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A Tale Of Alter Egos and Suspense

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warning: THIS IS THE WEIRDEST CROSSOVER EVER CREATED, I SWEAR! it involves: Winx Club, Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Moon, and Tokyo Mew Mew (and on that, sorry if I incorporated Eng. and Jap. versions and...

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"Hmm, what's this?" Lynx asked no one in particular. As a part of Team Urameshi, she stood with them on the steps of the stadium among the audience. Yusuke had just given Team Toguro the "We're gonna kill you and take revenge" sign by drawing his thumb across his throat. Younger Toguro just grinned, as though he expected it. Probably did, as Yusuke was really cliché that way. No sooner had he done this, a girl in a strange blue outfit resembling fish eyes wandered into the ring. She motioned for Koto to hand the microphone over, which Koto did reluctantly.

"Ahem, Masako, Masako, please come to the ring immediately. Masako, your presence is wanted in the ring." She handed the mic back to the referee. Lynx's eyes narrowed.

"Hey, uh, who the hell is Masako?" A very confused Yusuke asked the group.

"Boton, can I see your oar for a sec?" Lynx inquired. Boton nodded quizzically and handed it over. Amazingly, Lynx sat on it as though she did so every day. She zipped down to the center ring and hopped off. "Boton! Catch!" She threw it like a javelin. Boton caught it with one hand.

"Well, I guess we know now," Kuwabara stated the obvious.

Masako turned her attention to Pallapalla, the sphere-rider. "You, wanted me, Palla?" she asked coldly.

"Ah, good. Now that you're here, Masako, the fun can start." Her mouth slipped into an evil grin. Masako nearly balked when she saw that but stood firm her ground. Palla reached above her head and summoned a glowing blue globe. Masako gasped.

"Where did you get that?" she asked in a deadly quiet voice. "I had a suspicion about the clothes, but now I am certain. Nehelenia is gone, so why are you continuing her work?"

"Shut up and transform!" Palla demanded.


"Just do it!"

"I usually don't take orders from children who steal peoples' dreams, I just want you to know that." She took the broach pinned to the side of the pocket of her jeans. "PLUTO CRESCENT POWER, MAKE UP!" Black ribbons exploded from the broach and wrapped around her now naked body. When the ribbons subsided, Pallapalla had before her Sailor Space, Princess Masako of the planet Pluto and of the distant future Moon Kingdom.

"For justice and darkness! For the underworld that is Pluto! A pretty soldier in a sailor suit! I am Sailor Space! In the name of the kingdoms of the solar system, I shall punish you!"

Younger Toguro grinned. "This ought to be interesting. Let's see if the runt of the litter can pull her weight. If she's able to, maybe we can...persuade her to join our team." Toguro Ani laughed in a high, shrill pitch. Karasu just raised an eyebrow.

Back in the ring, Palla had begun pelting Sailor Space with a herd of blue billiard balls. Masako was able to stop most of them, but one hit her jaw and the entire stadium heard it crack. It didn't keep her from hurling her Butterfly Blades at Pallapalla, who unfortunately dodged. Koto commentated on the entire match.

"And this new girl, Pallapalla, just pelted Lynx, or should I say Masako with a bunch of blue globes and nearly dislocated her jaw! Folks, this is going to be one great match, I can feel it in my whiskers!" Indeed, her tail was twitching like she had Tourret's.

"Well, fun time's over. I call upon the others of the Amazon Quartet!" Pallapalla called. Nothing happened for about ten seconds, and in the anticipation all was still.

"I'll give you something to do while you wait!" Sailor Space called. "Moon Tiara...ACTION!" She hurled her silver tiara at Palla, who knocked it out of its path with her ball, launched by a pool stick. As the tiara clattered to the cement, the onyx gem shattered in warning of the other visitors, the rest of the Amazon Quartet.

"Vesves, hai!" the red beast tamer.

"Junjun, hai!" the green acrobat.

"Cerecere, hai." The pink flower maiden.

