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Part Eleven: "I'm never going to drink again!"

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The morning after the night before.

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The next morning

Stoop woke up, feeling very alone and almost drowning in her and Pete's giant bed. She looked around. "Pete?" She frowned and went into the little bedroom. "Patrick? Did Pete come back last night?"

Patrick blinked at her, answering sleepily, "Pete didn't come back last night?"

Stoop shut her eyes, afraid that Pete had gotten stuck in the rotating door again. Groaning she headed to the front door to find him.

Patrick quickly got up and followed her. "Hey. Wait up!"

Stoop gave Patrick a bored look, opened the door and was surprised to find a Pete topple on her feet. "Pete?" she asked stupidly.

Pete groaned.

She bent down and held his head. "What the hell happened?"

"I'm never going to drink again!" he groaned, bringing his fists to his face.

"You let Billie Joe get you smashed. Didn't you?" Patrick snapped angrily.

Stoop punched Pete brutally. Well, brutally for Pete. He bruised like a peach. "You let Billie take you drinking without me?" she yelled.

"I don't know!" Pete exclaimed rolling into a ball. "Why are you yelling?"

Stoop grabbed the back of Pete's shirt and drug him over to Billie Joe's hotel room. She pounded on the door. "Billie! Wake up!"

Billie Joe, who had passed out on the bathroom floor, lifted his head reluctantly, gave up and laid it back down. "Em!" he mumbled pathedically.

Emma snorted, sat up, hit her head on the top bunk, rolled over and fell on the floor. "Ow."

"Someone get the fucking door," Mike growled.

Billie Joe somehow stumbled over, threw open the door, just as Stoop decided to pound on it, and got knocked on the chest. He looked a little pissed off. "Yes?"

"Did you go drinking without me?"

Billie frowned. "But you don't... drink," he admitted slowly.

"So?" Stoop snapped. "It's the thought! I feel left out!"
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