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This bed could use a secret, and these pounding hearts could keep it...

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Title: "By Tonight" - Say Anything

Corbin was never one to shy away from any sneaky opportunity she could get, five months pregnant or not. Pete was out for the day for a meeting at Clandestine, so she wasted no time getting Patrick over as quickly as possible.

As she collapsed on Patrick, their post orgasmic glow was always something she loved to relish in, she was trying to asses how she was really feeling about everything she was doing to Pete. When it came down to it, she really felt no remorse about what she had just done, and what she would continue to do, she only felt the guilt when Pete would be his normal, loving self.

Patrick wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck, feeling that warm satisfaction he always did when he was with Corbin. Maybe it was the fact that she was carrying his child that made him suddenly feel so different about her, or maybe it was just the fact that he had been denying the way she made him feel because he didn't want to deal with her lifestyle and her problems, but he was glad he had the opportunities to say what he always wanted to say to her. He felt a little remorse when he would think about the fact that he was sleeping with his best friend's girlfriend in their bed inside their house, but he would always force those negative thoughts from his mind and concentrate on the girl he was falling in love with so secretly. He would never admit it out loud, but he couldn't deny her glow and her gentle, subtle love that he had been missing for too long.

Corbin slid onto her side and pulled the blankets up over her shoulder and rested her head on Patrick's shoulder. He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, sort of feeling like he didn't ever want to get up when he really just didn't want to face the reality that was just outside the black comforter. He began to wonder how long it would take Pete to catch on, and what the fall out would be from their indiscretion. He was sort of glad the band was on this hiatus because Patrick was always too readable to Andy. He would've figured out his game in minutes and held it over his head until he came clean to Pete.

Corbin sighed and carefully slid out from under the comforter, reaching down to put on her sweatpants and t-shirt. Patrick took it as a hint and began putting his clothes on too, glancing at the clock which told him he had been at this house for far too long. Pete was going to be home anytime and they at least had to look like nothing shady was happening. He rolled his eyes at the thought of once again pretending that all of this meant nothing to him...


Pete slowly trudged to his car after his day at the office, totally un-thrilled with the technical events of the day. He was too distracted by the feeling that he wasn't in on some big joke or secret to concentrate on the numbers Clandestine Industries pulled last month and how to improve for next month. He felt that if he couldn't even improve his home life, what chance did he have to improve his professional life? He drove home in quiet, thoroughly distracted by his own thoughts. Something was bugging him and he couldn't put his finger on it but it was making him anxious, which was really nothing new, but he just couldn't shake the feeling that he was being seriously screwed over...

He pulled up to his house he was now sharing with Corbin to see Patrick's car in the driveway. He grumbled, wondering what was really happening right in his very own home. He liked to think he knew Patrick well enough to know that he would never let history repeat itself, especially when it came to Pete's feelings. Patrick knew how fragile Pete could be emotionally and he was someone who always shied away from rocking the boat.

Pete walked in the front door, suddenly feeling a wave of emotion come over him that just made him want to throw accusations at the pair of them, sitting on opposite sides of the living room, half watching TV and half having a conversation. Patrick spotted Pete first and felt his stomach flip. He was so wrong...

Corbin saw Patrick look up and turned around to see Pete looking at them with a questioning gaze. She wondered momentarily if he suspected something but assumed that would be impossible and put a smile on her face.

"Hi baby," she said, slowly standing up and walking over to give him a hug. He hugged her back but kept his gaze on the odd guilty look taking over Patrick's face. Patrick looked away and stood up, wanting desperately to get out of the house before he snapped and gave his infidelity away. He started to walk toward the front door, but Pete put his hand out and stopped him, looking him square in the eyes. Patrick then felt challenged, like Pete was just waiting for him to spill whatever was bogging down his brain.

"Why are you always leaving when I come home? You never want to hang out anymore. Just chill for a while," Pete said; his tone thick with mockery. Corbin stepped back from Pete and placed her hands on her stomach, which was the only real sense of security she had lately. She looked at Patrick, wanting him to either stay so Pete wouldn't think anything more then he apparently already was, or to just go so she could try taking Pete's mind off of whatever was bugging him. Patrick cleared his throat and stepped away from Pete, continuing his journey to the front door.

"I can't, dude. I have a lot of work to do at the studio for tomorrow. I just had to talk to Corbin real quick. I promise we'll do something later this week," Patrick replied and was out the front door.

Pete's eyes traveled from where Patrick was to Corbin, who was staring at the door like she expected Patrick to jump back in and say he was kidding. He wasn't sure what to say to her, fighting the sudden urge to hit her. He shook the thought from his mind and instead turned to walk up the stairs to the bathroom, he needed to just take his pill and then lay down for a while to calm his mind.

He walked into the bathroom and swallowed his pill, shutting his eyes and counting to ten. He hated having to feel like this in his own house. He really was a stranger here. He was suddenly reminded of why he moved back in with parents in the first place and it was basically because of feeling like this, his brain just wouldn't shut off and he had too much freedom to do whatever he wanted to get his mind to stop. He felt eyes on him and turned his head to see Corbin leaning on the doorframe with her hands on her growing belly. She smiled at him shyly; she really just wanted to know what was going on with him. Carefully, she walked up to him and rubbed his back. He looked at her, really wanting to be mad, but he just couldn't. She had that effect on him. One look from her and he knew that everything was okay, even if his gut was telling him something was severely wrong, she made him feel like he was just jumping to conclusions.

"You okay?" she asked him quietly. He turned his body to face her and she rested her left hand on his waist and brought her right hand up to his face, gently rubbing his cheek with her thumb. He nodded, putting his hands on her hips, her stomach causing them to be further away then he would've liked, but he leaned down and kissed her gently. She smiled behind his lips, knowing that he had given up on suspecting anything. He pulled away from her and reached down, lifting her up off the floor, one arm under her legs and other under her back and he carried her to the bed. He placed her on it gently, carefully placing himself on top of her, and gently taking off their clothes, forgetting all his worries...
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