was good whenever Corbin needed comfort, and it seemed to Pete that he was pretty much there to pay the bills. The simple moment it took him and Corbin to reconnect had faded fast and it was depressing Pete beyond belief.

Patrick hadn't been around the house all day to Pete's great surprise and it was nearing on ten at night. Corbin was asleep on their bedroom floor; she had begun to open a box but didn't get through it before passing out. Pete smiled at her. He wondered what he had to say or do to make them okay once again. He walked up to her and nudged her lightly, and she let her eyes squint open and stared at Pete. It made her feel guilty the way he always looked at her like she was the only thing in the world that even made him happy anymore. Taking a break from the Hollywood life was not suiting Pete. He was always the one who loved constantly being busy and these days he didn't do much. He was still managing his record label and his company, but wasn't out on the party scene anymore and Fall Out Boy was on a hiatus while Corbin was pregnant. She was becoming increasingly more attracted to Patrick, always thinking about that image of him holding their child and singing to it. It made her melt inside and she wanted it to be real in the worst way. Six months? It was just too long. Pete reached down and grabbed her hand, helping her to her feet. She smiled at him and he leaned down and gave her a soft kiss. She pulled away and retreated to her bed, wanting to fall asleep so bad, but she felt Pete's eyes on her and she wanted to know why he was staring at her. She pulled the covers down from her face and looked at him.

"What, Peter?" she asked. He merely shrugged. He pulled off his pants and approached the bed, kind of wanting to make love to her, kind of wanting to just fall asleep on her chest. He wasn't sure which, but had a feeling he wasn't getting either. He wanted to rediscover her, he felt so removed. He remembered when they first started dating three years ago they would do this thing called "playing". They would lay naked together and just kiss whatever they wanted to kiss and explore every inch of each other. He missed that. He got in bed to see Corbin rolled over facing away from him. He sighed. He scooted over to be close to her and wrapped his right arm around her waist. He lifted his head to nuzzle her hair a little, trying to get her to look at him. She reached back and swatted him away.

"Stop Pete. I'm tired," she said. Pete groaned and forced her onto her back and strattled her body. He was sick of feeling like an outsider to her, after only two months of being perfect again.

"Pete! Get off! I'm serious! I just want to go to bed," Corbin said, shoving at his chest. He shook his head and grabbed her hands, bringing them down to her sides. He leaned forward and placed his lips on her and kissed her gently. After a minute of butterfly kisses, he backed away and looked her in the eyes. The harsh stare she had a minute ago had faded.

"Let's play," Pete said. Corbin almost giggled. She hadn't heard him ask her to play in years. She groaned.

"No, I'm fat now. I don't want to," she replied, faking her disinterest.

"Oh, please; like I care anyway. Come on," He said, starting to tug at the bottom of her shirt. Corbin huffed and tried to hold back a smile. This was the Pete she missed everyday. He wasn't the same since the night Corbin almost died. It was like she was a fragile piece of porcelain and if he held her too tight or too loose, she would break. She wanted him to treat her like he used to. She wasn't planning on drinking at all while she was pregnant, aside from a glass of wine on the rare occasion. She reached down and pulled her shirt off. She wasn't showing her pregnancy at all yet, and probably wouldn't for another month or so because she was thin. Pete looked down adoringly at her naked upper body. Corbin bit her lip and tried hard not to smile as he kissed the top of her breasts. She reached her hands down and pulled his shirt up and he leaned back so she could pull it over his head. She tossed the shirt onto the floor and Pete put his kisses back onto her lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck, enjoying this rare bout of romanticism from Pete. She was reminded of all the times she would sneak into his parent's house after his family was asleep and they would just play for hours. Sex was never more important then knowing each other from the outside-in. Pete broke away from their kiss and waited for Corbin to make the next move. She leaned forward and drug him back down to her, her kiss much more heated then before. She ran her right hand down Pete's back and let it rest on his lower back. Pete pulled away from their kiss again and ran his right hand down her left arm, then leaned forward to kiss her shoulder. She smiled at him, finally willing to let go of the guilt she had for now and just enjoy being with Pete. It had been so long, she had almost forgotten how sweet he could actually be; she was spending so much time with Patrick that she was forgetting Pete needed her attention, too. She wiggled her way out from underneath him and told him to lie on his back. She strattled him this time, and took her time kissing all over in his neck and chest. Pete sighed and moaned appropriately, letting Corbin do what she wanted. She reached down and tugged his boxer briefs away, Pete wasn't really too aroused and she liked it that way for now. She laid her head on his chest and just listened to his heart beat for a minute. Pete stroked her hair and looked down at her, loving this moment right now. Corbin reached down and took of her shorts and underwear so they could both be naked. Pete sat up so Corbin was still on top of him, sitting on his lap and he pressed his lips against hers. She wrapped her legs around his back, suddenly feeling reminded of what was really going on. Didn't this position get her in trouble before? Corbin pulled away from Pete and scooted over away from him, pulling her knees to her chest and pulling the blankets up over her body. Pete was shocked for a minute before he realized what was going on. He was getting really bored with this attitude she was exuding, he wanted Corbin to just let him love her again.

"Core, what's wrong? Why can't we just do this like we used to?" he asked. She buried her face in the comforter, not expecting Pete to understand what she was feeling. She felt so guilty. All she could ever do was think about what she did to Pete and what she was continuing to do with Patrick. They were so discrete about it, she knew he had no clue, but she just couldn't get enough of him. He touched her in ways Pete never even thought of and he said things to her Pete would never dare say.

"Pete...I'm just really tired okay? And I don't feel very well and I'm a little uncomfortable with me right now. I'm sorry," she said, lying down and wrapping the blankets all around her so Pete couldn't touch her. She didn't feel okay lying to him anymore, but she knew she couldn't very well be honest either. They had just mended and things were going so well. She loved their home and the feeling it gave her. For the first time she could ever remember, she was stable and had a place to call her own. Why did she always have to do this?
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