"Oh, Princess Masako, you're here? Of course you are, we're here to punish you." Vesves cackled.

"Excuse me?! That's my line!" Masako retorted as she hurled the last of her blades at the snickering group. In response, Vesves cracked her whip and with a "One!" a board rose out of the ground behind Sailor Space, and with "Two!" straps sprouted around her hands and feet.

"This won't hold me!" she informed them.

"That's why we installed...this!" With another crack of her whip more straps appeared but this time around her neck, waist, thighs, and upper arms.

"Okay, that just made it more of a challenge, but-"

"THREE!" Masako thrashed and tried to pull free from the restraints, but there were too many and it was too late. She screamed in agony while a bright light erupted from her chest, and a small square mirror shimmered into place. Toguro's grin vanished as he wondered what just appeared.

"What? A silver mirror?" The quartet didn't know what to make of this. Masako sagged like a rag doll-she was unconscious. Junjun jumped forward.

"Well, I'm going to see just what makes Princess Masako's dreams so beautiful." She took hold of the mirror, but when her flesh came in contact with the pure sacredness of the shape her dreams took, the holy flame resembling that of the Golden Crystal ignited and torched the hands of the acrobat. The flames were not that of the Golden Crystal though, for they weren't the golden flames at all, they were a glistening platinum.

Junjun leapt back into the others while the blazing inferno spread. In the distance, it seemed, came a shrill whiny, and an odd beaming light that brought feelings of salvation and peace. Out of the holocaust came a winged unicorn, but not Helios. This one had a black coat with a silver horn and sterling hooves. Below the horn was a gem of onyx outlined in silver. The delicate hair of the mane and tail were silver too, with matching finery on the feathers of the wings. With his gentle pale blue eyes, he surveyed the Amazon Quartet in an inexpressive manner. Then the majestic creature carefully made his way to where Sailor Space was restrained. The board holding her faded and she slumped to the ground. Her mirror was absorbed back into her chest in the fashion of liquid metal, and clumped like mercury, and her eyes flickered open.

"Huh? You're not Helios," she slurred as she had just awoken. The horse lowered his nose to the ground in a bow and morphed into a tall human-like form.

"I would expect nothing less from Princess Masako. It is my honor to meet you. I am not Helios, as you've said. I am his older brother, Thanatos. In my Pegasus form you may call me Onyx." His straight obsidian black hair reached his waist and was tied with a bandage like a low ponytail from the roots to the tips leaving a little exposed at the end. He had kept the silver horn from his Pegasus form, which protruded from behind his bangs, and the onyx gem on his forehead. His eyes, which had been soft and pale, had intensified to a deep sapphire blue between his two forms. Unlike Helios' white robe, he wore a black one with silver details. The belt around his narrow waist was tied with a silver butterfly buckle.

Thanatos lowered himself down on one knee and took her hand. He raised it to his lips and kissed it. "Princess Masako, when I learned that you were in need of a partner, I jumped at the opportunity." He put his other hand on top of hers so they enclosed it.

"I was in need of a partner? Did you have to apply for one or something?"

"No, you would have been assigned one from one of our many brothers, the Twelve Guardians of Elysian."

"HELLO! WHAT ARE WE NOW, SUSHI? WE ARE HERE TO DESTROY YOU! ARE YOU LISTENING?" The Amazon Quartet began screaming at the couple. Masako winked at Thanatos and turned to them with a scary expression of hatred. Her normally sparkling violet eyes were set and her mouth taut. She raised her right hand above her head and called out "Silence Scythe!" an amethyst staff with a sickeningly sharp-looking blade that pointed straight up took form in her hand

"With this scythe I can destroy the entire planet in three words. I suggest you leave before I resort to it." She kept the same glare in her eyes as she said this.

