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The afterglow...Dahling

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she's falling.....

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"Oh my God, you have to give de-tails!" Zoey screamed at her best friend as soon as she walked through the apartment door the following morning. Shayla just grinned.

"Now, now, Zo. You knowI don't kiss and tell." "Damn it, you can start today. Come on, you're killing me Lala." Shayla pulled her hair down from it's ponytail, still smiling knowingly.

"Ok, ok. What if I tell you something first?" Zoey's eyes lit up. "Fine, you first."

Zoey then held her hands up, palms showing, for dramatic effect. "Ok. Get this. I was talking to Pat on the phone right? Jesus, I can't believe I'm fucking dating Patrick frigging Stump!!...Ok, sorry, that's out of my system now," Shayla giggled. "But I was talking to Patrick last night, and he asked me to fly out to LA this week to be with him. For the whole week!" Shayla and Zoey jumped up and down screeching.

"That's awesome Zo! The whole week?"

"Yes. So the two of us are totally going to hunt down some amazing lingerie before I leave. I plan to blow that man's mind all week long!"

The girls continued to giggle excitedly.

"Mess around and you won't be coming back home. You'll be going to Chicago to meet the parents and set the wedding date before the baby comes."

"Oh my God! I'll be Zoey Elizabeth Stump! Shut up. Don't jinx me."
Shayla laughed until her side hurt. Zoey had this serious, yet amused, orgasmic thing going on with her face. But she soon returned to normal.

", what? Tell me!!" Zoey spoke again before she had the chance.

"He found the tattoo."

"You mean, you hadn't told him about it?" Zoey cocked an eyebrow.

"No! We just got know, and it just slipped my mind. Besides, what was I supposed to say? Hey Bren, before I fuck you silly I have another man's lips tattooed on my ass? Well, not exactly my ass, but.."

"Yeah, I know, I was there, remember? What did he say?" Shayla leaned on the kitchen counter. "He asked me what the hell it was, so I explained it to him the best I could."

Not long ago, the All American Rejects, which happen to be Shayla's favorite band, came to town. The local rock station had a contest: 'What would you do for a night with a bunch of Rejects?' And the person who did the most outlandish thing got to attend the show in front row seats, plus get to hang out with the band. And well, with Tyson, Nick, Chris and Mike agreeing to supply their lip prints, and the addition of the AAR logo and the words 'Property of' in bold black ink, Shayla scored. Only problem is, even though she'd had a freaking blast with the four guys, the tattoo was for life. And anyone she ever got involved with would have to see it.

"But everything worked out...I mean, you had a pretty big smile on your face when you came in and uh.." Zoey motioned towards all the dark bruises on her neck.

Shayla grinned again, and began to blush. "The afterglow, dahling. The wonderful afterglow."

Zoey threw her head back and laughed heartily. "How was it? Was it good?"

"After I helped regather the wood*, if you catch my was great. It definitely wasn't what I was expecting."

"And what were you expecting?" Shayla played in her hair, "I don't know, for him to be inexperienced? For it to be a little awkward, but, it was AMAZING." Shayla bit her lower lip and the grin spread back across her face as she remembered she and Brendon's first night together. Zoey took notice of the gleam in her friend's eyes.

"You are so going to do it." She said. Shayla snapped back from her daydream.


"Fall in love with him..."

Zoey's words echoed in Shayla's mind. If they rang true, it wouldn't be long before it came to past. She was already well on her way.....

Across town, Brendon turned over in the soft, hotel room bed determined to fall back asleep. Only he couldn't stop thinking about Shayla. Even with the crazy tattoos, she was everything he wanted. But then there was....

Brendon was yanked from his thoughts by the buzzing of his cell phone. He groaned, stretching as he felt for it on the nightstand.

"Bren, what's up?"

"Nothing much. What about you?"

"A bunch of shit. I'd rather be back on that damned bus. How's it going with Shayla?"
Brendon heard her name and smiled.

"She's amazing. I don't know how I'm going to leave her. We spent the whole day together all day yesterday. Just me and her. She's great."

Jon laughed. "Ok, ok I'm convinced. But what about...?" Brendon cut him off, frowning.

"Don't...even. I'll deal with that when the time is right. I'm enjoying myself now. Where's Spence and Ry?"

"Ry's with Beckett. I think he took him to the mall or some shit. And Spence hasn't gotten here from L.V. yet."

"Well, I leave here tomorrow, so I guess I'll see you guys when I get there."

"Then it's back on the road. See ya bud." They hung up, and Brendon sighed and scratched his head. He could still smell traces of Shayla's perfume on the sheets. He inhaled, groaned and fell face first back into his pillow.

"How did I get myself into this?" He asked himself.

Shayla drove Brendon to the airport after spending a rather hot, streamy, last night together. "You won't have anyone else's lips tattooed on your back while I'm gone will you?" He asked her jokingly, holding her in his arms while they waited for his flight to board.

"No, at least not anyone you know this time." Brendon laughed. "You know I could catch hell for that don't you? My girl, with four other guys, no,no, another band's lips above her ass..."

Shayla nuzzled her nose in his neck, but stopped to look into his face. "Wait a minute...Your girl?"

The corners of Brendon's mouth turned up, but he held in his trademark grin. "Yeah, you know, I figured..." Shayla cut him off by placing her mouth to his soft lips. "So is that a can't wait until you get back to see me kiss?" Brendon whispered before she kissed him again.

"Hurry back to me ok? I'll be waiting."

"As soon as I can, I promise. And Brendon Boyd Urie always keeps his promises."

The couple kissed again, longer and slower this time. "I'll call you as soon as I land ok?"
Shayla nodded, and began to release him. Brendon gave her one more kiss before walking away and disappearing. Shayla wiped a single, stray tear away.

Yup...Well on her way.....

*-any man would lose wood in this predicament I suppose...ahaha!

Sorry this took so damnit long to get out. and sorry if you're disappointed. i guess i could have been a bit more creative but what the hell, i don't design tattoos, i write fanfic! haha right? tell me what you think....
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