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Rollercoasters and the Queen of Corn

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a date...

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Brendon awoke the following morning next to Shayla in her bed. They both had the comforter pulled up to their chins. Someone forgot to turn down the thermostat down again, and the air conditioning ran all night.

He peeked over at Shayla's sleeping form and smiled. Mentally reliving their heated make-out session from the previous night.

Her milk-chocolate colored eyes searing into his own, her gentle touch, his wandering hands...

They hadn't had sex. It was too soon, she thought, but when they did, he could just imagine...

Suddenly, he became bored with just staring, so Brendon decided to try and rouse her. Which took a tad bit of bravery considering he'd never slept with this girl, therefore, not knowing if she was pleasant when she awoke or not. He gently grazed his fingers over her arms, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. She, herself didn't stir, so he tried a different approach.

He kissed her, on the side of her neck, right under her ear. She moaned softly, and he grinned to himself. He lowered his face once again to repeat his action, but her eyes fluttered open.

"What's the story, morning glory?" He asked her.

"Morning." She replied, slightly returning his smile.

"Sleep well?"

"Very. Would you like it if I made breakfast?"

"I say..Yes. As long as I can have you all to myself today. Maybe, you can take me sightseeing?...Lunch, Dinner?" Shayla smiled.


After making breakfast for the four of them, Brendon, Zoey, Angel, and herself, Shayla showered and dressed. Brendon had already showered and they commenced to his hotel so that he could change clothes.

She waited patiently for him to get dressed in slim-fitting jeans (what else?), a t-shirt, and a fitted cap.

He had a pair of sunglasses in his pocket, and his ever present hoodie in his arms. Oh, the influence of Dear sweet Mr. Peter Wentz...

"Where are you taking me?" Brendon asked once they were back in the car. "To the most exciting place around here...I'll give you a hint, rollercoasters, merry-go-rounds, high schoolers in hot, sweaty, character costumes walking around..."

"A real amusement park? Sweet! I've never been."

"Are you serious? Wow." Brendon nodded. "You really have been sheltered haven't you?" Shayla muttered.


They entered the park close to thirty minutes later, and Shayla refused to let Brendon pay. She told him she wasn't interested in spending his money, and that she was taking him out today anyway. He obliged.

"Well, it's your oyster honey." She said, raising her arm dramatically.
Brendon's eyes lit up like a child's at Christmas.

"I want to ride the biggest, baddest, coaster in this place!" He replied, pulling her along by the hand.

Maybe this was the time to tell him she was deathly afraid of heights.

After the sun set, and the number of patrons declined, Shayla and Brendon strolled around aimlessly, hand in hand. "We've done just about everything there is to do haven't we?" He asked, a small pout forming on his lips.

"Yup. Pretty much." She replied, giggling before kissing that pout softly. "You could have told me you were afraid of rollercoasters." He teased.

"But I wasn't afraid..." "Ok, Shayla, if you say you weren't afraid because you had me, you are officially crowned the Queen of Corn." Brendon laughed.

"I wasn't afraid because...I was with you, now bow down to your royal highness!" She giggled again, and he pulled her close by the waist. "Uh-huh, royal highness." He mumbled before they embraced, and began to kiss right there in front of everyone. They were so engulfed in their play that they didn't even notice the presence of the eleven year old girl beside them.

"Ahem." She cleared her throat. Smart kid. Brendon and Shayla broke apart. "Hey." He said.

"Um, h-hi.. Bren...Mr. Urie...I just wanted to know if maybe I could have your autograph?...Please?"
Haha. Nervous much? Brendon smiled warmly. "Tell you what? Since you're the first person to recognize me all day. You get your autograph, and a picture ok?" The girl's eyes widened and she kind of, well, squealed.

"What's your name sweetie?"

"Regina." She replied.

He signed her book while Shayla stood there awkwardly smiling. She took the little girl's camera to take her picture, while Brendon bent down to her level.

"By the way," He said in her ear, "Mr. Urie is my Daddy's name." And he kissed her cheek as Shayla snapped the picture.

"Wait Bren! One more! She has to be able to see your face."

Meanwhile, poor Regina looked as if she could have a coronary at any moment.

After she got her camera back, she grinned and said, "I know it's not my business, but your girlfriend's really nice...And pretty." And she was gone.

"That had to be the sweetest kid ever." Shayla laughed.

"Yeah, and not to mention her impeccable taste."

Brendon wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and Shayla rested her head on his. "You know what? I forgot for a minute, about the band, everything...Nobody's noticed you all day."

"Yeah, does wonders for a guy's ego...Just like when a girl bumps into a guy IN a record store and still doesn't know who he is." Brendon joked.

"But those are the kind of girls you want to keep around don't you?"

"Those are definitely the kind of girls I'd want around." He kissed her head. "And Shay?"


"All hail the Queen." They both laughed.

__just 1 more fast forward, i swear!

Brendon and Shayla made it back to his hotel with a quickness. It began with the small exchanges between stop lights, and now it was a full blown lusty make out, round two. Neither knew where it would lead, but figured it was worth finding out.

"God, how many floors does this damned place have!?" Shayla exclaimed as Brendon had her body pressed up against the elevator wall. He glanced up, "Not much longer." He breathed, and dipped down to her neck. "I want you so much." He whispered, before licking her earlobe and sending shivers up her spine. Shayla smirked.

"Guess someone isn't the sweet, innocent, Bible clutching little mormon boy he used to be is he?"
He smiled at her and shook his head.

"Wow. Someone's been doing their fair share of googleing hasn't she?"
He teased, knowing he'd already filled her in on his past life.

The elevator finally stopped, and Brendon got out his key. It was Shayla's turn to torture him, gently sucking his neck while he fiddled with the key card. After the door was open, they stumbled inside, her first.

Brendon pulled at her top from behind, and she raised her arms in anticipation of him pulling it off, which he did. He caressed her spine and continued down to the waist of her pants, then stopped...

"Shayla...What the hell?"

My longest chap to date. I just want to take this space to thank my faithful reviewers: You keep reassuring me and making me feel good about my work. Hearing or reading duh...your words means a lot. So, thanks a hundred times and I hope u like where it's going.

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