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Chapter One

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OK, so I started this awhile ago and I haven't really been working on it a lot, so I'm going to post it here because then I'll feel like I have to work on it and then maybe I'll finally finish it. ...

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Two years. Two years. Two years.
The words ran through my head, the only thought finding its home there.
Two years.
And no one had come yet. No one had saved me. Where was the part where your friends blow up a wall and rescue you from the prison these bars remain? Wasn't it me who had got them into hunting? Wasn't it me who risked life and limb to save them many times? Wasn't I the reason we were searching for revenge?
Two years.
Did they not care about me?
Two years.
Why am I still here? Why am I still alive? Why haven't they come? Why hasn't anyone come?
Two years.
The thought was haunting me. It was eating away at me inside until I felt there would be nothing left of me soon. Truthfully, there isn't much left of me now.
Two years.
It's amazing what time and a bunch of maniacs can do to you.

The harsh sound of metal clanging insulted my ears and jerked me out of my sleep. I was curled in a ball on the floor, my arms wrapped around my legs and my head tucked into the space between my knees and chest. It was cold, terribly cold. My body had gone numb. Unfortunately, my mind hadn't.
Two years.
The bars to my cage slid back and a large man gruffly kicked me. I winced and hurriedly got to my feet, only to fall back down again from weakness and numbness.
"Get up you stupid monster!" the man was wearing a white lab coat. He grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and then dragged me out of the cage.
More men in white lab coats surrounded me. My eyes widened in terror as the man holding me strapped heavy leather cuffs around my wrists. A short metal chain connected the two cuffs. More men grabbed my legs and pinned me to the wall. I wanted to run, to yell, to scream, to fight. But I was too weak and they were too strong.
A man approached with a needle and syringe. I feebly attempted to struggle. It was useless. The man inserted the needle into my arm. It burned. I felt as if my blood had turned to fire.
They threw me back in the cage. I yelped and gasped. Pain coursed through my body. I wriggled weakly. It was too much. Too much. Everything went black.

Once again, my mind was jerked awake. It was dark, but I could still see with my sharp eyes that every vampire has. I was drenched in sweat and my body ached as though someone had slammed me into concrete repeatedly. My veins still burned faintly. It was an annoying sensation that would not leave.
Something had awaken me. It was noiseless, more like a presence. I struggled into a sitting position, fighting uselessly against the leather cuffs and metal chain. There! I jerked my head up to see faint movement. My body tensed.
A dark figure slowly approached the cage door. "Are you Peter Wentz?" a female voice whispered faintly.
I held my breath as she inserted a key into the lock on the door. She slowly pushed it open so the metal didn't make any noise. She entered the cage hesitantly and kneeled down to my level.
She was wearing all black and had long cocoa brown hair. But her eyes were a deep violet purple. "Yep, you're Pete alright," she whispered after taking me in. "Come on, let's get out of here."
She extended a hand to help me up, but I curled up and pushed myself farther into the corner, deathly afraid. I can't trust her. I can't trust anyone.
"It's alright, it's ok. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise," she whispered softly, her calm violet eyes staring into my terrified hazel ones.
The girl gently grabbed one of my arms and put her other hand on my back. She gently pushed on my back while tugging a little on my arm. I whimpered a little, but gave in and stood hesitantly. She looked down and saw the leather cuffs and metal chain. Those monsters!
"Follow me and be very quiet," she whispered, barely audible even to my sharp ears. She held my hand and gently led me through a maze of rooms and hallways. I tried not to look at anything. I didn't want to see any other vampires. I didn't want to see the looks in their eyes.
Finally, we slid through an exit door and out into the warm night. Fresh air. It was something I hadn't smelled in two years.
Two years.
The warm breeze felt oddly foreign to the harsh coldness I had felt for so long. I let my gaze wander to the east. The sky was tinged with pinks and oranges. The sun was raising.
The girl looked back when she heard me stop dead still, staring at the sky. "Come on Pete, just a little farther."
No one had called me by my name in a long time. Who is this girl? I hesitantly followed her deeper into the city. Five minutes later, we stopped outside of a door in an alley. The girl took a key out of her pocket and unlocked the door.
I stopped, unwilling to follow her inside. She turned back to look at me. "It's ok, no one here will hurt you. Just focus on me. Follow me," she took my other hand and kept those violet eyes locked on mine. She began walking backwards and I hesitantly followed her.

She took me to a room. It was white. There was a metal table and white cabinets and fluorescent lights. My eyes widened in horror and I began to move backwards. I whimpered. Why had I let her take me? I'm back where I started.
"Shhh, Pete, it's ok. It's ok," she stepped closer to me and grabbed my shoulders. I began to tremble in fear. Her eyes softened, "I promised you no one would hurt you. We have to find out what those monsters did to you so we can make you better. Please, just trust me."
I slowly followed her into the room, still trembling with fear. I sat down on the metal table when she asked me too. Then a man walked in. He was tall but scrawny and had messy brown hair and glasses.
"What do you got for me tonight Kales?" the man asked her.
"His name's Peter Wentz, been missing for two years, looks like they've tried to inject holy water into him," Kales said quietly to the man. "His veins are beet red under his skin."
I sat wide-eyed, quaking, and whimpering on the table. I pulled myself into a ball when the man tried to take my arm. Kales sat down on the table next to me and put her arm around my back.
"It's ok Pete, Mark is a very nice man. He just wants to make you feel better," she whispered into my ear, all the while gently pulling one of my arms away.
Mark studied my veins under my skin for a moment. I still felt the slight burning sensation. He turned away to one of the cabinets and pulled out a syringe and needle. I pulled my arm back quickly when I saw the needle and syringe, shaking more.
"Can't you take the cuffs off first?" Kales asked.
Mark sighed and slowly shook his head, "I know you trust him, but I'm not taking any risks and letting anyone get hurt. This will only take a moment."
Kales sighed and gently pulled on my arm, "Pete, he's going to give you something to make you feel better. Please let him have your arm."
I wasn't going to budge. That, or I was paralyzed with fear.
"Let me try," Kales got off the table and took the needle and syringe. She gently tugged on my arm, "Please Pete, I promised I wouldn't hurt you. Please." Our eyes met and I hesitantly held out my arm. She gently inserted the needle and pushed the syringe until it was empty. I immediately felt cool relief sweep my body.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I realized that writing this in first person but still knowing Kales's thought is a bit weird, but it's really not that confusing. You don't get into a lot of her thoughts in this chapter, but in the others you will. Her thoughts basically come after anthing she says or does.
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