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Chapter 2: Getting down the Tour Bus

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After a few hours, Isaab was being woken up again, but this time it was Pete. She didn't know this. She thought it was Joe. "Isaab, sweetie, wake up" he whispered in her ear while gently shaking her. "Jesus Christ, Joe. I am going to kick your ass" she said angrily while closed eyes. Pete laughed, Isaab knew there was only one person with that laugh and she sat up and looked at Pete, she groaned. "Sorry" she said. He laughed again, "Its fine" he answered untruthfully. It hurt him to hear her swear and actually mean to hurt someone. When Isaab sat up, she gave Pete space to stand up. He did and he stretched and yawned. Isaab grinned, "You know how cute you look when you stretch like that?" He stopped stretching. "Oh no, I mean sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Eww" She lied. He chuckled. He helped her up. "Yeah, you did. You think I am hot don't you?" he said. She snorted. "Yes, in your dreams, Peter. Why did you wake me up anyways?" she asked. "Well, I woke up; and I had the sudden craving for coffee. It was a miracle, there was a Starbucks right around the corner, and I told Dirty to stop the bus." He answered. She nodded. "Where are the others?" She realized they were alone in the bus. "Oh, they went inside, except Andy, still sleeping. It took awhile to wake you up". She was shocked; normally Pete would have gotten Andy or Patrick to wake her up. "Well, let's go". She said, picked up her purse, and took out the brush she had in her purse and brushed her hair. They walked out the door and into the door of the café. They walked to the table where they spotted the guys sitting at.

"Hey guys, we're just going to order, because we can see you guys didn't". Pete said while Isaab giggled. The guys nodded and continued talking. They walked to the counter and ordered their coffee. Pete paid for them, which Isaab just obliged to. She was sick and tired of 'arguing' with Pete about paying for stuff like that. She had finally gotten used to Pete paying for her stuff and spoiling her. She hated it, but loved Pete more for showing his affection.

They walked back to the table, talked about random stuff to each other because the other guys were too busy talking to each other, or just ignoring Pete and Isaab. They reached a point in their conversation, to which Pete asked what the heck was in her purse; she took out the contents, carefully. She didn't want to attract attention. She had her basic necessities, cell phone, wallet, brush. Then she had what you would call entertainment, her iPod, her GameBoy DS (which Pete had given to her for Christmas), and her PSP (which she bought herself, on her own terms), and her digital camera (a spare one Pete had that he never used so he gave it to her).

"Hey Pete, let's take a picture". She said while turning it on. "Come on" and Pete leaned to her and made that signature face when he or someone else was taking pictures of him. Isaab smiled but her eyes had this demonic look to it. Its spooked the hell out of the guys and looked at her with scared and shocked looks, except Pete, he was still busy looking at the camera. Pete, holding the camera now, pressed the button and it flashed in front of their eyes. They looked at the picture. "Oh my good God, that is one scary ass look you have there" Pete said pointing at her face.

"That's how it is, when I want a picture of me and my closest friend and he make that really annoying face. I get angry" she responded while turning the camera off and putting it back into its case then into her bag.
"But still, you didn't need to make it look that scary ass" he pointed out. They finished their coffee had headed back into the bus.

"Hey Pete, you wanna play?" Joe asked Pete pointing at the game console. Pete nodded "Whoever wins plays against Patrick" they chuckled.

"No, I am not going to play. I wanna go back to sleep" he said heading back to his bunk.

"How about you, Isaab?" Pete asked Isaab while Joe turned the TV on, muted it, and switched on the game.

"No, go ahead. I'll just watch you guys" she said sitting down on the sofa. They played the game, a two-player fighting game. Isaab started cheering them on, but ended up taunting them.

"Come on Joe, kick his ass!!!" She yelled at Joe while Pete just laughed. "Heads up Pete, sooner or later Joe's gonna get pissed and you'll get your ass handed, I swear" she said laughing. Soon, she got sleeping again, damn air con. Pete looked back after he hit Joe with a very good move, he saw Isaab drifting off. PAUSE!!!

"Oh, what the hell?" Joe yelled. Pete signaled to shut up. He gently shook Isaab.

"Isaab, wake up" he said. She woke up immediately woke up from her shortest slumber.

"Hmm?" She asked. "Why don't you go sleep on my bunk" he offered. She nodded and stood up and walked there slowly, Pete slapped her but to speed her up and just for the fin of it. Once out of the earshot, Joe finally spoke up.

"Can you not be so... you?" Joe asked.

"What?" Pete asked defensively. Joe glared at Pete.

"You know what I mean. She's taken and MY sister". Joe said making a point. He didn't want to see his only and younger sister getting hurt. "Stop it-I just kicked your ass there." After he just pulled a really good move against Pete.

"Well, you can't blame me for trying. Plus, for once, I actually care about this girl. I am not about to hurt her". He said hoping to convince Joe and himself.

"Well, for one: you don't know if you are or not hurting a girl, or anyone else as the matter of fact. And two: she has a boy friend, remember? Ryan Ross." he pointed out.

"Yeah, but how long that going to last?" he asked
"You are hopeless, Pete, hopeless" Joe finally said, and won the game.

"Wake up, Bell, wake up" Joe was again trying to wake up his sister. This time it worked, quickly. She opened her eyes slowly and stretched out.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"We're at the hotel. Everyone's inside already. We're all alone now so hurry up". He answered. She got up and grabbed her stuff and got down the bus. Her pursed started to ring and play "Lying is the Most Fun..." by Panic! At the Disco. It was Ryan. She handed her bulk stuff to Joe, who had no things on his hands, must've brought them down, with Isaab's stroller bag. Shooeing him away into the hotel, she picked up her cell phone and flipped open her phone, and pressed the green button.

"Hey Ry"


I never intended to make Isaab talk to Ryan until next chapter. But someone requested, and I followed. Gwad, I am such a goodie-goodie.
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