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Patrick has word vomit.

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Title: "This Modern Love" - Bloc Party

Patrick sat in the small studio in his basement and was staring at the wall in front of him. He probably should've been doing work, but he was instead thinking about everything that was happening in his life. His professional life was amazing and improving rapidly. He couldn't complain for he was a lucky man, but then he couldn't shake a strange feeling of unhappiness. Corbin was slowly but surely ripping tiny pieces away from his heart. Granted, he was now officially euphoric about being a father, but it was tearing him apart to know that Corbin wasn't his. All of the sneaking around between the sheets was getting to be a bit too stressful for him. He hated the fact that he knew he was falling more in love with her by the day and could do nothing about it. He wanted to stop, he tried hard to remind himself that it was just sex and nothing more, but it wasn't that simple. He snapped out of his trance and pulled his headphones off, shutting his laptop and leaning back in his chair. Things were awkward now with Pete and that's what bugged him even more. This was his best friend, his hetero life mate and he was doing him wrong. He did him more harm, both physically and mentally, within the last few months then he ever did for all the years they had known each other. Maybe Corbin wasn't worth all the things he was putting on the line for her. He wanted to have some kind of stable relationship with her the sake of their baby, but maybe it was time to draw a line. He just couldn't possibly handle the pain anymore; his heart was absolutely breaking...


Pete awoke with a jolt; he was having one of those falling dreams again. He felt Corbin lying beside him, her arms wrapped around his left arm. He sighed and tried in vain to fall back asleep. He shivered against the cool air outside the blankets and pulled them up closer to his chest and stared at the ceiling. He was so happy for finally being able to feel Corbin all around him again last night and was elated at finally being able to spend the night with her in comfort, without a fight. He turned his body to face Corbin, gently pulling his arm out from her grip and looking at her sleeping face. She was so beautiful and she was actually starting to get that glow pregnant women get. He reached up and gently brushed her hair over her shoulder, leaning in to kiss her collar bone. She moved and sleepily wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer as he laid his head right underneath her chin, resting it on her chest. Corbin let her eyes open and breathed deep. Pete smelled so good. She kissed the top of his head and tightened her grip around his body. What was she doing, sneaking around with Patrick? Pete was never anything but amazing and by her side constantly, she was so wrong to be treating him like this. She decided then and there she would tell Patrick enough is enough...

Pete woke up a few hours later; his body still entwined with Corbin's. He just laid there and breathed her in, until he felt Corbin twitch suddenly. Her eyes snapped open and she yanked away from Pete, sitting up quickly. She placed her hands on her stomach and felt it again. It was so faint it was almost undetectable, but she could feel her child tapping at her. A grin slowly spread across her face. Pete sat up and watched as a smile grew on her face and realized what must've been happening. He stuck his hand out and placed it on her belly. She moved his hand to where hers just was and after a few seconds, he felt the faintest movement from inside. Corbin found herself speechless at this event, excited as all hell over her doctor's appointment later in the day. She then immediately thought of Patrick and knew he was would over the moon about this event, but decided that today was going to be a Patrick-free day, for the sake of her newly re-found devotion to Pete. She reached down and placed her hand under his chin and brought his lips to hers. Once just wasn't enough right now, she needed to feel him deep inside her once again, just needed his closeness and she just needed him. Pete didn't hesitate, it was just easy with both of them already naked, and he carefully lay down on the bed, pulling Corbin along with him. He grabbed his erection and slid it gently inside Corbin. She gasped at the feeling, and began slowly moving up and down, her skin tingling underneath Pete's fingers, which were slowly tracing all of her curves, and gently brushing past her pregnant stomach. Her stomach...Corbin slowed her movement. Patrick...

Pete snapped his eyes open and looked at her, "What's the matter?" he asked her. She shrugged. "Come on, I'm almost done. Please?" he begged her. Corbin took a deep breath and regained her thoughts, realizing that she was actually thinking about Patrick when she was supposed to be making love to Pete. This was not good. She quickly finished, faining her interest, thinking about Patrick the entire time. As soon as it was over, she cuddled with Pete for a short amount of time, and then jumped in the shower, getting ready for her doctor's appointment, leaving Pete feeling completely abandoned once more.


Corbin hurried from her car at up the stoop to Patrick's door. She pounded on it anxiously, looking around to see if anyone saw her there. Patrick quickly approached the door and flung it open...

Corbin moaned loudly as Patrick lifted her off her feet, pounding into her, her back up against the hallway wall. She didn't even get in the front door before Patrick embraced her, hastily ripping her pants away and getting his off as well. She wrapped her arms around his neck tighter, wrapped her legs around his back as he continued to fuck her. He buried his head in her neck as his orgasm flowed from his body; she threw her head back, looking at the ceiling as she felt herself coming. Patrick kissed her neck as he carefully let her back down to her feet. She Reached for her sweatpants and tugged them on, smiling to herself, feeling satisfied. She peered over at Patrick, who was walking away from her. She wondered where he was going; he never just left after making love to her.

"Are you coming?" he asked, turning back around to face her. She nodded. Patrick smiled and continued to walk on, forgetting that Corbin was tearing his heart apart, because in that one instant she mended it all back together, he knew they wouldn't stay away from each other long. Even his reasoning last night had been tossed away, it just didn't feel right to being with her. He glanced back to make sure she was still following him. Corbin took larger steps to catch up with him. When she did he placed his arm around her shoulder and stopped outside of a closed door.

"Close your eyes," he said. Corbin looked at him confused. He stood in front of her and placed his hands on her belly, gently rubbing. She sighed and closed her eyes, partly because he asked her to, partly because him rubbing her felt nice. "Okay, keep them closed." Patrick quietly walked over to the door and opened it. He observed the room with a light smile, and then walked back to Corbin, leading her into the room. She still had her eyes closed and was very excited about whatever Patrick was doing. He walked behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Open."

Corbin let her eyes flutter open, a gasp escaping her lips; a nursery. It was beautiful. She glanced around at the white crib, the soft terry cloth sheets a pale shade of pink. The walls were covered with an intricate painting of a meadow. There was a rocking chair in the corner and Corbin smiled at it, it brought her one step closer to the vision in her mind. She turned around and faced Patrick.

"All of this stuff looks like it's for a did you know?" she asked. She had only just found out the sex of her baby an hour ago and Patrick definitely wasn't there. He smiled.

"Don't you think I know my child? I just knew," he said. Corbin felt overwhelmed, tears forming in her eyes. But these weren't tears like she had been crying; these were good tears...happy tears. Patrick reached up and wiped one away from her cheek with his thumb. Corbin embraced him, holding him tightly as he wrapped his arms around her waist, happy to feel her pregnant stomach up against his; it only made him that much closer to his daughter. She backed up slightly and locked his gaze. Softly, she kissed his lips, feeling her heart begin to race. Patrick went above and beyond making this nursery for her. She and Pete had barely begun to even think about shopping to get their house ready for a baby. Corbin found herself wanting desperately to move out of her house with Pete and into Patrick's, but she knew that was not going to be the case. Pete didn't deserve that. She pulled away from Patrick's lips and laid her head on her shoulder, looking around the room again, feeling ecstatic over this gift.

"Corbin..." she heard Patrick say. She lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at him. He smiled at her and gave her a small peck on the lips. Then he took a deep breath. "I love you."
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