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Chapter 1: On the Tour Bus

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I suck at summaries. So I won't

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Oh hey you guys!!! If you don't know how to pronounce Isaab, it's just like saying Isab in Isabel or Isabelle. I just spelled it like that because Isab didn't look like it was supposed to be spelled like that. This is dedicated to: lolo87, the first person reviewed.

"Wake up, Isaab, wake up" Joe was trying to wake up Isaab, obviously, not doing it well. Isaab was one deep sleeper. Anyone that knew her or at least, slept near her knew this. It was the next day and the tour bus was picking them early to start their journey on another tour. Joe heard the bus beep, and was still trying to wake up Isaab. He knew that she was pretending, just to get on his nerves but it was also true that she did sleep like a log, always.

"Come on Isaab, wake up. Do you want me to ring the Bell?" It was the term he used whenever he was going to pick up his sister and carry her around her stomach and shake her violently. Mostly, everyone hated this because they knew one day Isaab will get hurt, and it would be someone's fault. When Isaab heard him say this, she woke up immediately. Joe was already dressed, she wasn't. She rushed into the bathroom, while Joe carried the stroller bag down to the bus and the rest of his stuff, while Isaab took a VERY quick shower. Lot of people knew her talent of taking unusually fast showers if she wanted to. It was the dressing up was a problem. Even with picked out clothes lying on the sofa all organized and neat, even with shoes, Isaab would still take her freakishly long time.

After 20 minutes, Isaab was dressed and ready to go. She wore Pete's signature grey sweatshirt with the purple pockets, black corduroys, and black and white checked vans. She was very sleepy but never the less hyper to start the day. She made sure all the stuff she have thought to bring was packed and not forgotten, all her electronic things were all charged and ready to be used and were in a bag, her big black and red duffel bag she brought with her from LA. She made sure she brought her acoustic guitar and made sure it was in its case. She unplugged everything that was pluggable. She went to UCLA. She picked up the bag, got the purse from the door and headed out, but this was after she said good bye to beloved room and headed out the door and locked the front door. She checked if she had her purse, her guitar, and her duffel bag, all was with her and was really heavy. The bus was parked outside the house and Joe was out in the lawn pacing around waiting for her, when he saw her he took the duffel bag from her, seeing the pain in her face from the heaviness. They climbed into the tour bus, and waved to Dirty who was driving. And saw no other people other than Pete and Patrick playing on the Xbox they have on their tour bus. Pete was kicking Patrick's ass. The real competition in all of Fall Out boy was really Joe. Patrick and Pete were just playing because Joe wasn't there and they were playing a two player game. Joe rocked at it. Isaab was good too, she could beat Pete... sometimes, but she could never beat her brother. Isaab cleared her throat. They looked at her, and grinned. Patrick paused the game and Pete already dropped his controller and walked over to kiss and hug Isaab. It was so good to hug Pete after a while; she wanted to cry right there and then but that would display her feelings about too much and it was still early morning and she was still very sleepy. They were still in an intense hug when Patrick and Joe cleared their throats and they broke apart. Pete stepped aside while Isaab hugged Patrick.

"It's so good to see you, Is" Patrick muttered in their own personal hug. Patrick was the guy Isaab could always count on for anything. For comfort when her puppy died when she was 18, he would call every night to see if she needed a hug. When Ryan and she fought, he would let her cry on his shoulder. He was the best friend every girl could ask for. He was her best friend in Fall Out Boy. He had also a nickname for her, except she liked it more then Bell. It wasn't because Is sounded cooler, it was just because Joe called her Bell more than Isaab. Actually, the only times he would call her Isaab was when she wasn't around or when she was unconscious. Patrick, on the other hand, practically never called her Is, mostly Isaab. Mostly everyone that knew Isaab knew she wanted to be called Isaab more than any other name. That was her name after all. She did not like Isabelle. She didn't like it because she felt it wasn't for her. "It's so good to see you too, Trick" Yes, she also had her own nickname for him. But she had a lot of names she would use and make up at random. She saw Joe slap Pete gently with the outer part of his hand on Pete's chest while saying "Hey, she's taken". She laughed and they separated. The bus was already moving and she wanted to know where Andy was.

"Petey, where's Andy?" she asked Pete with one of the famous nicknames people used.
"Just sleeping. Come on Pat, let's finish this game" He said with a smirk. He knew that Patrick hated people calling him Pat, and she knew he was losing. Patrick glared at him and did that hand movement thing that said, "To hell with it" while scratching the back of his head. Patrick went to where all the bunks were and lied down on his bunk. Joe followed him but stayed on his own bunk. Patrick called out, "Isaab, you play with him".
She groaned, she was good but Pete was most of the time, better. She looked at him with plead on her face. "I'll turn it off" and he did and took the guitar out of Isaab's hand. They sat down on the sofa where he and Patrick were sitting in and Pete took out the guitar out of the case. He handed to her, "if I can't play video games, you have to play the guitar". He said she looked to him in shock. "Oh, come on Isaab. We all know you're really good at playing". It was true; she had the same talent as her brother. They went to the same teacher, at the same time. He gave her the puppy pout face he had when he wanted something. "Fine" She said. She grabbed the guitar. It was the classic acoustic guitar. Everyone knew she was a sucker for the classics and anything acoustic. She began to play "My Heart is the Worst Weapon" but Pete stopped her, he looked in her eyes. "Not one of my crappy songs. Sing something that really means something to you. Sing something you want to sing about". She nodded but she didn't know what to play. She looked away from his gaze and looked around the room. She remembered a song, she loved it so much. It wasn't such a good song, but it was special to her. She started playing Paramore's 'Here We Go Again'. When she would fight with Ryan, she would sing that song and realize she wanted to be with Ryan. She would realize her feelings for Ryan were real. She told Pete about this and let's just say that Pete was quite disappointed. Pete loved Isaab, but not like a least, anymore. He was such a coward, he didn't ask her. Now, he loved her like nothing else in the world.

"Now that was a test, a test to see if you still deserve to be Ryan". He said looking in her eyes. She looked at him with a pained expression. He was being serious. "You passed" he put his index finger on her nose. She grinned and he put his hand down. "Thanks". She put the guitar down, inside its case. And put her purse on the floor, on top of her guitar. She rested her head on Pete's chest and he hugged her upper body and put her legs up resting where she had been sitting earlier. She was tired as hell. "You tired?" he asked as he caressed her hair. She nodded. "You?" she mumbled. He nodded. "hmm?" She looked up he looked at her and nodded. "Let's sleep then" she said. He nodded again and they both fell asleep.
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