"Could that weapon really destroy the world?" Karasu inquired of anyone who could answer. His eyes were wide and gave away that under that mask his mouth was slightly open in awe.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it could. That's Sailor Saturn's Silence Scythe. Powerful weapon doesn't even begin to describe it-it took on the Deadly Silence way back when and could easily do it all over again." Younger Toguro to the rescue with all the answers.

"But could Sailor Space be strong enough to wield such power?"

"That's why we're watching, Karasu. That's why we're watching." He pushed his triangular 80's sunglasses up the bridge of his nose with his index finger.

They looked at each other and grinned. "It's okay, we've got the power of CHAOS." They chanted in unison. The Silence Scythe clattered to the ground. The hand that had held it resembled the rest of Masako's body-shaking.

"N-nani? Chaos?" she uttered, her eyes blank. Thanatos was in very much the same state, as though the world just flipped upside down.

"N-no, I won't let him take over this world like last time. We have to call in every Soldier and Guardian, every ally has to be warned," Thanatos ordered Sailor Space. She nodded.

"Hai!" reaching into the bow on her back, she pulled out a small communicator radio in the shape of a black butterfly. She pressed a button, and in the small round screen showed the face of Moon Princess Chibiusa. "Chibiusa-chan!" She cried. "We have a problem! Chaos is back!" Chibiusa's eyes hardened.

"Sit tight! I'll call all reinforcements!" Meanwhile, Thanatos called to the Guardians of Elysian by bowing on one knee and folding his hands into a prayer.

"I call upon Pegasus Power Divine, Guardians of Elysian come to my aid!" Before he could complete his request, the four caught onto him.

"Oh no! They're calling their allies! We have to kill them now!" Junjun called to the others. They all took out their pool sticks and summoned their Amazon spheres.

"One, two, three, BREAK!" they hit their globes simultaneously. The balls ricochet off of everything they came in contact with, including audience members. Cerecere's yellow sphere hit Sailor Space in the chest so hard she was propelled out of the ring right into Toguro Otouto. He caught her and held her now limp body to his chest. She stirred awake almost immediately and gasped when she found out that she was being held in the arms of Team Urameshi's enemy. She blushed as they stared at each other for a bit, then wiggled out of his grip. She stood in front of Karasu a few steps down.

"Well, since the Silence Scythe didn't work, GARNET ROD!" another rod formed in her hand, but this one was silver with teeth of a key on one side and a heart with a garnet globe within it on the top. "Dead, Scream." She said calmly and pointed the rod at the ring and a scarlet planet-shaped form of energy flew at the Quartet and exploded on contact. No, not really an explosion, that's an understatement. It was more like a small nuclear weapon detonated. Thanatos was at a safe distance, for he too was hit and thrown up by where Team Urameshi was on the opposite side of the stadium. When the smoke cleared, the ring was in rubble, and the members of the Quartet were scattered among the rocks.

"Not dead yet, huh? Good! CHRONOS TYPHOON!" she had lifted the heart shape from the rod and held it in her hands. Crimson energy swept through the lowered section. "If that doesn't kill them, then I ran out of ideas."

"We have the power of Chaos, Masako. You can't kill us that easily," came four voices from beyond the haze.

"Shit." A bright light came out of nowhere in front of Masako's face at that very moment and formed an oblong shape. When the image became clear, it was a pink and gold cup. "The Purity Challis," the princess breathed. She took hold of it and it melted into black with silver in place of the gold. The gold crescent moon on the top was replaced by a silver butterfly, and the multicolored gems resembling the inner Senshi and the pink heart for Chibi Moon became onyx ones. She held it above her head and cried, "CHAOS CRISIS POWER, MAKE UP!" The Challis opened and black butterflies tumbled out, covering Masako's body.

When they faded, someone from the ring shouted, "Super Sailor Space!" the call had come from a little girl with pink pigtails and an outfit resembling Space's, but different colors.

"Chibi Moon! Get out of there! The Amazon Quartet will tear you apart!" too late.

"Double Therapy Kiss!" she tried to defend herself, but the wand was knocked from her hand by Palla's blue sphere.

