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Chapter 3

by danceislife

Illness, Hospital and broken dreams. Or are they?

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"Shit!" I said, my head slung over the rim of the toilet. I was definately NOT feeling well. Whether it was nerves or something else, I couldn't say, but I knew that I was greatful we weren't auditioning until tomorrow. We hadn't even been there for 2 hours before I started to feel sick. The hotel was great, and I was in a room with 3 other girls from various parts of the country. Breanne was short, but then a lot of people seem short to me. She had brought me some ginger ale from a corner drug store. Ilana, a cute brunette with curly hair said she would unpack my stuff and find me some more comfortable clothes. Jen, with her southern charm, had gone to find the organizer of this whole event to tell them of my illness.

"Ya'll will NOT believe this!" Jen burst through the door. "Five other girls have reported probably not being able to audition tomorrow because they are sick!"

"That's ironic," Breanne stated. "A little too ironic..."

"I'm thinking food poisioning. What did you eat from when you left to when you got here, Anna?" Ilana questioned.

"I had a bowl of Cheerios this morning, and had a sandwich I brought from home on the plane and...Damn! Did any of you have those cookies that one girl was handing out?!" I began to think maybe one of the other dancers was poisioning us.

Jen and Ilana shook their heads.

"I did..." Breanne said with her eyes opening wide. "Ilana! Go find out if any of the other sick girls had those cookies, and Jen, find the girl who was handing them out!" she ordered.

I felt another wave of sickness come over me and emptied it into the porcelain bowl. I was miserable! This wasn't happening. I was going to miss my chance of a lifetime! I grabbed the towel bar and hoisted myself up and over to the sink. Avoiding looking in the mirror I washed my hands and face. My body was covered in sweat and I began to shiver. I stumbled into the bedroom and found Breanne slumped in a chair. Suddenly she got up and rushed into the bathroom. This was incredible! Who would do this? And why? I just had to wait until Jen and Ilana got back. But slowly, the room started to close in on me, I felt myself falling and things went black...

I opened my eyes and it took a while for them to focus. I noticed white walls, and a machine beeping nearby. The back of my head hurt, and as I reached up to touch it, I noticed my hand was in a cast. What had happened? I couldn't remember a thing, but the room started to go fuzzy and I was out again.

This time, when I awoke, I didn't open my eyes right away. Someone was softly holding my uninjured hand. My head was throbbing. I still heard the occasional beep from the machine. I was obviously in a hospital, but what had happened. I thought back to the hotel room, with Breanne rushing into the bathroom. Breanne! Was she okay? My eyes shot open and I jerked up from the somewhat propped up position I was in. The first thing I noticed was a dark head laying on my bed, the owner's hand holding mine. I wasn't sure who it was, but I figured they were probably involved with the contest and I would let them sleep. I slowly removed my hand from their light grip and swung my legs over the other side of the bed. I noticed the room was small, with a window in the corner. It was dark outside and a clock on the wall said it was 2am. Who would be here at 2am? While I was curious, I was worried about my new friend. My legs seemed like they would hold me, and I grabbed the portable IV stand and took a few steps. There was a mirror in the corner, and I glanced at my reflection. I was shocked! My head was wraped in a bandage that was damp with blood and there was dried blood on my strawberry blonde hair and my face was ghastly pale. My blue eyes were accompanied with dark circles. My reflection send my legs shaking and I began to loose my balance. Gripping the wall I tried to hoist myself back up.

"What are you doing out of bed?" a playful voice said behind me as arms held me and helped me back into the bed.

"Bre-" I said weakly. I couldn't even finish her name. The room was spinning.

"So you know my name already huh?" the voice said as I leaned back onto the pillow. "Are you going to tell me yours?" it teased.

"What?" I was confused. This wasn't Breanne! This voice was male that had a touch of familiarity. "Who are you? Where is Breanne? Is she okay?" Laying down was helping my thoughts to be vocalized.

"Calm down! I don't know who Breanne is, but I can try to find out where she is for you. Do you really not know who I am?" the voice questioned.

"Are you serious? It wasn't rhetorical!" I was beginning to become angry. He did look somewhat familiar, but I couldn't place him. With a head injury, I'm surprised I remembered my own name! Plus, I really hate the smell of hospitals.

"I'm Bre-" he started.

"So you are up!" a female voice interupted. Clad in white, she must have been a nurse. "We were wondering when sleeping beauty would wake up. I'm sure your handsome prince helped." she laughed with a wink. The young man blushed, and I was confused. Were we dating?! What happened?!

"I don't even know who this is!" Tears started to form in my eyes, but I tried to regain myself so they wouldn't fall. "Where am I? What happened to Breanne? And Who is this?" I asked the nurse.

"Oh you poor thing! You were poisoned along with some of your fellow travelers. You reacted differently to the poison, and you fainted in your hotel room, hitting your head on a near by bed side table and broke your wrist trying to break your fall. Breanne was actually the one who called the ambulance. There is more..." the nurse said slowly, looking at the young man next to me occasionally, like she didn't know how much to say.

"Go on," I pleaded.

"I don't want to say too much more without the doctor here, but you man begin to feel some back and or chest pain. When you fell, you fell on some sort of rod that pierced your lung. You had emergency surgery, and will have a follow up surgery to repair more. We weren't sure how much time you could be under. We have to be careful with head injuries. Well, the doctor will want to know you are up," she said walking out the door.

"Wait!" I started. I noticed the stranger's hand was back to holding mine. I pulled away from his grip but he held on tighter this time. "What are you doing?" I practically shouted at the man. His eyes met mine and I noticed for the first time he had very pretty brown eyes. As if he snapped out of a dream, he let go of my hand and began to appoligize.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that. We barely know each other. I've just been worried about you..." he said staring at the floor.

"Perhaps if you told me who you are and why you are here, then I can forgive your forwardness," I said smiling. I was amused by this stranger's behavior.

"I am who you would have been auditioning in front of. I'm Brendon Urie." He said grinning and sticking out his hand to shake mine.

I was shocked! I knew he looked familiar, but I never would have guessed! Especially in my hospital room! My hand met his in a warm, friendly handshake. However, he didn't let go right away. I began to feel lightheaded and rested back on the pillows, closing my eyes. He let go of my hand, and I felt his lips touch my forehead. I wanted to open my eyes, but I was suddenly exhausted and I must have fallen asleep.
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