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tied up

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well, what could go worse, tohru getting rapped, or akito being apart of this?

Category: Fruits Basket - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Akito, Tohru - Published: 2006-11-04 - Updated: 2006-11-05 - 344 words

tohur was shaking. her bare arms weere tryin to cover her bare body. she was feeling sick, and nasoius thinking that if only she hadnt... wika turned and smiled at her. she covered her face, she couldent look at his naked body, it reminded her of last night. she quivered, and wika frownend. his eyes flashed anger, he reached donw and smacked tohru straight on the face. tohru yelped in pain. he hit as hard as he forced. " dont ever be scared of me," wika said changing his voice and face to look and seem sympathetic. " loom tohru i promise that i wont do anything that bad to you." he grinned and moved up. " at least, if you be good and stay put." he walked towards the door, then turned back around. " i think" he said while reaching for something in the room, " that i will have to be more careful with you." he took a rope that he found and tied tohrus legs and hands, and took a blanket and put it over her, " i dont want you to get cold," he whispered in tohru's ear. he smirked, changed and left tohru there all by her slef. all alone to cry.

wika walked outside. it wa a beautiful day, the sun shone bright, the weather was nice and warm. nothing like last night. wika was dissapointed he hated sun shine, and everything else that shone. he hated light. - blarg, blarg, blarg- rang wika's cell phone. he looked donw and snatched it quickley. he looked at the number and smiled. he smiled that horrible evil smile, and held the phone up to his ear. " hello, yes this is wika... dont worry... hey settle down Akito, i got her, and no nobody caught me, yes i left the ribbon like you asked... dont worry akito, she's not going anywhere."

give reviews please!!!!!! :) yeah i know im getting to the good stuff soon... ok maybe no that soon but you'll hae to read the rst of ind out. ill try to make my chapters longer promise.
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