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Menage' a...Quad???

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a little background, and friends plan a surprise for Shayla.

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Things were going great in Zoey's life. Her relationship (if you wanted to call it that) with Dear Patrick, not to mention her recent promotion at work. What more could a girl ask for?

For her best friend to be happy of course.

Shayla and Zoey grew up together. They had been close for as long as both of them remember. Which is odd, because their mothers were high school rivals. They went through so much together, so Zoey hadn't even thought twice about her moving in with her and Angel when she'd shown up at her door that day.....

__________a little flashback goodness________

Shayla walked into the house earlier than she was supposed to. She had been to the OB/GYN to change her birth control. The pills she'd been on were keeping her terribly sick, and Dane was starving for her attention.

Her GYN was usually always swamped, and it took hours to be seen. This day, however, was different. This day she was in and out within an hour, and already back home. The home she shared with her sister, Erica.

Erica's car was in the driveway, yet the house was deathly quiet inside. Shayla thought nothing of it, deciding Erica had ridden with one of her friends, and headed towards the kitchen, dropping her purse on the couch. After grabbing a cold nestea, she cocked her head, certain she'd heard a moan. Now the Tv in the family room wasn't what exactly was dear sister up to? Shayla got her camera phone ready, and decended down the hall grinning, overjoyed at catching her prim and proper big sis in a compromising position with her latest conquest.

But damnit, when the door creaked open she wished she hadn't let her curiousity get the better of her. The sight was unbelievable. There was Erica, in her room, kneeling in between her boyfriend's legs with his...his her mouth, bringing him closer to ecstasy with each pull. He was squirming, and moaning into the mouth of Erica's best friend as she kissed him.

Shayla couldn't speak. She couldn't move. They hadn't even noticed her. "Oh my God," She whispered, causing them to stop what they were up to. "Shayla!" Erica gasped, right before she made her exit.

Needless to say, the relatioship ended, and adding insult to injury, Erica became pregnant with Dane's 'lust child'. Leaving the losers to themselves, Shayla packed up and moved in with Zoey and Angel.

Almost a year ago now, and she hasn't seen or spoken to Erica or Dane since. Erica called once the kid was born, but Shayla never bothered to go see them. Dane had tried many times to contact her without prevail. The last she heard the happy family was living together in the same house she found them in.

So that was then, and Shayla had finally gotten over it, for the most part, with the help of good friends and lots of Ben and Jerry's. Which brings us back to the present time.

"So what's the great news you had for me Pattycakes?" Zoey asked Patrick during one of their late night phone calls. "Ok. You're lucky I like you, and even luckier you're so cute. That's the only reason you get away with that." Patrick replied, obviously disgusted with the petname.

"Aw, aren't I special? Continue Mr. Stump, please." "Well, Brendon and the fellas are going to have a six day break in tour real soon. He wants to surprise Shayla. I told him I'd relay the message to you, and we'd all plot on how to set her up." "You know what? That's a good idea. And I already have the perfect plan cooking up in my head..."

I'm really trying here, but I'm making it up as I go along...I wanted to take the advice someone gave me (wink, wink! and thanks, I will shower u with reviews)and run with it, by trying to give shed a little light on Shayla's past. I hope this is ok. Please tell if you think it's shitty.

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