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Part Ten: "Unlike you, we're proud of being straight edge."

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I was able to drag this story out for another couple chapters!

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Later that evening

The girls, realizing they needed a vacation from their vacation, or, more importantly, a vacation from their slightly irritating boyfriends, quickly planned a last minute girl's night which included a spa treatment, shopping and a Celine Dion concert.

Pete was furious. "... But I like shopping! I like spa treatments, and I love Celine..." he stopped himself as he noticed the other guys giving him sidelong glances. "I mean... Celine should DIE!" he growled as manly as he could.

"Pete, honey," Stoop said, stroking his emolicious hair, "I know you like to secretly listen to Celine Dion, even though you tell everyone it's hip-hop, but frankly we don't want you guys around tonight."

Billie Joe looked slightly lost as he looked up at his girlfriend, "What are we supposed to do?"

Emma gave up her boyfriend a sympathetic look as she grabbed her purse and started to leave with the other girls. "Oh, you'll think of something," she admitted as she slipped out the door. To herself, she added quietly, "hopefully."

"Have fun!" Cheech said.

"Stay out of trouble," Dirnt told them as she slammed the door shut.

The guys stared stupidly at the closed door until Joe finally asked, "Now what?"

Billie Joe looked around, then started to hum mischievously as he headed toward the door.

"Where are you going?" Patrick asked.

Billie smirked evilly. "They said to stay out of trouble. Didn't they?"

Mike and Tre' picked up on Billie's hinting and quickly followed him.

Billie looked at the remaining guys. "You coming?"

"Where are we going?" Patrick asked again.

"You'll see."

15 minutes later

"A bar?" Patrick asked unbelievably.

"Uh, yeah. Duh," Billie Joe replied. He went up to the bartender. "Bartender, a round of... hey, what do you guys want?"

"We don't drink!"

"Unlike you, we're proud of being straight edge," Pete added.

Billie Joe pretty much ignored both of them. "Joe, Dude, Buddy."

"What?" Joe asked.

"You want something, right?"

Joe grinned, but quickly shook his head when he noticed his band mates glaring at him.

Billie didn't look impressed. "Three of your nicest, inexpensive beers and something fruity." Billie winked at Pete, Joe, Patrick and Andy. "If you four change your minds you can share that." Mike, Tre' and he grabbed their beers. "Pete, you wanna pay for this?" he asked as they walked away.

Pete gave him a death glare. "No, you fucking..."

Patrick put a hand on his arm. "Pete, he's just trying to push your buttons."

"Well, it's working Trick!" Pete blurted, grabbing Joe's drink and taking a gulp. He smiled slowly. "Mmm. It tastes like jelly beans."

"Pete, are you sure you can mix alcohol with your meds?"

"Can I get another one of these?" Pete asked the bartender.

Patrick rolled his eyes and shook his head. "I give up."

Two hours later

"I fucking love you, man," Pete slurred, hanging onto Billie Joe's neck and breathing a fruity blend of martinis and vodka in his face.

It didn't take a drunken idiot to tell that alcohol agreed with Pete WAY too well.

Billie Joe giggled. "You're drunk."

"No, YOU are," Pete argued. He attempted to stand up, but fell back down. "Woah."

Billie and Tre' laughed.

Pete frowned. "It's not funny, guys! Patrick wouldn't laugh at me! Where'd my Patrick go?" he asked, looking around incoherently.

Mike, who had somehow kept the most sober of the group, explained. "He went back to the hotel which is where you're going. I think you've had enough."

"Oh come on, Mike!" Tre' pleaded. "Let him stay. Drunk Pete is funny!"

Mike gave him "the look," then sighed, "Fine."

"Yay!" Tre' turned his attention back to Pete. "Hey Pete, try to stand up again!"

Pete smiled stupidly, got up and immediately fell face first on the floor.

"Yeah, we're going," Mike admitted, changing his mind. "Come on, asswipe."

Tre' and Billie pouted while Mike grabbed Pete and drug him back to the hotel.
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