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Part Twelve: "Okay, that can't be good."

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Could this really happen in real life? I don't know, but it would make a good cell phone commercial.

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Later that morning, at around check out time, the two bands and their girls decided to head back home. What were Joe's exact words?

"This place is boring. When do we go home?"

"Oh, my head," Pete groaned as they were back driving down the 101.

Emma stuck her head between Pete and Stoop in the front seat. "It's called a hang over, Pete, and it's a perfectly natural life occurrence."

Pete frowned at her. "Shut it, Chicka!"

Patrick rolled his eyes. "Pete, do you want me to drive?"

Pete pulled over and stopped. "Sure."

Pete and Patrick switched spots and they got going again.

"Shouldn't we call Billie and tell him we got behind?" Emma asked.

Joe frowned. "Why would we do that?"

"Because Patrick drives like an old lady and Billie... doesn't," she admitted.

Stoop agreed with her. "Billie can drive pretty crazy when it's not his car."

"Because his car can't go over 35 mph?" Emma guessed.

"I don't know. He's YOUR boyfriend."


The guys groaned.

As they were to find out two hours later, maybe they should've called Billie.

Two Hours Later

Andy looked up from his comic book. He didn't know much about cars, but he knew something wasn't right. "What's wrong with the car?"

"I don't know," Patrick said, pulling over again. As soon as he got off the highway, the car puttered to a stop. "Okay, that can't be good," Patrick admitted, turning the key and listening to the engine turn over.

Pete, who had fallen asleep, woke up at the weird sound coming from under the hood. "What the fuck's going on?"

"I seems that the car has stopped," Joe pointed out.

"Yeah, I can see that Captain Obvious!"

Joe frowned. "I know that sound!" he defended himself.

"Good. How do you fix it?" Pete snapped.

"I don't know! I just know the sound. It doesn't sound good."

Pete turned around and glared at his semi-retarded band mate. "Joe..."

Emma intervened. "Maybe I should try Billie. Maybe he didn't get too far a head."

Meanwhile. 100 miles away

Mike, who knew something about cars, heard a weird clicking sound coming from under the hood. "Billie, pull over."


Mike gave him a "duh" look. "I think you broke my fucking car."

Billie sniffed. "Didn't."

Suddenly, the clicking turned into a high-pitched whine.

"Billie, just park the damn car!" Dirnt snapped.

Billie Joe rolled his eyes and pulled over. "Damn," he said under his breath as the car rolled to a stop. He tried the key, but nothing happened. He looked up at the rest of the people in the vehicle and laughed nervously.

They all glared back at him.

"Uh, I'll call Pete. They should be coming along pretty soon," Billie Joe admitted, pulling out his cell phone. He smiled painfully. "I don't get service here."

Mike, Tre' and their two girls pulled out their own cell phones and found the same thing.
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