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You can find me in the club....

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I love that song... This chap has a little FOB crossover,...

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Zoey, Shayla, and their other friend and roommate, Angel, walked into the after hours spot hosting the DecayDance afterparty. "Lala, Do you think the whole band will be here?" Shayla frowned. "I don't know. Brendon didn't say. And I didn't ask." "I still can't believe my best friend is going on a date with a rock star." "It's not a friggin date guys. Geez." Shayla grumbled, and smoothed her clothing, for the 90th time since they left their apartment. Angel and Zoey rolled their eyes and smiled at each other. Their girl was in denial.

They girls noticed the bank playing was The Hush Sound, another one of Panic's labelmates. Angel tossed her hair back, and bopped her head to the beat. "Hey. You guys think Pete will be here?" She grinned, referring to Pete Wentz. Shayla rolled her eyes. Another flipping groupie. "I doubt it Ang." Is all she said back. "Wouldn't it be fucking wicked if he was? He's so bonable." Zoey added. "Ugh... you two need help. Stay where I can find you. I'm heading to the ladies'." Shayla groaned and started to walk off. "Lala! How about bring me back a cute rocker this time will ya?" Zoey called after her, laughing at her own joke.

Instead of going to the restroom like she said, Shayla decided to hit the bar. She wasn't quite legal yet, but the neon band on her arm proved otherwise. Shayla showed it to the bartender, who proceeded to ask her what her poison was. She fixed her mouth to reply, but stopped when she felt a hand gently grab her hip. Being the fiesty firecracker that she was, she wasn't going to stand for creepy guys pawing all over her. She turned to call the stranger a few choice names when she noticed who's eyes were looking back at her.

Seeing her angry face, Brendon backed up a little bit. "Easy Tigeress." Her expression softened.
"I'm sorry. I don't take to being felt up by strangers. I was going to let someone have it." "And I probably would have been intimidated, except for the fact that I know you were named after a teletubbie." "Very funny." She smiled before dismissing the bartender. "So, You enjoy the show?" "Actually, I did. I'm impressed." Brendon chuckled. "Good to hear...So, no drink?" "No, I think I'll wait." "Are you even old enough to drink?" Shayla's eyes widened, and she put a mock shocked face on. "Now Mr. Urie, you know a fellow should never ask a lady her age." "So that's a no?" Shayla giggled, and Brendon grabbed her by the hand. "Come on." He told her.

"Where are we going?" She questioned, looking perplexed. "Don't you trust me?" "Of course, it's just...I'm leaving Zoey. And Angel." Brendon weaved their way through the crowd, "No problem. You have your cell don't you? Text them. Tell them to meet you." She shrugged, and they went up a set of stairs into a room with a huge window. The whole dance floor was visible from there.

"Guys, you remember Shayla, don't you?" Spencer and Jon looked up, said their hellos, then continued their intense 'Madden 07' conversation.

"Where's your fourth?" Shayla asked, sfter glancing around and not seeing Ryan. "He's not into partying much anymore. Probably snuggled in his hotel bed if I had to guess. Oh! And that's Pattycakes there. You might recognize him. A little." Brendon joked. Shayla shook hands with the shy FOB frontman. "Nice to meet you. I dig you guys' stuff a lot." "Woah! At least she knew who you were Pat!" Shayla twisted her mouth at Brendon, who laughed. "Thanks. My better half is here too, somewhere. In his element. He loves his adoring public, after all." Patrick stated, and Brendon clarified, "Pete." "Oh. I knew that." So he was there. Angel would be happy to hear that.

Brendon gestured Shayla over to the couch he seated himself on. "I don't bite." He said. "How do I know that?" She smirked, then sat beside him. He looked as if he was thinking of something clever to say.
"You know what? You better let your friends know where you are." He remeinded her. "Oh, yeah." She trailed off, and opened her phone. After sending Zoey a brief message on where she was and how to get there, she tossed the phone back into her purse and noticed Brendon was still watching her.

"How about that drink?" She smiled.

By the end of the night, you would've thought Shayla and Brendon were old buddies. She found his so easy to talk to, levelheaded, and not at all absorbed by the rock star lifestyle. Plus, he only interrupted their conversations once. When he got a call on his cell and left the room to answer.
And even though Zoey was originally interested in Spencer, who had a serious girlfriend, it was Patrick who took every number she could be reached at into his sidekick before they went home.

"I want to see you again." Brendon said softly as he walked Shayla hand in hand to her car. "You do, do you? And how is that going to happen? You're leaving tomorrow?" He leaned on his toes, and tucked his free hand behind his back. "I'll...figure something out. I like you 'lollipop'." Shayla giggled at his use of the name Pete gave her. He leaned forward until their lips were barely brushing. " So is this, uh...the first kiss?" She murmured. "Well what do you know? Indeed it is." He pressed hi smouth on hers gently, as if he was trying to savor the moment. Shayla sighed as he pulled away, a little disappointed he hadn't tried to deepen the kiss with his tongue. But by no means was she going to complain. He was a gentleman. "I'll call you." He kissed her cheek.
"I had a great time Brendon. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. Hopefully sooner than later?" "Definitely sooner." He said as he watched her get into her car.

a/n- ok. Now the initial stuff has happened, and we can get into the story. Sorry if it's moving a little slow, but we'll get there. We'll also learn soon why Ryan is acting the way he is, and what's the mystery about Shayla and the all american rejects? eh, read on to find out....
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