"No one messes with my sister! Ebony Rod!" Masako summoned a black onyx-inlaid rod with a black crystal butterfly atop. A silver crown encircled the butterfly, with silver rings and ribbons intertwined in the staff. "BLACK BUTTERFLY KISSES!" More black butterflies erupted from the butterfly crowning the rod. They viciously attacked the four and nearly ate them alive, which upset the remaining crowd because they were seemingly harmless butterflies.

"Later losers!" Vesves pouted as the Amazon warrior girls were taken away by their personal globes. The large transparent black butterfly-shaped bow on Sailor Space's back disappeared, as did the white of her skirt as it faded into black, and the transparent black sleeves into the regular white rings. She fell forward into a faint, but Younger Toguro caught her as she fell.

"We didn't defeat them and Chaos is still out there. I failed to protect the world, I am a loser." She muttered faintly. Then her entire uniform disintegrated into black ribbons, leaving her body naked for a bit before it faded into her regular clothes.

"You did more than was expected of you. If Sakyo had to bet on that match, he would have lost a lot of money." Toguro comforted her. Karasu looked concerned.

"Shut up, you're just being nice. Wait, Toguro?" her vision was blurring and her current lack of motor skills were making her words slurred.


"Princess Masako!"


"Hold it!" this voice was not Kurama, Thanatos, or Chibiusa. This was a squeaky high voice that came from a girl in a yellow outfit and a monkey tail.

"What the he-" Lynx began, but then others joined the first. One was in pink and had cat accessories, another was green, one was part bird, and there was a purple wolf one. Then there were two normal-looking guys, but Lynx knew that looks could be deceiving.

"Hello, uh, we sort of need to ask you a favor," the one in pink stated, back in the ring.

"What the he-" Lynx said again, but the girl was asking now.

"Do you kinda have a small-ish tattoo on your body, probably in black and probably a paw print shape?"

"What the hell kind of question is that?! I-"

"Here it is," Toguro calmly showed her by gently running a finger over the black paw print that had appeared of it's own accord below the left collar bone, but not hidden by the low-cut shirt she was wearing under the black leather Urameshi team jacket. Lynx realized that she was still in his arms, but she didn't move as she felt oddly safe in them.

"I don't like how you noticed that," she stated looking Toguro in the eye.

"Yippee! We found her! Good work guys!" the yellow monkey was screeching congratulations to all of her team members. The blonde guy jumped from the ring to where Lynx was being held.

"We need you to take this," he took what looked like a necklace pendent out of his pocket. It was gold with an engraving of a heart.

"Isn't that cute? No thanks, that thing is going to turn me into one of those freaks, right? I have enough transformations under my belt without an animal one, thank you very much. Chibiusa, take Thanatos and get the other senshi. Contact me when you need my help in battle." Chibiusa nodded and her and Thanatos vanished in a time portal opened by the time wand that Chibiusa kept with her at all times.

"But the fate of the world-" Ryou tried again. Lynx cut him off.

"Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, whatever. I've heard it all before, and I am telling you, I don't care. I have enough stress as it is without your problem."

"Well, here you are, little kitty-cat. Yes, we're here again! So if you'd just hand over your Mew Aqua, we can move on with our lives!" a new voice demanded. The voice belonged to a rather good-looking boy with short green hair that that was tied in front of his pointy ears. With him was an ugly child, and a handsome man which possessed the same ears and resembled one another.

"Yeah! Hand it over, right now!" the ugly child squawked in an irksome voice. Lynx groaned.

"Kisshu, Shut up! This is what we need your help with, Lynx," The pink one pleaded.

"If you don't, then they're going to kill all humans and take over Earth to make it their new home planet. If you do, you can have a job at the Mew Mew Café. Take it or leave it."

"First off, I don't need a job, I already work at a restaurant, and secondly, no."

"Are you or are you not a Sailor Senshi? They fight for love and justice and so do you, no matter who the enemy."

