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Chapter 2

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Fox and her siblings go backstage with FOB and chat it up! an insight into their weird names.

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Fox's POV

Oh my god, is that Patrick Stump?! Watching me? OMG!! OMFG!!! You started to shake and hyperventilate-Patrick Stump was your idol! Your twin, Linden, quietly came up behind you and put his mouth very close to your ear so he wouldn't have to speak louder than necessary.

"Was that Patrick Stump applauding you like that?" he nearly whispered. You nodded, and then squeaked. Honey came up behind you and poked her with her drumstick.

"Hey, lookie who's comin'," she said, pointing at Patrick with the other stick. Your breath caught in your throat-he never looked so good as in person!

"Hello, I'm Patrick. Er, Stump, that is. Patrick Stump," he nearly sputtered. It was cute when he was nervous, but why was he nervous?

"Hi! Of course you're Patrick Stump, you're my idol," you say slowly, hoping that you won't pass out.

"Oh, uh, thanks! Um, I was just wondering if you'd like to get coffee or something after the show and, um, talk." By this time, Blood and Teak had joined you.

"Sure! We have one more frame before we're done, so you're going to stick around?"

"Okay, I have to tell you that you play a guitar like I've never seen before. It was amazing." I couldn't believe it. THE PATRICK STUMP LIKED MY GUITAR PLAYING!! "Actually, I was wondering, oh god, this is going to sound so retarded, um, if you would sign my guitar." I laughed out loud.

"You want my autograph? Sure, but only if I can have yours!" he nodded and you planned to meet on the side of the stage where he would be waiting after the show.

Patrick's POV

YES! WE'RE GOING FOR COFFEE!! HELL YEAH! Go Patrick, go Patrick... Pete patted my back.

"Way to go, Trick." His approving grin reminded me of the Cheshire Cat's, complete with fang-like incisors. After the show, Fox met me backstage. She was kind of shy, but that might have been just from my presence. Her twin was worse. He didn't speak, and tried not to make eye contact, even when Pete got really interested in his fiddle. It was an odd shiny black, and was an electric one.

"You know what this reminds me of? I once saw a Shania Twain concert on TV and some guy in her band had a bright blue one. It was so cool, but I like yours better," Pete was getting hyper and started to hit on Honey, the drummer. She had been talking to Andy and he signed her sticks while she singed his. Afterwards, he said that there was barely anywhere to write, she had so many autographs from famous drummers, like Tré Cool of Green Day.

"So, you're name is Honey? Can I have a taste of your sweetness?" Pete was using such tasteless pick-up lines that you'd think he was drunk.

"I'm sorry, Fox. He's usually not like this..." I didn't know what to say after that, I just kind of looked around awkwardly until Joe wandered over to us, Nintendo DS in hand. A thought flashed through my mind. "Um, I hope that you don't mind me asking, but why is your name Fox? And why are your brothers and sister's names Linden, Honey and Teak?"

"Oh, I have eleven brothers and sisters, three sets of twins," she giggled, "and the boys were named after trees and the girls after flowers. My parents aren't exactly hippies, but they're what they call 'low-budget metrospiritual'." She started laughing wildly, as did her siblings save for Linden, who only chuckled behind his hand.

"Why is that funny?" Andy asked, being a pacifist vegan he tended to know about being moderately metrospiritual.

"Well, we always knew that they meant 'metrospiritual for the poor'. In having twelve kids we don't really have the money to go totally organic, so instead we do what we can. We have a huge garden, and recycle as much as we can. We've got like, an Amish farm going," Blood laughed.

"Yeah," Teak agreed, shaking his sandy curls out of his eyes, giving some girls in the corner the twinkling-smile-surfer-boy glance. "We have ten cows, a heard of sheep and goats, a flock of chickens, a gaggle of geese, a couple horses, a sty full of pigs, and we butcher and literally milk whatever we can to save money."

"Okay, so how'd they get Fox, Blood, and Honey out of flower names?" Joe asked from the couch, his eyes still glued to the small DS screen. A trail of saliva was cutting a path from the corner of his mouth onto his hoodie, but he did little to stop it.

"Oh, Fox is her nickname, as are the others. Foxglove, Bloodroot, and Honeysuckle," Teak was giving the girls he had his eyes on in the corner a 'come hither' look, and they burst into giggles and ran from the room. "Hey, don't leave!" Teak chased after them, with his twin and Blood on his heels.

"You guys! Come back and put away your stuff! I'm not Momma!" Fox screamed after them.

"They are looong gone, girlfriend," Pete said in quite the unhelpful way.

"That's okay, we'll help you," I offered. Andy picked up Blood's black twelve-string and I grabbed Teak's black bass. There were Polaroid stickers all over it, some with his twin, some of a group of guys who all bore a resemblance and I figured must be his other brothers, but the one I liked the most was one of Fox. It was her in a field of sunflowers, wearing a plain red sundress. Her long black hair was separated into strands by the apparent slight breeze, and she looked so pure but also doubtful.

"Dude, are you going to come and put it away, or what?" Joe closed the contraption and slid it into his back pocket. They were all standing at the door with the cases, I guess that they already put the other instruments away already. I carefully put the bass into the case that had TEAK carved into the cover, and picked it up.

Outside was a beat up maroon Suburban that said CLANDESTINE HIGH on the side. I laughed and pointed it out to Pete.

"Oh my god! Where did you get that?" he shrieked.

"Actually, this was a school Suburban that was out of commission. We bought it from them, fixed it, and changed the school name, Clandest High to Clandestine High. It was an amazing resemblance to your company," Linden surprised us all by speaking. "And Fox is a huge fan. You should hear her play Chicago Is So Two Years Ago on acoustic." Then he turned red and seemed to resolve not to talk the rest of the night.
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