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Stuck at the Meet and Greet

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Shayla reluctantly goes to Panic's meet and greet.

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Autumn Shayla Harris walked into the local f.y.e. with her best friend. Zoey was extra
excited and wasn't afraid to show it as she squealed at the sight of her favorite band.

"They're really here Lala! Aren't you excited?"

Autumn, or Shayla, as she liked to be called, rolled her eyes, as Zoey hopped up and down like a hyper, twelve year old fan chick. "I'm going to the bathroom." Shayla muttered as she fell out of the line, leaving Zoey to stare after her.

Not that she didn't enjoy some of their hits, but she just didn't consider herself a hardcore fan. Not like Zoey, who spent hours at a time on the 'net trying to learn everything she could about Panic. Preparing herself to carry on conversations with each of them. Conversations she'd probably never get to have. Meanwhile, Shayla couldn't even tell them apart.

After using the facilities, and washing her hands, Shayla looked at herself in the mirror, gently combing through her wavy hair. The golden highlights were holding up well in her chocolate brown locks, and she was certainly glad she got them. Sighing, Shayla exited, and crashed into a solid figure as the door swung shut behind her. "Hey buddy, watch where you're..." Shayla paused as she stared into the face of a baby-faced guy, dressed in skinny jeans, a vintage tee, and a velour blazer.

"Sorry." He mumbles as he takes in Shayla's frown. "No. It's ok. I'm sorry I snapped at you."
She replied, thinking that he was sorta cute. In a spiky haired, skinny jean wearing sorta way.

"I'm Lala." She held out her hand, since he was very much still blocking her path. He shook it. "Lala?" He questioned, eyebrow raised and the beginnings of a smile on the corner of his perfect mouth. She smiled fully. "It's a nickname. Short for Shayla." He nodded in understanding.

"Well, Lala. I'm Brendon..." "Nice to meet you." She was amazed when this kid all of a sudden became cocky, leaning against the wall, and still blocking her in. "So, are you here for the meet and greet?" He asked, shocked she hadn't recognized him if she was. "Yeah, well, actually, no. My best friend is the Panic fan." Shayla saw him pout a bit, pushing those gorgeous, kissable lips together.

"Oh." Was all he said, looking down at his shoes. No wonder she hadn't recognized him. They both lingered a moment, the attraction definitely mutual. "Yeah, so I should be getting back to said best friend before she passes out or something...Maybe I'll see you in line?"

Brendon makes eye contact with Shayla again, making her blush under his intense gaze. "What? Oh yeah. Definitely." He replied, that sweet smirk appearing on his lips again.

"Ok." He continues to the restroom, turning to watch her walk away, and she joins Zoey, who is about sixth in line now.

Zoey sucks her teeth when she sees Shayla appear. "Damn. Took long enough," She paused, noticing her b/f's smile. "What the hell have you done?"

"What? I'm not a deviant. I've done nothing."
Shayla grinned.

"Then what is it? You have that crazy ass smile on your face and I'm afraid..." Zoey joked. Shayla laughed.

"Zo,...I met a guy....."


A/N- So this is my very first celeb fic. Very first. I usually write Degrassi stories. Anyway, any feedback is greatly appreciated. I really want it to turn out nicely. Don't worry. I'm a grown ass girl and I can take a little flaming, as long as you can tell me where you think I'm messing up. -Krissy-
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