"He's right, Masako," this came from Hiei. "You have to, it's your job." Hiei too? Seeing as she was outnumbered, Lynx groaned.

"Humph, you and your stupid guilt trips will be the death of you." Lynx once again slid out of Younger Toguro's arms and snatched the pendent away from Ryou. As she began her decent down the step toward the ring, Ryou called out, "You have to say-"

"I know how to transform! I've been using transformations and their powers since I was a child! So shut up and let the pro work! God!" She turned back to the ring, but the stairs had ended and dropped off to form the barrier of the ring.

"This one's got a temper," Karasu mentioned. Toguro knew what that meant.

"Don't go killing her, Karasu, we might still need her." He warned the dark youkai.

"POWER PENDENT, MEWTAMORPHASIS!" A soft white fur took over her body. When the transformation was complete, Lynx had long black hair to her knees, separated into four pigtails, two low ones in back, and two by her ears like Kisshu's that went down to brush her collarbones. They were tied like his too, with white bandages. The outfit was black leather, something of a leotard with the sleeves not on her shoulders, but around her upper arms. A white fur came from the front leg holes and wound around to the back. A white fox tail laid on top of the fur. Garters tied the leotard to the thigh-high black boots. The boots had slits up the out sides with large metal plates keeping the two edges together, finishing in a metal cuff around each of the ankles. The metal on the boots matched the metal rings in her new snowy fox ears near the back of the top of her head. The black lace garter necklace held the gold pendent.

"ME-OW! And here I though Ichigo was hhhot!" Kisshu panted. Lynx chose to ignore him. The other guy, Wesley, caught her attention.

"I'll introduce you to everybody. Ichigo, the mountain lion! Pudding, the Siberian lion monkey! Lettuce, the finless porpoise! Mint, the black lorikeet! Zakuro, the gray wolf! And you, the new addition, Coffee, the arctic fox!"

"Coffee?" She asked skeptically.

"Yes, you're outfit is black, like black coffee. See, it all makes sense. Another thing, you're powers are from an endangered animal, if you've noticed."

"Do you think I'm stupid? Of course I noticed," she snapped.

"Well, Ichigo didn't know when we first got a hold of her." Ryou explained. "So, are you ready for battle?"

"Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew power, in your face!" Coffee looked completely comfortable doing the ridiculous chant. "Hey, every heroine needs an introduction." She crouched down and sprung into the air, turning flips before landing on the grass beside the still demolished ring. "How dare you freakish aliens think that you can just take over this planet without dealing with me? I have been taking care of your kind for centuries, so one more go won't hurt!"

"Do you even know which aliens we are? We're Cyniclons, not to be confused with the other trash that you fight." The tall one said in a stuffy voice. Coffee noticed that he held a fan in his right hand.

"Pai, ignore her. She's just another one of those Mews," Taruto chided.

"Cyniclons...Cyniclons...I've heard of that somewhere, Luna!" She had once again summoned the communicator. "Luna!"

"Yes, dear? What? Masako?" a beautiful woman with long wavy black hair and glistening blue eyes appeared on the screen.

"Yes, it's me, but I've undergone yet another transformation. Tell ya later. Has the battle begun yet?"

"No, not yet, everyone's here though, we're coming up with a plan now."

"What can you tell me about the Cyniclon race?"

"What can I tell you about them? Plenty. Their planet was destroyed not long ago, the leader is Deep Blue and was looking for a new home planet."

"Yeah, I know, they chose Earth."

"You don't say...Queen Serenity offered them a temporary home on any planet in the solar system, seeing as it was okay by the others."

"And they turned it down?" Coffee asked incredulously.

"Of course we did. The Cyniclons need no one's pity." The eldest alien sniffed. Coffee put the blank communicator away.

"And yet you try to take a planet in the solar system anyway. God, you're a jerk, though I like your ears." Pai raised an eyebrow. "No, seriously, I have a fetish for pointy ears and dark, preferably long, hair." In the stands, Karasu raised an eyebrow. Coffee winked at him.

