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Phone calls and Tube socks

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She really likes him.

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A number of weeks later....

Shayla curled up on the comfy, leather sofa in her apartment, underneath her favorite comforter while her roommates dressed to go out. It was Friday, and once again, Shayla was standing her friends up to wait on Brendon's call.

"Lala, are you sure you won't come?" Angel asked, twirling one of her bracelets in her fingers. "Are you kidding Ang? If Brendon were here in person, they'd be attached at the hip. Or lips..." Zoey teased. Shayla blushed. "Shut up, Zo. Like you and Patrick haven't gotten close." "Yeah, but not like you two. It's pretty sickening."
"Don't listen to her, Shay. I think it's beautiful. I'm totally jealous." Shayla smiled.

"Yeah, yeah, come on Angelic.(?) See you later Lala." "Ok. Be safe. Have fun. All that." "...And stop friggin' calling me that..."
Shayla chuckled as she heard her friends fuss while heading out the door. Sighing, she cradled the pink cordless in her lap, willing it to ring.

Brendon was suffering from jetlag. They'd flown all day, and all he wanted to do was crash. Then he remembered his nightly phone call. While the rest of his bandmates headed to their respective hotel rooms, he lingered behind.

"Bren, I thought you were exhausted." Ryan commented, yawning.
Brendon smiled mischieviously at him. "I've got an important call to make Georgie. Then, I'll go to bed."
Ryan stared at his friend skeptically, but was too tired to argue with him. "Fine. See you in the morning.." Ryan sighed, then trudged to the elevator. Brendon followed, a bit slower, and got into one of the other elevators, dialing the all too familiar numbers.

Shayla nearly fell from the couch when she heard the phone. "Damn. I must've dozed off." She cursed as she felt for the ringing telephone.
"Hello?" She answered when she finally found it.

"Hey. I almost gave up."

Shayla smiled. "Hey yourself. And no, I'm here." "Were you asleep?" He asked when he heard the huskyness of her voice. "I think I might have been..." "I'm sorry..I can call you back..." "No. I'm fine. I mean, I've been waiting for you all day." Shayla began to blush violently as soon as her words came out.

There was a brief silence. "Really?"
And Shayla could literally hear his smile forming. "I mean,...Oh hell Bren, you know it." It got quiet again.

She spoke first. "How was the show last night?" "Great. Only we had to catch the flight here right after, and we're all shit-faced." "Aww, I'm sorry. I'll let you go off to sleep..." "I'm already in bed." He interrupted. "Oh, well, in that case, what are you wearing?" Shayla joked, lowering her voice. Brendon laughed. "That's why you're so neat Shayla. You keep me laughing. And f.y.i., nothing but boxer briefs, tube socks, and a smile."

Shayla burst into a fit of giggles, and Brendon sighed. "I can't wait to see you, and you know, spend more time with you." She squeezed her eyes shut, and breathed deep.

"Me too. When do you think that might be?"

"Soon. I'm hoping. I'm planning."
"Well, make sure you bring those tube socks k?" They both laughed this time.

"Will do."

Shayla sunk into the sofa after she and Brendon hung up. It had been a while now since she'd been involved with a guy. And her last relationship ended pretty badly. She put her all into it, and found that her ex was just like all the others. That's why she liked Brendon. He was different. He'd been honest with her from the very beginning. She liked him. a lot.

The next morning, Shayla awoke to the sound of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers blasting on mtv. She was still on the couch. She looked over and spotted Angel on the loveseat, knocked out. She heard Zoey singin along to the song in the kitchen.

"Zo. Good mornin'." She said perching on a bar stool in front of the counter. "Hey Lala. Breakfast?" Zoey asked, nodding towards the omelet ingredients in front of her.
"Sure. Need help?" "Nope." Shayla smiled a slow smile at her cheery buddy. "You're mighty chipper today." Shayla noted, firing the coffee maker up. "Just got off the phone." And she full out grinned. Shayla nodded knowingly. "Things are going well for the two of you I'm guessing?" "So well. How's you know who? I know you talked to him last night. I noticed you smiling in your sleep." Zoey smirked and her friend smiled at her.

"He's perfect..."

a/n- ok. thanks guys for the reviews. I just need an opinion, with the fourth chapter already out, how should I incorporate Shayla's past in? Should I try? Or just move on?

(?)-Angelic is Angel's full name.
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