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There's a Brennybear in my bed...

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The reunion...

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"Dude, trust. A night out is just what you need." Zoey was trying to get a reluctant Shayla out of the house. "You've abandoned us." She added, searching through her friend's closet. Shayla laughed. "I have not."

She had been a little reclusive, but Brendon hadn't phoned in three days. She missed him. They'd only been talking a short while, but she was getting that feeling again. The one she always got when IT's about to happen. Loosely translated, she was falling...Hard. She hadn't felt for any guy since, well, since Dane. That sister humping fucker who tore out her heart, ripped it to shreds, and fed it to his red nosed pit bull puppy. I swear, all evil cold-hearted bastards must have one of those. Damnit! there I go again! Back to the story....

"Earth to Lala? Here, bitch." Zoey shoved a short, frilly, denim skirt and into her hands. Shayla shook her head, yanking her 'Jesus loves you, but satan thinks you're a wuss' t-shirt from it's hanger. Zoey scrunched up her nose at the wash worn tee. "Ew. Don't be fucking disgusting Shay. You have to look hot tonight." "And why is this?"
Zoey winked. "To keep up with me, of course!"

The girls finally agreed on a pair of dark jeans, and a red bustier with an empire waist and itty, bitty, bows on each strap. "What are you up to Zoey Elizabeth?" Shayla asked her friend, raising an eyebrow. Zoey smirked. "Trust me. You'll love my surprise."

"Her 'surprise' in fact, had just gotten into town and was getting settled into his hotel room.

Brendon checked his watch as he pulled his jeans on. Zoey said she would send Angel to get him once she got in touch of her. Meanwhile, he'd showered, redressed, and sat anxiously. He jumped the first time his phone went off.

"Yo." He answered.

"Bren. You made it. I was just checking." It was Pete.

"Yup. I'm here." "Have you seen 'Lollipop' yet?" "Not yet. Her friend Angel is coming to get me soon." "Ry is pissed. You know that don't you?" Brendon rolled his eyes. "Ry should get a life, get laid, and stay out of my business." He muttered. "I agree. But he does have a bit of a reason to be upset." "Peter,..." "Ok. Ok. That's the last you'll hear from me about it. Kiss the ladies. I gotta go. The new shirts are in, and I haven't seen them yet."
"Ok. Call you later."

Brendon punched the 'end' button and tossed the phone back on the bed beside him. He had enough going on without his best friend butting in his affairs. A few days apart would definitely do them good.

Shorty after 1:00 am, Shayla stuck her key in the lock and walked over the threshold of their apartment with Zoey on her heels, feeling the cool air rush over her skin. "Have I told you I love you lately? I had a great time Zo." "No prob. I'm just glad I could drag you out of here for a few hours. Ugh, I have to get out of there shoes! They're killing me." Zoey headed to her room.

Shayla couldn't explain it, she just felt really...weird. She looked around, then shrugged. Trying to shake it off. Shayla opened her room door and Zoey grinned to herself. After kicking of her heels, she plopped down on her bed. "Ow!" Shayla jumped, then screamed.

"What the fuck?? Bren?" He grunted, and sat up, pushing her blankets back. "The one and only." He said rubbing his right eye. "What are you doing here?" Brendon smiled. "Got a few days off. I told you I as planning. And I even brought the socks." He pointed, and she checked out his attire: a snug fitting white hoodie, navy blue boxer briefs, and a pair of high ass tube socks. Shayla erupted in laughter before he placed a soft kiss on her lips.
Suddenly, she remembered his lack of communication the last few days and pushed him away. His mouth formed a pout she almost couldn't resist, and he reached for her again.

"You haven't called me in like...a week." It was his turn to laugh. "It's only been three days. And I honestly didn't mean to upset you." He cupped her chin once more, and this time she allowed it. Shayla thought she'd died and gone to heaven as their tongues touched for the first time.

"You set me up didn't you?" She whispered, still breathless from their kiss. He stroked he hair, pushing a stray strand from her face. "A little bit. But I had help." He answered, giving her another kiss. He'd almost forgotten how beautiful she really was while he wasn't in her presence. "I'm going to kill Zo." Yet another kiss. "Patrick was in on it too. Matter of fact, I think everyone knew but you." "Gee, thanks for that."

They continued to kiss as Zoey appeared in the doorway. "I'm so glad I could be of service." She smiled. "Thanks Zo. You sneaky whore." Shayla mumbled, her eyes never leaving Brendon's face. "Yeah, thanks Zo." Brendon added. Zoey giggled.

"Goodnight bitches." She pulled the door shut, and went to give Patrick a call.

I'm so sorry if this chapter was dull. I don't claim to be a literary genius, if that is the word I'm looking for. But I'm pretty sick and this came off the top of my head. Nyquil is a bitch yo.
Better next time, I swear. -Krissy-
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