"Ribbon Zakuros Pure!" Mew Zakuro had taken the opportunity to strike the enemy. An attack of which all of the Cyniclons dodged, unfortunately.

"Heart Arrow!"

"Combat Castanets! Tidal Wave Typhoon!"

"Tambourine Trench!" The onslaught of attacks didn't even phase the alien team. Mew Ichigo took out the last resort.

"Rose Bell! Full Power!" Kisshu held his palm out and absorbed the attack into it. Everyone on the mew team gasped. "N-nani? How did you do that?" Mew Ichigo demanded.

"We've found some of our own Mew Aqua and used it to power up." At this there were more gasps.

"Stand down!" Coffee had now stepped up. Long, sharp talons of blood red protruded from the tips of her ungloved fingers. "Coffee's CLAWS!" She dashed up to Pai and served him a swift uppercut while shredding his shirt in the process. A black paw-shaped bruise appeared on his chin. "You're next," she growled at Kisshu, who immediately blushed and adverted his eyes, completely forgetting to block the oncoming attack. "Coffee's CLAWS!" She attempted to attack the attractive alien who dodged, but not as easily as before. Karasu noticed her nails and gave Toguro a sidelong look.

"Can't I have a little kiss?" Kisshu got behind her and knocked her hard in the back, but not hard enough to make her fall. Whipping around, she screamed the attack again, and caught him off guard, clubbing him hard in the chest. He gave a cry of never before experienced pain and slid in the grass, finally smashing into the wall.
Looking around desperately, Pai announced that they'd better take their leave. "Bye for now, Mews." And shifted out of sight with Taruto under his arm. Kisshu looked up at where Coffee was now standing over him and glared. "I will have you." And thus he followed suit.

"...Well...That was creepy. 'I will have you,' yeah, what a joke." Mew Pudding ran over to new Mew Coffee and threw herself around her waist in a fierce hug.

"Are you going to join our group now? Huh? Huh?"

"Calm down hyper one, and no I will not." Pudding's face crumbled and for a few seconds Coffee thought that she was going to burst into tears, something that she did not want on her conscience. But Pudding didn't just burst, she exploded, like a flipping water dam.

"WAAAH! WAAAH! I WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF OUR TEAM! I WANT YOU TO BE MY BIG SISTER!" The other Mews had to tear her away from Coffee's legs. Ryou rushed in.

"We'll keep in touch." He handed her yet another communicator, but this one was in the form of a black watch with a silver paw print gilded on it. The palm of the paw was an upside-down hart shape that was identical to her new tattoo and was her new trademark. "Keep the pendent, you'll be needing it. the Cyniclons don't threaten anybody and not make another appearance." Then they simply left.

Coffee grabbed the fur around the left leg with her right hand and pulled it off and over her head like a cape. The de-transformation process left her with her street clothes. The fur disintegrated as it hit the ground. As the gold heart pendent fell from Lynx's neck, she caught it gracefully. Breathing heavily, she pocketed the items and decided to leave too, before she was called into a fight again, she was weak from the back-to-back transformations. Too late.

"Hey, don't go! We need your help!" This came from a girl with fairy wings and long red hair, like Lynx's. "Please! The Witches! Just use your Winx!" That word, Winx, triggered a past memory in Lynx's mind.

We are the Winx, we are the Winx, come join the club, we are the Winx! Music began playing through the speakers.

"Winx Power!" Lynx shouted, though she didn't know what that meant. Her new outfit shimmered into place, and she could feel her hair being pulled in all directions, changing the style.

