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Chapter 2

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Exciting surprise..

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I ended up putting off making the tape until the end of October.I realized that if other dancers were on the stage with me, I had less of a chance of them taking noticing me. However, I could use the constructive criticism. I asked three of my close dance friends who I knew would tell me the truth to watch my routine and help me perfect it.

"That was amazing! I wish I could dance like that!" Kelsey exclaimed. "The whole chair thing is just too risque for me."

"You would randomly throw a triple in," laughed Genni.

"Try different facial expressions. Like we did last year on dance team," Megan offered.

For the next two hours, they helped me perfect my routine. Finally I was ready to have it recorded. By then I was too tired and decided to wait until the next day to do the final copy.

The next day, I wore simple black dance apparel, and had a friend tape it. After watching it, I couldn't believe it was me! I just knew they HAD to at least give me a chance! After sending it to several of Panic! at the Disco's contacts who could show it to them, I went back to my normal routine. Finals were coming up in the next month, and with all the excitement and preparation I barely had time to study. Things got so busy I forgot about my tape submission. Almost.

What happened next was amazing. After finals, around the first week of December I got a phone call from my roommate saying I got a mysterious letter. I happened to be visiting a friend in France, and couldn't wait to get home. I had her open it, and inside was a letter from one of the band's representatives! They had liked my video! The letter went something like this:

Dear Ms. Cavanaugh,
We recieved your video showing your choreography to Panic! at the Disco's "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off." Over the past several months we have recieved similar videos, and have decided to invite you to a tryout for dancers we feel could keep up with the demands of a life on the road. If you wish to reserve your spot in this tryout, complete the application enclosed. We will take care of transportation and accomidations, and are shooting for a day in February.

The tryout will consist of a technique clinic, a choreography session, and then the actual tryout. You will be asked to preform a self choreographed routine, not necessarily to a song by Panic! at the Disco, that shows off your training and your capabilities during your tryout. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing that is not too baggy, and bring both dance heels and soft shoes such as canvas ballet shoes. After an initial eight are picked, they will learn one of the routines for the summer tour. Finally, the dancers will have an interview and performance infront of the band, who will help choose the four that will go on tour this summer. Judging will consist of personality, ability, and attitude.

We hope that you will join us for this unique, once in a lifetime chance to join Panic! at the Disco on tour this summer!

Kate Rutherford

I couldn't believe it! They were going to give me the chance I had been waiting for! I cut the visit in France short, and rushed home to complete the form. Two weeks later I recieved a plane ticket to Las Vegas, Nevada where the tryouts would be held. The tryouts were going to be held around my birthday, with the final being ON my birthday!There was also a letter saying that there were 30 dancers that they were allowing into this audition. 4 out of 30? I began to get nervous. What if I didn't make it?! I tried to stay positive, telling myself that they invited me, and I was worthy of going and getting the job. In the back of my mind, I was nervous about dancing in front of the band. What if they didn't like me?! I had done a few pageants over the years, and was confident about interviews, but what sort of questions would they ask? What if they asked something that threw me off guard? So many questions swirled through my mind.

The rest of December passed and I started school again in January. I hadn't thought abot the fact that I would have to be gone for a whole week and that I would miss classes. I talked to all my new professors, telling them this was a chance of a lifetime, and that I desperately wanted to go. They all were very nice about my ask for leave, and told me they would work with me before I went and after I got back so I wouldn't lose the credit. I was amazed at how everything was falling into place.

February rolled around and I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I began packing way too early, but I ended up repacking everything the day I left. My roommate dropped me off at the air port and then with wishes of good luck, I boarded the plane to Las Vegas. The flight was uneventful, and although I tried to sleep, I was too excited. My dream was coming true!
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