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My dedication:/ To P.-We'll miss you so much. Keep smiling that beautiful smile.../

About two weeks passed since Brendon left. He'd barely had enough time to call Shayla, so they mostly texted back and forth. Zoey was already gone to be with Patrick, and Angel spent most of her time working and hanging with her own boyfriend. Shayla was sort of lonely. And sort of lovesick. Ok, really lovesick. Brendon had really done a number on her.

She was alone in the house on a Friday night, watching a lifetime tv movie, when the phone rang.



"Zo! What's up? I miss you like crazy, bitch." Zoey laughed. "I miss you too."

"So what's going on? Are you like, finally taking a break from all that sex?" Shayla teased, picking at the little lint balls on her favorite blanket.

Zoey snorted. "What sex? We've had sex like, three times since I've been here. Patty's always busy."

"Aww, the angst. The torture." "Shut up. What I wanted to know actually was if Brendon is bringing you to the VMA's next Thursday. Has he mentioned it at all?" He had, in fact, mentioned it. Panic was performing, and nominated for an arm full of awards, and he asked her if she'd like to come along. Shayla told him there was no way she'd be able to skip work, and that was the last they spoke of it.

"Yeah, I already told him I can't. Are you going?" She asked her friend. "Uh, Yes! Patrick is even picking out my dress! You know I'm not allowed to walk the red carpet, but I do get to sit with them when we get in."

"That's awesome Zo. Send me pictures! I want to know how nervous Bren was before the show." Shayla smiled to herself. "You really are getting attached to him, aren't you?" She could hear Zoey's grin form on her lips.

Shayla blushed, even though nobody could see her. "He's...amazing, Zo. Sweet, funny, charming, great in bed...He's the first thing I think about in the morning, and the only thing that's on my mind when I go to sleep. I thnk I...I think...."

"I knew. I fucking knew it. You love him."

"I think I do."

Shayla was ecstatic. After admitting the way she felt for Brendon to Zoey, there was nothing stopping her from telling him as well. Unless of course, he didn't feel the same way. Now, that made her nervous. Either way, she felt it was something he should know. And she sure as hell didn't want to tell him that she loved him over a damned text message. She decided to call him.

It took a while before she could get an answer. When she did, it wasn't Brendon's voice she heard at all.

"Hello?" Shayla froze for a minute, then pulled the phone away, checking to make sure she dialed the right number.

"Uh...Hi....I'm, uh...looking for someone." She stuttered out.

"And who is it that you're looking for?" The cheery, very feminine voice asked.

"Brendon...Brendon Urie."

Shayla heard rattling on the other end. And other voices in the background, then another voice came onto the phone. One she immediately recognized. "Um, H-hey Shayla. It's me, Jon."

"Oh, hi Jon. Is Bren around?" Shayla smiled again. "Yeah, he's around. Outside somewhere...Can I have him give you a call back?" She raised an eyebrow, sensing something was definitely out of order.

"Yeah. Tell him I really need to talk with him. It's, like, super important."

"Wow. Are you pregnant or something?" Jon asked in a low voice. Shayla heard the amusement in his voice. She laughed, and then he did as well.

"No. I'm not pregnant. But I really have to talk to him tonight."

"I'll have him call you as soon as he gets in. Hang tight ok?"

"Ok. And thanks J-walk. You're the best." Jon laughed. "Been fooling around on the internet have we?" He joked. "A little." Shayla giggled.

They said goodbye and Jon once again promised to tell Brendon to call as soon as he saw him. But there was a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach. Something that told her things weren't right. Not right at all.

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