Not only the style changed, but the color of her hair too. She didn't have bangs like she did in her other three forms, but now it was white and down to her knees. It was pulled back and parted into two French braids held with black butterfly-shaped alligator-style clips, one on each braid level with her ears from where was a free ponytail. A pale blue crescent moon (like Princess Serenity's) glowed on her forehead, the same color as her large pupil-less eyes. Light blue eye shadow decorated the area between her eyes and her eyebrows. The top of her outfit looked like a giant butterfly, with the body holding the upper wings together. The wing sections below wrapped around and came together in the back. Then they wrapped in an X formation to make the shrug sleeves around her upper arms, like in her last transformation. On her shoulders were transparent butterfly sleeves (think Super Sailor Moon), but were clamped there, they weren't attached to anything. Her midriff was bare, but led to a skirt that tied into a blue knot in back with long free-flowing ties. The skirt was black with a blue shimmery translucent cover over it. The boots were simple black thigh-high wedge with a rolled over cuff. Her wings were large see-through blue beautifully-shaped butterfly wings that reminded one of stained glass.

"Before those 'Witches' get here, I must know who awakened me."

"Princess Azrael, it was I, Bloom, Princess of Sparks." The redhead explained. "We're fighting a terribly strong enemy, Lord Darkhar of the Underrealm, are you familiar with him?"

"Of course. Darkhar, that jerk. He kidnapped me to try to force me into marriage. I won't let him out of here alive!" She snarled.

"Lord Darkhar is here my pretties!" A skeleton in armor had appeared through a wormhole in the middle of the shattered ring, among the rocks. With him were three trashy women in various outfits, though they seemed oddly consistent.

"Bring it," Azrael challenged. She snapped her fingers and Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance" began playing over the loudspeakers, and the music video played out on the VTR screen.

I'm two quarters and a heart down, and I don't wanna forget how your voice sounds, these words are all I have so I'll write them, so you need them just to get by. DANCE, DANCE we're falling apart to halftime...

"I like this girl's taste in music," Musa noted.

Darkhar began the Slaughtering of the Fairies, as he called it. The others attacked, but were overpowered and knocked down.

"Not on my watch!" Azrael flew forward and demanded a one-on-one. "Darkness versus darkness. The survivor is the winner." Lord Darkhar agreed to her terms.

"Good. Shadow Fire!" Azrael began to power up. The pixy girls gasped.

"The Shadow Fire! That's the darkest magic in the whole magical universe! And you have it?! I thought that Darkhar was what happened when it merged with a being!"

"No, no, Darkhar only found the Shadow Spark, a smaller, weaker form of the Shadow Fire, which I alone posses." Darkhar began the match by summoning monsters that resembled bats.

As if on cue, Avenged Sevenfold's "Bat Country" Began.

Can't you help me as I'm startin' to burn (all alone), too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction. My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone), no one can save me and you know I don't want the attention...

Azrael was distracted from beating the crap out of Lord Darkhar when the witch in the purple outfit with the power of nature's storms called to attention.

"I have Musa's father, so nobody move!" her hand became incinerated in a blinding white light and a moment later a man in a gray business suit and a bad comb-over of the same color was sitting on the ground. Musa screamed and dropped ten feet to the ground in front of Stormy.

"No! Don't hurt my dad! Papa!" Azrael looked like she was going to be sick. Anger quickly took over.

"Move it, witch bitch!" Azrael flew in and elbowed her out of the path of Musa's father. "How DARE you try to hurt someone by threatening them with someone they love!"

"Oh, that's it, you are so dead," Stormy's voice was contorted in anger.

"I'm shaking in my platform boots. Really. You being a valley girl didn't strike me, Stormy, but then again, I bet that when you were a little girl you wore your lack-of-frizz-control hair in little pink bows and were proud of it. We've all got a little fairy in us, so it's not something to be ashamed of." Azrael sneered as she spun a black orb made of negative emotions between her palms.

"W-What are you?" Stormy stuttered. "You're a fairy and a witch?"

"Well, la-di-da, aren't you brilliant? Yes, it's true, my father was a warlock and my mother a fairy! It is true that love does indeed conquers all! ARROW OF DOOM!" Azrael pulled and twisted a bow and arrow out of the inky black flames from the orb and directed the attack toward Darkhar.

