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one small ribbon

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is there evidence that tohru went missing, why is there that one spefic thing, is it a sign?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Kyo, Yuki - Published: 2006-11-04 - Updated: 2006-11-05 - 321 words

kyo heard the sound of the birds and slowley woke up. where was he. he sat up in agony ( his back hurt like hell ) and rubbed his sweaty forhead. as he ajusted his eyesight, he listened to find out where he was. " oh yeah," he muttered " i was sent flying threw the roof, because of that damn yuki." " glad your alright then," he heard yuki say. kyo looked up and saw yuki standing there. his armed crossed, his eyes darkened, tear stains ( though he did try to wipe them all awya before he went to see how kyo was doing). " yeah yeah" huffed kyo. he quickley jumped up, and looked around. he lifted his arms, and sniffed the air. it smelled fresh and clean. he yawned and then remembered that yuki was just standing there watching him. he lowered his arms, and gave yuki his glare. " will you quit it," yuki shouted. kyo yawned to make him even more aggravaited, and was suprised when yuki didnt send him threw the planet. he stared at yuki staring at him. it was like that for about five minutes intill yuki sighed, and threw his hands to his fce ans started to rub his eyes, and he threw his hands threw his hair. "you might as well kow kyo the only reason i came out here, and no ti wasnt to check on you that would be he last thing i would do," yuki assured, and kyo relaxed. " anyway, i cam here to tell you that, that... that tohru went missing since last night. i came out here to see if she was, and then i saw you laying here unconsuios with this by your side." yuki held up a tiny orange ribbon that wouldent have been here inless tohru was. kyo stood there and stared at it. his mouth gawked open. " why, why" yuki shook his hea, " i dont know," he said honestly
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