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Star Struck....well, kinda

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The set-up...

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"Well?" Zoey asked as she dug through her 'clandestine' brand bag.
She was a real groupie, tis true. Shayla had one, but only because she thought it was cute. She had no idea what the hell a clandestine was.

"Aha!," Zoey grinned triumphantly, pulling her camera out. "Well what? I don't see him yet. Shayla answered, eyes screening the crowd. "God, I swear, why do these people get up there and talk their eardrums off? I'll never get my turn!"

Zoey received a sketchy look. "So you can do the exact same thing? You are such a groupie." "I'm not. Just passionate is all." Zoey stifled a giggle, Shayla couldn't. "Passionately on the brink of obsession! Can you say restraining order?!" She laughed out loud, causing several fans to turn and look at them.

"Hardy, har har. Damnit. Let's not forget how utterly ignorant you got when All American Rejects were in town." Zoey accused, tilting her head. Shayla blushed as she remembered the stunt she pulled to receive her backstage passes. It worked, because Tyson and the guys did tell her how kick ass they thought she was.

Shayla folded her arms over her chest. "You promised all the A.A.R. jokes would stop Zo." It was Zoey's turn to laught as her friend play pouted.

Meanwhile, behind the long, conference type table, Brendon sat with his eyes fixated on the lovely brunette with the long legs joking with her girlfriend. Ryan leaned over towards his buddy.

"What do you see Bren?" He asked nudging his shoulder a little. "Nothing. You feeling ok Ry?" He chuckled awkwardly, already knowing what Ryan was thinking. Ryan snapped his head up, catching a glimpse of the two girls who looked about their age and were about third in line. 'Hmm. They are cute.' He thought, and looked back to Brendon. Just what he didn't need. Girl trouble.

The next group of fans stepped up to get their autographs and Zoey sighed, then cursed. "Damnit." Shayla smiled at her emotional galpal, who was now holding the camera up to her face. "Zoey, no. No pictures." "Come on Lala. Gimme that winning smile." She teased, and Shayla played along, posing, grinning and laughing. Until their eyes met...

"Oh, my God." "What?, What is it?"
"It's him. Zo. It's my guy. I mean, the boy, from the washroom!" Zoey followed Shayla's glare, and her eyes bugged out. Her jaw drops, and she barely whispers, "Stop lying."
Shayla shook her head, 'no'. "Lala. That's Brendon Urie. He's Panic's lead singer. Are you sure it was...?" "Yes! I'm sure. I could never forget those eyes...Or those lips. Besides, he told me his name...Brendon..." Shayla gasped, bringing her fingers to her lips.

Brendon smirked to himself as he watched Shayla caught his eye. She immediately covered her mouth as she realized who he was. Ryan looked at him strangely, and Jon and Spencer were oblivious to the entire situation.

"You know her?" Ryan asked, scrawling his loopy signature on a panic tee shirt. Brendon, smiled slightly for a quick picture, then answered. "We just met. On my bathroom break." Ryan sighed and checked out his friend's expression.

"I'm not staying. I can't face him. It's too embarrassing!" Shayla started to back up. "No way!" Zoey grabbed her arm. "Zo, I didn't even know who he was, yet I'm here at his band's meet and greet. Who, by the way, I said I wasn't a fan of."

"Well, it's too late now anyways. We're next hot ass." Zoey smirked, and dragged her friend up to the table.
"Hey ladies. How are you?" Spencer said, smiling warmly like the true charmer we all know he is (Oh. Did I leave my position as narrator for a minute? Yeah, sorry.). "Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Zoey. And my friend here is Shayla." The guys greeted both girls, but Brendon's eyes never lef Shayla's. "We've already met. Right Lala?" Shayla blushed. "Yes. We have."

While Zoey chatted up Spencer, Ryan stared at the dark-haired young woman in front of him, and he could see why Brendon was transfixed on her. She was quite lovely. But Brendon couldn't afford to get involved. He knew that. Ryan knew that.

"Anything you want signed?" He asked in his 'low' voice. uh-oh.
A smile slowly spread across her lips. "I don't have anything." "Don't worry. I can give you something." She turned away, ashamed of her now reddened cheeks.
Brendon took a t-shirt from it's packaging and slid it down the table for his bandmates to sign before he did. Ryan noticed his exceptionally long sig, but didn't comment. Instead, he sparked more conversation.

"So, Clandestine huh? You a FOB fan?" Shayla looked puzzled. Zoey elbowed her. "Fall out boy." "Oh! Yeah. They're cool too." Ryan's mouth turned up a tad in one corner.

The girls took a few pictures of, then with, the band before leaving. As they walked towards the door, Brendon winked at Shayla, who gave the smallest of waves in response.

After getting into the car, Shayla fastened her seatbelt. "You were so flirting!" "No I wasn't. And so what if I was, no harm done. Right?"
Shayla said, reading over each guys signature on the shirt she held.
"What did Brendon write?" Zoey asked, turning the key in the ignition. "I don't know..." Shayla answered as she unfolded the shirt to find his name.

There was a brief silence as Zoey pulled out of the parking lot.

"Holy shit, Zo. He left me his cell number." Shayla's eyes widened.

"Huh? You're kidding right?"

"No! He left his number, and he wants me to call him...So we can go out tomorrow!"

a/n- yeah, so that was an extremely long post. feel free to leave a comment. or whatever. I promise, this story will get better.
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