"Now now, don't you think that we should have a proper fight in the ring?" He waved a hand at the shattered ring and it repaired itself instantly.

"Stalling for time, I see. Well, it won't do you any good." She attacked him again, and again. After a few more attacks Azrael beat him down to the point of pure exhaustion and a bloody pulp, besides. While she was fighting him, the other girls were fighting the Witches and loosing. What was distracting them was the barrier that they all conjured up together.

"GATE OF FATE!" Azrael's final attack. It was a wormhole that trapped Lord Darkhar and punished him eternally. Then she turned her attention to the others. "You three trashy whores! GATE OF FATE!" They were powerless, and soon were never able to bother anyone else again. As soon as the danger was gone, all of the pixies dropped to the ground, though they all had someone to catch them, The Red Fountain Heroes. Azrael wasn't caught by one of them, she found herself in the arms of Karasu.

"Well, now, I can't let one of my fans get hurt again, now can I?" Azrael was certain that there was a smirk behind the mask. Azrael changed back into Lynx who blushed. The pixies announced that they would keep in touch, and gave her yet another communicator.

"Since we use magic, and you have it in you too, this charm will glow and a screen will appear when we need to talk." Bloom gave her a flat, silver metal butterfly-shaped pendant and hopped on the back of her boyfriend's bike. The others were already leaving the stadium, towards a dimension warp in the middle of the ring. Once they disappeared and the warp closed, another warp opened over the area that Karasu and Lynx were. A dozen red roses dropped from it with a thank you note for helping them defeat Lord Darkhar and the witches.

"Whatever," Lynx was exhausted and didn't feel like putting up with any more shit at that time, so she tried to get out of Karasu's grip (reluctantly), but he wouldn't let her go and insisted on carrying her to her room. "Fine, go for it. Room 1230 on the top floor."

"Mate! Princess Masako!" A indistinguishable voice echoed through the silent stadium. Most of the spectators left when the billiard balls were bouncing off of members in the audience. Lynx turned to the voice, It can't be.

"Uranus! Time to help the battle already?" The outer senshi wasn't looking at Lynx, but at Karasu. She smirked.

"Ha! Princess of the Amethyst Kingdom of the future Moon!" She quickly lowered herself to one knee. "I am in eternal debt, my future King and Queen." Lynx blushed and succeeded in sipping out of Karasu's arms.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Well, if this is the case, you both need to come and fight."

"Now why is that?" Lynx asked indifferently.

"Okay, here it is, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret of the future moon and Pluto kingdoms-your future kingdoms. Together. Get it?" she was still smirking, Lynx was still blushing. A blinding white light erupted from Lynx's chest and in a second, the Pluto princess, Masako, was in front of Team Toguro, Sailor Uranus, and the entire stadium.

"Well, do you need me or not?" her voice had matured and was now cool, aloof. Her hair was now silver, and put up in two buns on her head, with long pigtails trailing on the ground. Her dress was black, with obsidian stones and chains adorning the collar and skirt.

"P-Pluto! What happened to the Moon Princess?!" Uranus demanded.

"I don't know what the difference is, I didn't even know that this side of Lynx existed," Yusuke said in awe. Uranus heard him and explained.

"Since Lynx, as you call her, is the future Queen of two planets, she has two personalities. More if you count her Mew Mew side and her Azrael side. This is Pluto's Princess, the coldhearted one that modeled herself after Queen Serenity The First. The Moon Princess is much calmer and warmer. Pluto's sign is death, while the moon is birth."

"That's right, now do I have to open the portal myself, or are you going to do it for me?" she jumped from her place in the stands onto the ring, flipping her skirt and showing her black flats and black slip. The demons in the crowd went wild, but half blew up via Karasu, who joined her in the ring. He landed like a crow next to her, and she took his hand. Uranus reluctantly allied them, and opened the portal.

"Bye." The sound of Princess Pluto's voice echoed in the silent and nearly empty arena.
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